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Chapter 28.1

Chapter 28: He’s Back Part 1

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Upon thinking of Chen Shu’s departure, Ye Sui was feeling upset . She was so foolish; why she hadn’t thought of asking him directly if she could accompany him?

After making sure that the door had been locked, Ye Sui returned to her room . She knew that even if she locked the door, it was still useless . Those who could enter would always come in .

Ye Sui took out the talisman she had bought from the Taoist temple . She grasped a stack of the talismans and moved with haste . It took her awhile before she could plaster all corners of the house with them .

As soon as finished putting the talismans, dark shadows floated in from the wall . Naturally, the one who led them was Aunt Zhang .

Ye Sui had heard the reason why Aunt Zhang was fond of coming here . Usually, Chen Shu would be staying in the house, so they didn’t dare to draw near .

They had been to other people’s houses and felt weary about it . For them, Chen Shu’s place was brand new for their dance practice, just like a new place to hang out .

Ye Sui did not return to her room immediately . She wanted to see if this legendary talisman was really effective .

“Oh, why does this place have so many waste papers?” As soon as they entered the door, the aunt ghost wantonly poked fun at Ye Sui’s talismans that she had taken a long time to place .

“Hahaha, look at me, seriously . ” Aunt Zhang swung her hips and blew at the talisman next to her, which drifted away and finally fell to the ground .

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Other aunt ghosts were unwilling to lag behind . One by one, they also began to blow at the charms . The yellow-colored talismans lightly flew to the floor .

“Blowing waste paper is not fun . Let’s organize a dance soon . The people in the neighborhood are already practicing . We must not lose . ”

After a warm-hearted aunt ghost reminded them, they rapidly restrained themselves . They would be having a competition with the neighbors, and it would be a shame to lose . After all, this group of ghosts never yielded to other ghosts . It was just too embarrassing to come off as second-best .

Aunt Zhang brought a portable stereo and began to correct the movements of other ghosts . She didn’t notice Ye Sui’s weird behavior nearby .

It’s fake… It’s actually fake! Ye Sui had already swallowed the obscene words she wanted to say .

She helplessly looked at the talismans on the wall . It was said that it used all means possible to keep the devils far away, but It had become a waste paper for the group of ghost aunts . Perhaps in their eyes, touching a suspicious thing was not something good .

It was said that a talisman could ward off a ghost . But, if she happened to meet two ghosts, should she use two talismans? Even though it was highly praised, it was merely a lie  

Sure enough, she should not have believed that Taoist priest .

Even though Ye Sui appeared calm on the surface, deep inside, she was pretending to be unaware of the situation and returned to the room .

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On the other side, Chen Shu’s car had just arrived at the hotel . He stepped out of the car and took the elevator to go upstairs .

The hotel was very quiet . As usual, it was drizzling outside, and the water slid down the glass windows . The windows were closed, and the hustle and bustle from the streets could not be heard . Chen Shu was already accustomed to such silence, but for the first time ever, he felt as if it was a bit too much .

Chen Shu sat on the sofa and glanced at the time on his cell phone . It was already ten o’clock in the evening . Ye Sui should not have slept yet . He thought Ye Sui had always been very timid and afraid of any trouble . Besides, Ye Sui was now alone at home, and he wanted to know if she was all right .

Chen Shu swiped his finger on the mobile phone screen, hesitated for only one second, and then dialed Ye Sui’s number .

The bell rang only once because Ye Sui had immediately picked up the call, seemingly holding her mobile phone and waiting for it . The next second, Ye Sui’s voice sounded, full of marvel from the other end as if she had met a savior .

“Chen Shu!”

Ye Sui’s voice was clear and resonant . When she received a phone call from Chen Shu, her tone suddenly rose .

Chen Shu agitatedly screamed out after hearing her high-pitched shout, “Are you alone at home? Did something happen?”

Ye Sui would like to tell Chen Shu that ghost aunts had occupied their abode, but she didn’t mention it . After she heard Chen Shu’s question, her voice became somewhat weak .

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“No…” Ye Sui’s tone was obviously hiding something .

“Is there something wrong at home?” Chen Shu asked again .

Ye Sui buried her head in the quilt . “There’s someone outside in the dance plaza, and it’s too noisy, so I can’t sleep . ” She glanced at the dancing aunt ghosts, who were going at it with great enthusiasm .  

Chen Shu frowned, thinking that the house’s soundproofing should not be so bad . But he also listened to Ye Sui’s words and said, “It seems the nightlife of middle-aged people is quite rich . ”

Ye Sui wanted to hold the mobile phone and keep chatting with Chen Shu until dawn, but she knew he had work to do tomorrow, so she reluctantly said goodnight to him .

After hanging up the phone, Ye Sui looked at the dark phone screen and sighed . How she wished to have a portable yang charger of Chen Shu .

The music outside the room was deafening . Some female ghosts would jump and pass into Ye Sui’s room, completely ignoring her who was lying on the bed .

The aunt ghosts did not know that their behavior at this moment had constituted a grave act of disturbing people . If they were in a ghost society, they would have been reported already .

In the end, Ye Sui finally came up with a countermeasure under such high pressure .

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Chen Shu’s body was full of yang qi, so the clothes he wore and the things he used were also stained with his yang energy . If Ye Sui could sleep in Chen Shu’s room for one night, those ghosts would not dare approach her .

However, the premise was that Ye Sui must go through the corridor occupied by Aunt Zhang before arriving at Chen Shu’s room .

Ye Sui gritted her teeth and opened the door . These aunt ghosts jumped more and more energetically as the night deepened .

“The second row on the right, you . Raise your hand . ”

“And you, the leftmost one, don’t always laugh at others and focus on yourself, okay?”

After Aunt Zhang’s ghosts reorganized the plaza dance troops, she gave orders with an imposing manner and made rules one by one .

“What is our slogan?”

All the aunt ghosts cried out: “Dance comes from life; dance comes from inside me, and it is the most beautiful, just like the setting sun!”

To be continue…

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