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Published at 14th of February 2020 03:12:14 PM

Chapter 491

When the Head of Security for the Presidential Palace was being sent to deliver Pabell’s personal information by the Pakistan Government, Xia Jinyuan2Xia JinyuanProtagonist; Codename Q King; Member of an Elite Platoon and his team of four was already at the scene, dissecting and piecing together every bit of data . Even though they did not witness the scene, their accuracy to the truth was already over 95% .

This was the tacit understanding between Ye Jian1Ye JianProtagonist and the Child of a Late Heroine and Xia Jinyuan and the tacit understanding between the whole Elite Platoon .

When the Head of Security delivered Pabell’s details, his eyebrows locked together, and he said with a distraught tone . “Pabell was already the English Teacher of the last First Lady in the old government . Her reputation was good . When we were examining her personal information, we had investigated and made sure her background was without problems, only then did we continue with the hiring process . Every one of us, including the First Lady, did not expect her to be such a terrifying person . ” 

“Terrifying people would not be spotted from their appearances . Only by getting to know them deep down and make your own investigations would you then know whether or not they are terrifying . ” Xia Jinyuan pulled out Pabell’s personal files . When his gaze landed on the ‘spouse’ section, the gloomy and dark pupils constricted .

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He looked towards Q5: “The time of death that Pabell wrote down for when her husband died in the war…” The corner of his mouth tightened down, and Xia Jinyuan spoke with a cold and low voice: “This date was coincidentally the date when the government had a firefight with Al Qaeda . Come and look at the pictures of her husband and her brother-in-law… Those two are identical twins . ” 

“The older brother is Pabell’s husband, a government soldier, while his younger brother was a taxi driver . ” The faces on both pictures seemed like the same person . From their facial features to their expressions, there was almost no difference . The only difference is that one of them grew a beard while the other did not .

The one with a beard was Pabell’s husband, who wore the Pakistan Military uniform, while her brother-in-law wore a white robe .

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K7’s pupils that were as cold as snow stared at the pictures . “It is forbidden for Governmental Soldiers to grow a beard . ” He then used English to ask the Presidential Palace’s Head of Security . “Why did he grow a beard when he is in the Governmental Army? Did you guys not investigate that thoroughly?”

What if Pabell’s husband was the taxi driver, while the younger brother was the governmental soldier?

Following the end of K7’s question, beads of sweat rolled down the forehead of the Head of Security . He glanced at the security team from China, then slowly lowered his head and looked at the two pictures . His lips quivered ever so slightly, “Pabell’s brother-in-law… was an Al Qaeda member . ”

“No, Pabell’s husband was the Al Qaeda member while his younger brother was a true government soldier . ” Xia Jinyuan stared intensely at him . The sharp gaze was like an arrow that shot into the eyes that were staring back . “Her husband’s date of death and the day Pakistan had the largest firefight between the Governmental soldiers and Al Qaeda members, they were on the same day!”

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Such a critical problem and they actually did not notice it! They still allowed Ms . Petty to learn English from a terrorist’s wife . How were they doing their jobs as a security team?

How did they pass the examination and approval processes!

Very quickly, the video footage around the perimeter of the small room was displayed . Pabell drove her car… and exited the Presidential Palace from the furthest vehicle exit, then, a garbage truck slowly drove out behind her .

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There was no need to continue analyzing . Ye Jian and Petty must be in these two vehicles!

But what made Xia Jinyuan and his team feel annoyed was, the CCTVs in Pakistan’s capital were extremely lacking . Some of it because they hadn’t been repaired after the destruction in the war, and some of them only had the camera, but it was not connected to the network!

This made it extremely troublesome for them to figure out where the vehicle had gone .