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The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife

The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife
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The Gluttonous house’s auction feast had an exceptionally good furnace in constitution of a little girl with sky-high price, everyone in looting. Suddenly, the little girl opened her eyes in the golden cage, radiated coldly, she no longer the cowardly.

She was the gold medal assassin of the 21st century, crossed over to become the good for nothing everyone bullied and humiliated of the doctor manor’s third miss Nalan Hexi.

Meridians completely crippled, didn’t have innate talent to cultivation? Afraid of what, she is the exceptional genius doctor, this injury simply didn’t need to pay attention to. Father doesn’t doted on, mother doesn’t loved, everyone schemed? Humph, she has a space in hand, spiritual beast unmatched, the small Nalan Manor act in disguised can be destroyed!

Ugly complexion, malnourished and sickly in appearance, no one wants? Just blinked an eyes to restored her complexion, afterwards followed by a dozen good looking men as bodyguards!

But, there are the overbearing man always sticking to her from after the auction. Who said I was destined to you? I am my own, no one can decide my future!

A certain man: Then I am yours will do, right?

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