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The Genius' First Love

The Genius' First Love
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"You are one of my many dreams, and the only dream I wish I should have chased desperately" 

Darryl Lemmuel was an aspiring engineer. There was only one word to describe him—exceptional.

He was the only male heir of the Lagdameo clan and the future of L Empire. Apart from that, he was rumored to be financially independent at the age of eight, tricked the present president of L empire—his father— into agreeing into his terms and left home at the age of sixteen to live on his own. He broke all the socialite’s rule to have a good taste of adventure! 

Xhemin Lae Dugmoch was a struggling botanist.

Enrolled in an A-list school, she knew nothing but books, experiments and strawberries. As the granddaughter of a retired famous doctor, Xhemin was very keen in keeping her profile low as per her granddad wishes. Nobody in the elite community knew that she existed and that his grandfather’s corporation— Feather HealthCare had an heir.

One witty heir and one crazy strawberry girl; their predicament started when their life got tangled up against each other in a conference.

HE suddenly became her target prey.

And SHE was a little trouble not worthy of his attention.

The trouble he soon learned to want— so desperately and dearly wanted.

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