The Genius' First Love - Chapter 293

Published at 14th of January 2020 10:50:12 AM

Chapter 293

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The midnight sky was decorated by a tiny glint of the stars and radiance of the moon. Darryl was on his back, naked and sound asleep on the bed while Xhemin listened to his small snores and freely admired her husband's chiseled gorgeous face. Just an hour ago, he was above her giving her pleasures as he trusted himself to her while now, he was helplessly drowned into his sleep with much satisfaction on his face. Xhemin was sure he will not wake up in the middle of the night, as he never does whenever they do it twice so she made sure to exhaust him fully and so he will not end up looking for her.

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She carefully dragged herself out from bed and pulled some clothes she already prepared earlier. She had prepared everything in secret this afternoon and so it only took her a matter of five minutes before she stepped out their house and head into the boat duck.

Xhemin was welcomed by the waves slowly kissing the shore and the wind that blew a midnight creeping chill. The darkness was frightening but Xhemin's determination dumbed all her fears. She pushed the boat until the water was knee-length before she jumped into the boat and started rowing. The Devil's lure was just few kilometers away and she knew she will have enough time to check around the island and go back before sunrise. Darryl was exhausted tonight so she was sure he will not wake up earlier than his usual routine.

Xhemin rowed and rowed but after quite a few pushes, she noticed that she was still at the same place where she was before, she was not moving at all! Since it was dark and midnight, some chills immediately rushed to her neck! What was happening?

Did the Devil's child know that she was coming and so it decided to paralyze her boat?

Was the Devil child true at all?

She had her doubts about such story but what was happening tonight with her and her boat was something that made her want to think twice.

Xhemin was about to jumped out of the boat in panic but even before she moved, she heard a voice at her back.

"Leaving me again?" Darryl's voice came as a creeping voice that almost jumped every inch of Xhemin's skin. She turned at her back instantly and saw how the beast was holding the end of the boat, pausing it while Xhemin was fervently rowing.

"Tatta!" Xhemin exclaimed at Darryl's face. "You frightened the hell out of me!"

"And where do you think you are going?" He asked, almost furious that Xhemin was trying to escape from him again.

"I'm not leaving you if that's what you are thinking okay? As if I can cross the par line single handedly from here. The Gunta's will throw arrows at me before I even reach your bridge," She explained right away, relieved that it was only Darryl whom she found and not the monster child everyone was talking about.

"So where are you going in the middle of the night?" He said, not willing to free the boat from his grip. He was not at all satisfied with her explanation and he was as mad as hell but was trying to hold on to his patience.

"Gosh! How are you awake at times like this!" Xhemin avoided her question by letting off her frustration. "You were already snoring when I left,"

"Answer me!" Darryl's scream was hard and worst this time. He was definitely beastly and right then Xhemin knew she had dried his patience all the way. Darryl on the other hand was waiting for his wife's answer, hoping she was not escaping at all because that idea, if it came as the truth will totally hurt him in ways worst than not seeing her for two long years.

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Xhemin silenced for a few second, while she gaped open in front of Darryl's hazel eyes. Darryl had never been mad like this and she was astounded on how bad his fury came in, but then she knew it was all her fault.

"To the island you see right to the cliff," She said in a low voice, like a child that had been caught. "I'm not leaving you, I intend to comeback before sunrise,"

"The Devil's lure?" Darryl's voiced relaxed but his voice was surprised this time. His fury subsided right away when he heard her explanation, but curiosity filled him. Baruk Tam once warned him about the island they see at the cliff and so he was aware that it was the Devil's lure.

"How do you it was the Devil's lure?" Xhemin didn't expect Darryl had any idea about it as her husband was new in the island but she was not shock at all as it was easy for someone to narrate to him the story of the devil's child and where it lives.

"Is that the reason why you are leaving at midnight?" Darryl ignored her question and asked her instead.

"Yes," She cleared "No one has to know as they will surely not approve and it would probably raise some chaos,"

"What's your business out there?" Darryl continued his query, still looking at her fixatedly.

 "The one that I'm looking for is there," She replied. There was no point to lie anymore as she had already been caught and the most important thing at the moment was for her husband to understand why she has to leave secretly.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Darryl's voice was neutral, no more hint of his previous anger.

"I know you will not approve as it is a dangerous place," She told him honestly.

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