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Chapter 362

Chapter 372: Not just a kiss .

Fang Chixia took a fright, tilted her head, looked at him holding her hand .

Luo Yibei stared at her face, his gaze lingering by at an extremely slow speed, then he raised an eyebrow, “Were you accompanying Xiao Zuo?”

“Xiao Zuo wanted to come, but no one was with him . I was not assured, so …” Fang Chixia tried to reason out in one breath, but was interrupted before she could finish everything, “So how long did you stay with me?”

Fang Chixia was stuck once more .

Does he know that they’ve been here for hours?

Luo Yibei blinked, his deepset eyes looking like he could see through everything .

Fagn Chixia couldn’t come up with another word in defense at his steady gaze . “I, I just… . ”

Just what?

How could she explain when even she herself feels that she is acting like a woman who tracks her husband having an affair?

In order not to paint the picture even darker, Fang Chixia quit talking .

Let him think whatever he likes!

“It’s late, let’s go back first!” Her flighty eyes shot somewhere else . She tiptoed to get around and sit on the passenger seat, but the moment she lifted her foot, Luo Yibei dragged her by the wrist . Before Fang Chixia could respond, a heavy breath blew on her face, as he bodily slammed her against the window shield behind her .

Luo Yibei forcefully did everything smoothly, with a strong arm wrapping around her waist . He locked her tightly and pinched her chin up to meet his gaze .

The two were standing openly on the street with Xiao Zuo still sleeping in his car . Fang Chixia looked left and right around them . She struggled in shock, but when she was unable to free herself, she raised her fists and beat him several time . “No, you’re not doing this again!”

Her low-pitched voice was originally due to resistance, for fear that Xiao Zuo would overhear of their relationship . She stressed her voice deliberately low, changing the taste of it into more like hinting desire .

Luo Yibei ignored her, lifting slender fingertips and forcing her jaw towards himself . He then bowed down and explored her lips fiercely .

Fang Chixia dodged and bit his fingertips, evading in reflex .

Two were were identical to two chasing fishes, one kept dodging while the other chased aggressively . Inside the car window, a muffled noise came .

The sleeping boy in the car turned over while murmuring .

The stalemate outside continued, but neither Fang Chixia nor Luo Yibei heard of it .

Fang Chixia stubbornly dodged, but also knew that she won’t be able to hide from Luo Yibei’s assault .

With her back against the window, she raised her head and looked at him, and her arms suddenly climbed over his shoulders .

“Hurry up!” She raised her head lightly and urged him with a nod .

She thought that it would only be a kiss, that it wouldn’t last long . It was better ending this stalemate and leave this awkward place .

After the two got married, there were only a few times that Luo Yibei really insisted on his desires .

His lips rose in a contemptuous arc and leaned close once more . But then, a certain head caught his attention inside the car .

Xiao Zuo has awakened for who knows how long .

He seemed groggy, lying on the window, but his eyes were wide as he stared at the two people in amazement .

Luo Yibei was stunned into standstill and halted abruptly .

Fang Chixia sensed the anomaly and turned her head stiffly into the car… . .