The Genius' First Love - Chapter 295

Published at 14th of January 2020 10:50:11 AM

Chapter 295

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Xhemin caught sight of what Darryl wanted her to see and the view brought a wave of bewilderment in her face.

"Is that…." Xhemin was trying to say the words that got stuck at the end of her tongue.

"A solar panel," Darryl continued as they both stared at the rectangular metal positioned outside in the clearing. "The one who lived here knew how to make use of new technology, so I don't think he or she is a from the tribe,"

"But the house looks ancient!" Xhemin gasped still in shock, "Besides everyone in the village said the devil's child is imprisoned here,"

"Well he must have preferred to make an ancient house," Darryl reasoned. "Besides we don't really know the story about that devil child. But there's one thing I'm sure of, a child cannot live on its own so I'm thinking that child must have been dead,"

Darryl had a point. Even when she became a princess, she doesn't know all the details of the devil's child since the no one dared to tell her. She wondered by then whether the story of such a child was ever true.

"So, you mean… someone from the mainland lived here?" Xhemin asked, her two eyes brightened with disbelief as she stared at his husband "That's a bomb…"

"Well there's a big probability," Darryl concluded as he gave Xhemin the single lamp they had "Anyways, I'll go and look outside for the plant while you search here. The moon luckily is bright tonight so I should be able to find my way"

"Alright," Xhemin replied and stared at Darryl's back as he left. Xhemin on the other hand went deeper into the house, looking for some places inside the house where a plant like Acamilla Apparaus might have been planted. There were few pots on the room but all of them were empty.

Soon, Xhemin reached a room that looked like a kitchen. It was rather a small space, dusty but not cluttered. Seeing the cupboards and few wooden utensils made only Darryl's words more convincing. In her stay at few homes in the Manggan villages, she had never seen a single house that had cupboards, except from their house in the Pearl haven and the one she was in right now. That only meant, whoever lived here was probably like her and Darryl, he or she must be from the mainland.

While caught in her thoughts, Xhemin's attention was later drawn to a staircase that she had not notice before. It was just right across the kitchen and it looked like it led to a single room upstairs. Thoroughly attracted to her new discovery, she climbed into the wooden stairs, hoping that the steps were still strong enough to support her weight. Well it was, and Xhemin reached the top and found herself in a room that looked like a private bedchamber. There was a mattress around the corner and a huge study table filled with books on the other side facing a window. The room was well arranged but it was obvious that no one had been there for a long time.

Curious as to what type of books was there, she went to check on them only to find they were not books. At least not the published ones she knew as they were notes tucked in together like the book professor Owen gave her. The notes contained different things and subjects but were all written by hand. There were notes about advanced mathematics and physics and books about geography and language.

Xhemin's shock was beyond reach. She herself knew that the notes she found here weren't ordinary ones. The one who wrote them probably was a very well educated being and a smart one. He or she must be well read and well-travelled. Xhemin scrutinized the notes further and she realized that they weren't written by one person only. The handwritings weren't the same but regardless, it contained subjects and matters that an ordinary person would not be interested at.

Xhemin curiosity surged higher and because of that, she ended up checking for more notes. There were few more notes piled under the study table and she scanned as much as she could. She realized that some of the notes too contained information about the island's geography—the Manggan island. There were also notes about the plants that were growing in the island and descriptions of them as if they had already been studied.

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After few more readings, Xhemin thought that these notes were somehow helpful, so she decided to bring them back to Pearl haven. She pulled the blanket that was carefully folded into the bed and gathered all the notes that was in there. She placed them all in the middle of the blanket and wrapped it altogether. After that, she dragged the whole thing down the stairs. It was a heavy thing and so she was breathless when she reached the kitchen floor again. She'll just leave the whole thing there while she looked for the plant or for her husband who seemed to have forgotten about her.

Xhemin found a door in the kitchen and she went out from there to go and look for Darryl outside. She went to where the solar panel was hoping Darryl was there but there was not sign of him.

"Darryl?" She decided to call him, but he didn't head her call, so she decided to go back inside the house to wait for him. On her way back, her attention was caught by something from a far-off direction.

She halted just right before the kitchen door where she once exited and turned her head to a certain direction she had never cared to check previously. Right then, she caught a glimpse of a big garden just right ahead.

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The morning sun was almost rising from the east and so the surrounding was becoming clearer as each moment's past. The garden Xhemin saw was filled with plants and vegetables—some died leaving the garden with their brown dead stems while some of it survived and that view tells every onlooker that such garden had not been attended anymore for some time that's why the stronger plants had taken its rule while the weaker ones died.

Xhemin went to the garden as something within her tells that what she had been looking for might probably be in there and at last, whilst she was drown into the midst of the garden, there, right at the middle of such beautiful unattended lush of green and brown, glowed healthy white flowers.

Those were Acamilla Apparaus.

Xhemin was sure of that.