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Chapter 396

Chapter 396: Miss me in the middle of the night?

Shi Luo was stumped . He touched his nose and decided to zip his lips .

It’s really impossible to strike up a conversation with a sister complex .

Tong Yan dragged Shi Jinyang directly to a corner far from the crowd .

Shi Jinyang was nonplussed . After sweeping a glance around their location, he frowned .

Tong Yan brought him to a secluded quiet corner .   It was in the depths of the garden, where the lights were dim, and flowers blooming all around .

The spot was a perfect place for a couple’s tryst .

It’s just that they weren’t in that kind of relationship .

“When did I say that I would accompany you?” Standing behind her hidden in front of the flowers, his dark eyes run down her face, quoting her earlier remark for the fun of it .

“It would be nice to sit with me and chat for a while . ” Tong Yan found a square rest chair and sat down . Her eyes were fixed silently at Su Ran, who was strolling through the crowd in the distance . What is Fang Chixia doing now?

Tong Yan hesitated for a while before dialing her number .

It was already twelve o’clock at this time . Fang Chixia apparently hasn’t turned in yet because the call was connected after the first ring, “Hello? Miss me in the middle of the night?”

She sounded serene and was even in the mood to tease Tong Yan .

“Hmph, just you? I’m having a great time outside now, come play with me~” Tong Yan snorted disdainfully and dropped a casual invitation .

Tong Yan was sitting very depressed here . She wasn’t close to Su Ran . and only stayed for Luo Yibei’s face .

She thought that if Fang Chixia was willing to come out, she would take the opportunity to leave and hopped to another place with Fang Chixia .

The two of them have always been hopping around crazy when they were at school .

However, this time, it was Fang Chixia who refused: “Next time, it’s so late, you should go to bed earlier . ”

With that, she was about to drop the call, but Tong Yan stopped her: “Wait . ”

“What’s wrong?” Fang Chixia’s finger that froze on top of the button retreated .

Tong Yan didn’t know her feelings towards Luo Yibei, so hesitated whether to tell her about the event .

She struggled for a while and finally uttered haltingly, “Xia Xia, it’s Yibei’s birthday today . ”

With just that, Fang Chixia froze for a while .

Luo Yibei ’s birthday, if Tong Yan just wanted to remind her, she’d be like Xiao Zuo, who told her of the matter during the day . But it was now 12:00 in the middle of the night, yet she still called just for it .

Fang Chixia’s hunch was telling her that Tong Yan’s phone call wasn’t a simple matter of informing her .

With her cleverness coupled with her understanding of Tong Yan’s frankness, her measured words spoke a thousand .

“Are you still there?” Her brows twisted skeptically as she asked .

Tong Yan would never lie to her at all, so she answered with an honest “hmm . ”

“Did you … see something?” Fang Chixia’s frown dug deeper .

Tong Yan didn’t want to hide anything and said straightforwardly, “We are all here at Su Ran’s . ”

Fang Chixia figured . With her IQ, Tong Yan believed that she’d be able to picture the situation .

Fang Chixia froze and her hand holding the phone stiffened .

Was he at Su Ran’s?

Fang Chixia has always thought that Luo Yibei was at the Luo Mansion . On his birthday, it was typical for him to return to Luo’s Mansion .

So though if she prepared everything and he didn’t come back, she thought nothing of it .