The Sweetest Medicine - Chapter 170

Published at 11th of December 2019 06:15:10 AM

Chapter 170

While Qiao Pan’er invited Fang Zhihan to dance with her, all the men that were looking at Qiao Pan’er were immediately shocked as they stared at Fang Zhihan with envy .

After all, she was the eldest daughter of the Qiao Family; not only did she have a good family background, she was also good looking . If Fang Zhihan actually won over Qiao Pan’er and married her, he would reach the pinnacle of a person’s life . And, regardless of what his identity was at that moment, he would no longer be an average person . Instead, he would be destined for an amazing future .

Just the thought of it made everyone envious .

However, contrary to their expectations, Fang Zhihan was not surprised or shocked at all .

In fact, he acted as though he didn’t hear a thing as he refused to even take a glance at the woman .

Yu Gangan looked at Qiao Pan’er, then looked at Fang Zhihan .

She then looked back at Qiao Pan’er and finally stopped her gaze on Fang Zhihan .

From the moment he entered the ballroom, this man must have specifically chosen the most secluded corner so he wouldn’t be noticed . Yet, he unexpectedly became the center of attention .

So many gazes surrounded him . They were filled with confusion, curiosity, and shock…

However, Fang Zhihan remained unresponsive as though he wasn’t involved in the scene that was taking place .

He was calm the entire time . All he did, was ask Yu Gangan, “Didn’t you say you were hungry when we arrived? This is a cocktail party; it is different from a banquet . All we have is a buffet dessert table . ”

Was he planning to completely ignore Qiao Pan’er?

Yu Gangan subconsciously looked at Qiao Pan’er again and saw that she was extremely displeased .

Yu Gangan had always been a simple person that didn’t like to create trouble . If she could stay safe, she would prefer to avoid drama . So, she pointed out to Fang Zhihan, “Someone’s talking to you…”

But, Fang Zhihan pinched her on the cheeks and said, “I’ll go grab it for you,” as he stood up and brushed past Qiao Pan’er .

Yu Gangan: “…”

How awkward .

Qiao Pan’er never expected the man to ignore her in such a way .

Did he know who she was? When it came to appearance, she was a top-class beauty, and when it came to family background – she was Qiao Pan’er – someone that plenty of men dreamed of marrying .

Yu Gangan, on the other hand, was just a small-time doctor . No matter how close she was to Su Zijing and Lin Jiayu, she could never change her background .

If he chose to be with her, Qiao Pan’er, he would be able to lead a completely different life .

This man appeared to be smart . Why didn’t he understand this?

Why did his gaze remain on Yu Gangan?

[Haha~ Is there something wrong with his brain?]

Filled with frustration, Qiao Pan’er stormed over to Fang Zhihan in her high-heeled shoes and blocked his way .

Finally, Fang Zhihan looked at her and said in a cold voice, “Please move . ”

These two indifferent words made Qiao Pan’er’s expression darken .

If the experience she had at Yueming Hall was considered as humiliation, then what Fang Zhihan was doing to her at that moment, was practically rubbing her face on the ground .

She looked at Fang Zhihan’s back angrily and said between gritted teeth, “Stop right there!”

Her almost 10cm high shoes stomped on the floor so hard that her heel nearly snapped off .

But, Fang Zhihan did not stop .

Fang Zhihan approached the dessert table with a plate and started selecting some treats for Yu Gangan .

Those that were witnessing the scene were dumbfounded as their envy and hatred turned into inexplicable admiration .

Qiao Pan’er was extremely displeased . With anger and hatred, she turned her head and glared at Yu Gangan…