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Chapter 613: 613

The plane left a streak of white smog in the sky as it soared down from the heights, to land in Beijing Airport .

From the first class cabin exit, a man in a black trenchcoat strode out .

Following behind him were a few bodyguards, dressed in nondescript black .

The man’s presence was highly noticeable and people turned to look wherever he walked . Also, because of his aura, people around tended to make way when he approached them .

He walked out of the airport .

His men followed him closely and informed him, “Mr . Lu, the person receiving us is here . He has prepared your accommodation . Would you like to stay at the hotel or at your private villa?”

Lu Nanze strode ahead energetically and replied, “Both . ”

As he stepped out of the airport building, he stood before a limited edition of a Bentley .

His bodyguard respectfully opened the passenger seat door for him .

The man, however, did not get in the car immediately .

He unhurriedly took off his sunglasses to reveal his pair of phoenix eyes, that were devilish but charming enough to dazzle all living creatures .

The look in his eyes was deep and abstruse, as they surveyed the thick haze shrouding the city .

The dull grey skies made one feel an oppressing gloominess .

This was where she had lived for the last eight years .

The corners of the man’s lips turned upwards gradually in a smile that bordered on vicious . Narrowing his eyes, he thought, “Qiao Lian, did you think that if you went hiding in Beijing, you’d be able to run away from me?”

Qiao Lian had been back in Beijing for a few days now, but she still felt ill at ease .

For some reason, an ominous feeling hung over her .

The unrest she felt made staying in the villa impossible for her .

Shen Liangchuan had been busy ever since they had returned from Hengdian and he wasn’t home most of the day .

And after leaving the news agency, she had not found another job .

She was strolling around at home when she suddenly received a call from Qiao Yi .

She picked up the call . “Hello? Qiao Yi, what’s the matter?”

Not wishing to interrupt her daily life, Qiao Yi rarely called her unless something was up .

After a period of rehabilitation and training, Qiao Yi was now walking fine .

The doctor had said that in another fortnight, he would be well and ready to be discharged .

Hence, Qiao Lian’s tone sounded a little concerned, worried for any unexpected changes .

However, unlike what she had thought, Qiao Yi was sounding very relaxed . “Nothing’s wrong, Sister, I have a guest! Guess who?”


Qiao Lian laughed and asked, “What sort of guest would you have?”

As soon as she said this, she heard a voice coming from the other end of the line—one that was familiar yet dreadfully terrifying, “It’s me . ”

That voice belonged to… Lu Nanze .

Qiao Lian immediately stood up . The notebook that was sitting on her lap fell onto the ground with a soft thud .

Taking no notice of that, she was now on full alert and asked guardedly, “What are you doing?”

“I’m not doing anything . I haven’t seen Qiao Yi for years and we’re just catching up . Would you like to come over?”

Qiao Lian paused and bit her lip . “Okay . I’ll go . ”

After hanging up, she hurriedly got changed and went out to hail a cab . She went straight to the hospital where Qiao Yi was .

All along the way, she felt anxious, like her heart was on fire .

Although she knew that this was Beijing—not a place where he could do as he wished…

Still, she was nervous .

She hurried the driver a few times as they sped towards the hospital, so that she could get there in the shortest time possible .

After getting out of the cab, she dashed towards Qiao Yi’s ward .

Now standing outside the door, she could hear laughter coming from the room .

She paused and heaved a sigh of relief .

Then she pushed open the door and Qiao Yi’s laughter greeted her .

There, sitting on the sofa with a long leg crossed over the other, was Lu Nanze