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Chapter 369

Chapter 369: Wedding rings are ready .

Sha Zhixing’s implication rendered Fang Chixia speechless for a long while .

Luo Yibei glanced at her coldly, and walked back in holding the coat as if nothing had happened .

It took a while for Fang Chixia to recover her senses and continued to struggle with the pile of numbers .

She was just a little surprised, but then again, even if he wasn’t with Su Ran together that night, what was it to her?

Their wedding rings were ready so it was normal to spend the night together .

Luo Yibei arranged a large number of data sheet for Fang Chixia to audit absolutely just so she’d accompany him here .

Data checking is a very tedious task, and he stuffed her with a lot .

Who knew that Fang Chixia would finish everything in just two hours from the time silence reigned in the office . For others, such detailed work might take them a day .

“I’ve reviewed everything . I made annotations on the inaccuracies so you can check on them . If there’s nothing else, I’ll go out first . ” After giving him back the pile of accounts, Fang Chixia stood up and waited for his order . When nothing came, she left immediately .

“Your new assistant?” Su Ran’s eyes moved along her figure, watching her close the door . Then she turned cold eyes to Luo Yibei .

“Um . ” Luo Yibei just responded with a light nod . As soon as Fang Chixia left, his attention turned to his work .

A drastic change from his attention and closeness earlier when Fang Chixia was present . But the moment she left, he reverted back to his usual indifference .

This turn of events rendered Su Ran feeling as if she has just taken part in a show with him, and when the audience left, the show ended .

“You didn’t like using female assistants before . ” Su Ran stared at him for a while and commented .

Luo Yibei glanced at her and returned faintly . “Habits can be changed . ”

“Did it start with her?” The corners of Su Ran’s mouth curled as she asked again .

“What business did you come back here for this time?” Luo Yibei countered, evading the issue and putting the documents in his hand .

“Everyone in the Su Family might stay in China for good . ” Su Ran replied .

“I see . If you need anything, you can find dad . ” Luo Yibei responded and went on with his task .

This was directly telling her to find his father rather than him .

This made Su Ran nervous .

Is he avoiding her?

In the large office, Fang Chixia walked out and accomplished her own job business as usual .

During the afternoon tea break, Xiao Zuo ran over to sit with her for a long time . He moved a chair next to her, and the little adult played the consultant, giving her a list of ways to please Luo Yibei .

For example, what are the taboos of Luo Yibei, which must not be touched, and how to look and act when Luo Yibei is angry .

Xiao Zuo really went the extra mile to help Fang Chixia .

This seven-year-old child must have exhausted everything that came up in his little head .

Fang Chixia on the other hand seemed uninterested . He said so much without getting any response from her whether she took his suggestions to heart .

“Stupid woman, did you understand everything I’ve said?” Xiao Zuo gritted his teeth and nudged the woman who had her head bowed low the entire time .