The Genius' First Love - Chapter 42

Published at 27th of December 2018 03:28:03 PM

Chapter 42

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"Young Sire are you there?" Someone called .

Ziggy cleared his throat and calmed himself up before he answered, "Who is it?"

"Young Master its Ellie"

When he heard the name, he breathe a sigh of relief . Ziggy went and dragged the chair that he used to block the door and opened it . He saw Ellie standing tall in his normal butler suit .

"Why are you here?"

"He brought me in" A familiar voice resounded from the stairs . It was the voice Ziggy was dreading to hear . It sent some chills into his back and his face went pale .

"Young Sire are you alright? You seemed to be afraid of something," Sam asked as he halted beside Ellie . Her voice was carrying a hint of concern yet to Ziggy, it sounded as a sarcasm .

"Of course I am!" He retorted loudly, "…I mean I'm alright, and I'm not scared of anything!"

The young sire's inimical response drew a confusion in the two servant's face . What was wrong with the Young Sire? Good thing both of them knew Dr . Miles banished the three in Richmond Ranch, so they rather understand Ziggy's unusual behavior . He must be having a hard time being away from his friends .

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"Young sire I'll leave you to rest then" Ellie finally concluded . He bowed and turned his back from Ziggy and charged down the stairs .

"Hey Ellie, wait!" Ziggy called upon him in haste .

"Yes young sire?"

"Why don't you stay here for the night?" He asked his butler in hopes of having another companion in the house aside from his weird bodyguard . "I mean it's not safe anymore to go home to the villa…"

"…You know it's already dark outside . It's not safe to drive at nighttime" he added to convince him further .

Ellie's head formed lines as he casted him a polite glance . From what he knew, the young sire didn't like servants roaming around his apartment and now he wanted him to stay?

"I would love to youngest sire . Unfortunately, I have to attend few matters in the villa tonight . Do not worry; you are safe here with Sam . You don't have to be afraid of anything," He explained apologetically .

"I said I'm not afraid of anything!" The young sire hollered again in defense . He realized he could not force Ellie to stay so he decided to dismiss him apathetically "Just leave . "

As soon as Ellie left, Ziggy retreated to his bedroom and tossed himself in his bed facing down . Suddenly he felt exhausted . He closed his eyes while his face was buried in the soft covers of his bed however before sleepiness consumed him, he saw Samuelle entered his bedroom from the corner of his eye .

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Heck! He jumped out of bed immediately . Suddenly he was wide awake again! And shaking in fear too .

"What are you doing?" He asked as he wrapped his arms around his chest .

"I'm checking out if your room is safe" Sam answered impassively as she inspected every corner of his room . She also examined how high the window was from the first floor and whether it was possible for someone to enter through it from the outside .

"I'm already going to sleep" He stated in a way to convey to her that she isn't welcome in his room .

"Then I'll watch you sleep . " She retorted in a poker face .

"What?" He aggressively raised his voice to an octave . "You can't stay in my room!"

"I'll stay outside the door then" She concluded .

"No!" Ziggy protested, he was losing his patience and sanity to this girl . "I mean don't stay there, I'm not comfortable of servants being around me"

"You won't notice that I'm here" She assured him .

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Unknown to Sam, Ziggy's insides were shaking in fear . He was afraid that once he closed his eyes and fell asleep, she would go wrestling him in his bed . It was shameful to admit, but indeed he was afraid of Samuelle . There's something about this girl that makes his knees tremble, her sexual preference perhaps .

"You are not staying here with me . Not in my room and not outside the door . " He commanded as he put up a hard face in front of her . God knows how much effort it took him to put up that façade . "Follow me"

Ziggy flew out of his bedroom and went downstairs to open a guestroom . One door away from her is not safe at all, maybe one floor away will do .

"This is you room, you stay here and don't go upstairs unless it's a life and death situation . Understood?" He stated wearing that hard façade .

Samuelle entered the bedroom and the first thing she saw was the dark brown modern folk bed covered with wood grain coverlet and floppy pillows . It was a small room with all the right essentials for guests in it .

"Remember, you are not allowed upstairs!" Ziggy repeated as he glared at her .

Samuelle almost rolled her eyes at him but she didn't . The Youngest Sire is his master after all, so she must be polite at all cost .

"I understand Young Sire" She responded obediently as she looked back at him . One look and she could tell he was afraid . It made Samuelle curved the corner of her mouth naughtily .

Ziggy was taken aback when he saw her grinned . Her face was like a ragged street cat who found her lousy prey .

"Young Sire, your hands are trembling . Are you feeling cold?" Samuelle said and slowly pull of the leather jack that was shrouding in her shoulders . She wore a sleeveless shirt under it, so when the jacket fell off, it revealed some of her skin . After then, she started to unbuckle her belt with her hands while fixing her eyes to his as her smile grew devilish .

Ziggy was stunned and unable to recover himself as he stared at his body guard starting to pull off her clothes one by one . It wasn't until when she lifted her shirt showing her seductive navel that he realized she was determined to get naked in front of him .

He instinctively recoiled, flew out the guestroom and mounted to stairs as if a whirl of tornado was following behind him .

He immediately closed and locked his bedroom door . Not satisfied, he dragged one of the metal racks in his room to block the door . His room was filled with the thuds of books and decoratives that fell when he yanked the rack to where it was now .

His emotions were mixed . And he didn't like the feeling . That woman was playing around him and he hated it!

"Fuck that woman!" He cursed as he kicked a decorative that was rolling in the floor . Turn out the decorative was a hard metal! His toe stung in split seconds .

"AHHHH!" He screamed in pain as he tried to keep steady with just one feet . He limped toward his bed and patted his hurt toe gently .

His anger and annoyance reached the height of his emotions . Out of the blue, tears brimmed from his eyes . The intense negative feelings he had earlier turned into loneliness . He missed Xhemin and Huzey suddenly . All don't work out well in his life when they are not around .

That woman . She was the root of all this mess! If not for her, they would not have made that bet . Then the commotion in the Roaster shouldn't have happened . They shouldn't have been banished from the ranch!

He must find a way to get even with Sammuelle to avenge his friends!


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