The Genius' First Love - Chapter 107

Published at 3rd of April 2019 10:45:09 AM

Chapter 107

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Xhemin's thoughts seemed like it had a conflict of its own .

She was still there, unmoved . Hidden in the bushes while the crowd that were on the gathering go on riot of color, everyone a little more hype up when the girl in white stepped into the center . She had all their admiration and approval—their eyes and laughter say it all .

Was she the lady boss?

Was she his baby?

Was she the rumored woman of the Lagdameo heir?

Was she the real one? The real woman of the man she doted for?

Was this the reason why the beast was suddenly pushing her away?

Was he afraid that his woman will know about her?

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Was she a third party? Nope, more like she was just a fling .

Someone the beast was fond off .

His entertainment .

An alternative .

Xhemin deep breathe . She thought of the past days she had spent in the forest mansion, the days she had spent with him shortly and all the things he showed her ever since their lives got tangled up to each other . They were all too real for her, but maybe just for her . Maybe she was too naïve too to think they were all too real . Now, the feelings that once swept her out of feet betrayed her and leave her heart shattering disarray of pieces . It was like something was stolen from her that would make it hard for her to recover .

Not wanting to hurt herself further, Xhemin turned her back upon the view that shattered her heart . She walked slowly, her shoulders were slumped, and her mouth was set in a semi-pout . On her way, she kicked a stone along the sidewalk with the side of her mud-splattered riding boots .

Perhaps, its really time to leave the forest mansion .

Time to say goodbye to Woodbridge also since the Rivendell's OCELP was almost ending .

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Perhaps things will go back to normal after this .

She can just get back to Hampshire and forget everything that had ever happened .

"There she is!" The valet's shout dragged Xhemin's head to the direction of the servants that was tasked earlier to fetch her . They came in running toward her, breathing hard and with soo much anxiousness in her face .

"I'm sorry I shouldn't have run away" She greeted them, her voice was low and dry . "Bring me home now"

The two servants were a little startled with the girl's demeanor . Previously, she was protesting uncompromisingly about leaving the forest mansion, yet now it seemed that her resolve was magically turned upside down . Her expression too has changed, she seemed to have been exhausted from something and all her energy was somehow drained . The servants could no longer see that inquisitiveness she had previously, even the desire and fire that once can be reflected in her deep ink eyes .

However, they didn't say word and just

assisted and accompany the girl to her ride home . Soon, they were already traversing the road away from the forest mansion and back to the professor's humble abode . The ride was very quiet, Xhemin sat at the backseat, dominated by a profound sadness and fatigue engraved on her worn face .

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"Were here Miss" Xhemin's empty thoughts were awakened by the valet's announcement . She noticed that their ride was not anymore moving and as she dragged her face to the car's window, the vivacity of Professor Shun's brick house welcomed her .

"It's the little Miss" A maidservant went off announcing Xhemin's comeback, showing how pleased she was with her presence . Not too long, people from the latter's household flocked in to welcome her .

"Ah! Your timing is very perfect! Welcome back child!" The old professor came to welcome her with open arms . Since he had a walking gaffe, it took him few slow strides to catch the girl under his embrace . "Cyan said you are still to stay there for about one more week"

"Oh, well I finished my research early" She lied, faking a smile to hid away her emotions . She was a good actress after all .

"Oh dear, oh dear!" Madam Selina moved to hug her next "We did miss you a lot round here . I was always hoping you could come back sooner so you can still spend some time with us before you head back to Hampshire"

"I did miss you too madam" She answered sincerely and went off to looked at the maidservants who eyes were very expectant at the madam's back "Also you guys"

Xhemin's words brought a blush to the maidservants faces and they gave Xhemin a bow in return . Everyone was very happy with Xhemin's comeback and somehow Xhemin's heart warmed up a bit, although the pain was still obviously settling inside her .

"Oh oh… by the way . We have a surprise for you" Madam Selina revealed as her gaze travelled from the girl to Professor Shun . She was giving professor Shun a hint, probably reminding him of their surprise for her .

"A surprise?" Xhemin can't help but raise an eyebrow to the madam's confession .

"Oh yes! Yes!" Professor Shun's face lightened in warmth and lead the girl inside the house . "Your surprise is in the living room .

"C'mon child off you go . I'm sure you'll like it very much" Madam Selina encouraged her to move further to the room, excited as ever as she was—more excited than Xhemin actually .

Xhemin was not in for any surprises at the moment to be honest . She was really exhausted and all she ever wanted was locked herself up in her room and hope she will wake up tomorrow realizing that whatever she saw in the mansion today were nothing but a dream . However, she went on and ride off to everyone's expectation because aside from she doesn't want them to worry, she thought it was also very impolite to reject a surprise .

Xhemin advanced herself to the living room, giving a way for the Madam's request . Her shoulders were very heavy but she dragged herself as casual as she could, hiding off her frustrations and sadness that flowed through her veins and deadened her mind .

Soon she caught a glance of something in the living room .

It was their surprise for her and the surprise stole her breath away .

In a split of seconds, Xhemin was in all in tears .


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