The Phoenix Arises - Chapter 46.2

Published at 14th of January 2020 12:45:11 PM

Chapter 46.2

Chapter 46 . 2: Parting


“Are you saying that there is no difference from the one written by Phoenix Fifth and the one personally written by our Little Xi?”

Duanmu Xue shot a glare at Huangfu Che .

“Ha ha ha, maybe she knows that Phoenix Fifth will tell you about her current situation, so she only wrote a few words to ensure that you do not need to worry about her . ”

Huangfu Che laughed wryly and struggled to explain .

Duanmu Xue lamented, “Sigh, this cold temperament of hers…from whom does she get it from?”

In the afternoon, Situ Kong took Duanmu Xi to his exclusive alchemy room .

“Lass, starting today, I will teach you alchemy . ”

Duanmu Xi gave a serious nod .

“If you want to become an Alchemist, you must first learn to identify the herbs . ”

Situ Kong said while he took a thick manuel out from his storage ring and handed it to her .

She took the heavy manuel and flipped through it . It was a Pharmacopoeia and in there, she saw pictures, names, medicinal values and a few other details of each medicinal ingredient .

“This Pharmacopoeia has most of the well known medicinal ingredients, including the medicinal herbs for the Origin Restoration Elixir that you want to refine . ” Take it back and study it, and it’s best if you can memorize it all down . ”

“Yes, Master . ”

Although the Pharmacopoeia was very thick, to her, memorizing the contents in it was not a difficult feat . She had been a very fast learner since young and whatever she had read before would not be forgotten .

“Look through the Pharmacopoeia when you go back at night . Now, we are going to officially start our lesson . ”

“Mmn . ”

Duanmu Xi swiftly took the Pharmacopoeia and stored it into her storage ring .

“First of all, let’s talk about being an Alchemist . Lass, you should know that if you want to become an Alchemist, you must have the dual attributes of both wood and fire . You must also have a strong spiritual mental fortitude and a talent for refining . If you don’t have either one, you can’t be an Alchemist . ”

“Mmn . ”

Duanmu Xi nodded, she knew these facts that he had just shared with her .

“Lass, hold your hand out . ”

Duanmu Xi obediently stretched her right hand out .

Situ Kong gently grasped her wrist as he closed his eyes and began to examine her .

The more he examined, the more he was shocked .

His precious disciple’s mental fortitude was actually stronger than him! This was not the most shocking thing . The most shocking thing was that this girl actually had the attributes of all the elements!

In the end, he had received a great disciple!

Slowly withdrawing his mental strength, Situ Kong opened his eyes excitedly .

“Lass, your mental strength is stronger than that of Master! Your Master has good eyes and did not see wrongly, you are indeed a good seedling for alchemy . Let’s continue to talk about being an Alchemist . ”

Duanmu Xi nodded, this Master of hers was rather intriguing and it had roused her interest .

When he had examined her just now, he should have known that she was had the attributes of all the elements yet he did not mention anything to her which meant that he would keep it a secret .

“ Alchemists are divided into four ranks, starting from yellow, followed by black, earth and heaven . Each rank is further divided into nine stages, from one to nine . The grading for Alchemists is also very simple, as long as one can refine a medicinal pill of the yellow grade, then one would be a yellow ranked Alchemist . ”

“May I know what is Master’s current level now?”

She was somewhat curious about Master’s rank, Snowy said that he was at least a black ranked Alchemist .

“Earth Rank . ”

Situ Kong had no intention to hide anything from his precious disciple, whatever she asked, he would answer her truthfully .

Earth Rank?

Duanmu Xi nodded slightly when she heard his earnest answer .

Yes, it was much higher than she had thought .

Situ Kong looked at her reaction with a sparkle in his eyes .

His disciple was really different . If it was anyone else who heard ‘Earth Ranked Alchemist’, they would already be screaming their heads off .

One must know how rare this class of Alchemists is, in the entire Heaven’s Sea Continent, there’s only him and the Second Elder who were Earth Ranked Alchemists .

This girl actually just nodded and there was no element of surprise on her face . It was as if what she heard was a very common thing .

In fact, it’s not that Duanmu Xi was not surprised, but it was just that an Earth Ranked Alchemist was still useless to her . If Situ Kong was a Heaven Ranked Alchemist, then she would be excited .

“Lass, let Master tell you about more about medicinal pills . ”