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Chapter 58

For that book, Ji Heng read one page and spit out one page . After reading several pages, he didn’t hold on for long and threw it away .

He found a serious problem: he couldn’t persuade himself to put his little brother in a man’s place, whether or not he had been cut over . The only position that he could easily accept was pinxiao, but the painter especially drew the little brother of pinxiao, Ji Heng lost his appetite .

Ji Heng’s mood is complicated . Before the original broken sleeves, which is his assumption, he recklessly decided to plunge into this new world, but in the end can only linger in the door, unable to close . It’s not that he doesn’t want to go . It’s the instinct of his body that doesn’t allow him . If he forcibly carries his gun to the battle, he may not be able to carry it at that time

It can be seen that his metamorphosis is not thorough enough, Ji Heng thought . He didn’t know whether to be glad or sorry .

Strangely, he didn’t understand . Since he was so disgusted with such things, how could he have that desire for Tian Qi? He knew from the beginning that Tian Qi was a pervert . How could he willingly follow him to be perverted and even want to do such disgusting things with him?

Ji Heng closed his eyes and recalled all his fantasies about Tian Qi, no matter how clear or fuzzy, no matter what kind of posture, in short, it’s all women .

But Tian Qi is not a woman . Why Tian Qi, not a woman? .

Since he is not a woman, how can he attract him?

Now that he attracted, why can’t he be perverted to the end

Ji Heng held his head and sighed bitterly . It’s like he walked into a strange circle . He was led around by others . He couldn’t find his way for a long time .

Tian Qi is neither a woman nor a man . Ji Heng tries to persuade himself . Tian Qi is Tian Qi, the man who makes him think day and night . He likes Tian Qi just because he likes Tian Qi . He doesn’t like this little pervert because he is male or female . He just likes this person .

In this way, Ji Heng felt a little better . He now straightens out the primary and secondary relations: Tian Qi is the main, Tian Qi’s gender is the secondary . For the sake of the main, he will abandon the secondary . Of course, the real problems still need to be faced . So from now on, he needs to train himself, do a good job of psychological construction, and strive to become a pervert as soon as possible, so that he can spend his time with Tian Qi .

It’s painful just to think about it

Come on, anyway, he’s already like this . He didn’t turn around when he started . Now he has to abandon the little pervert and go back to sleep with the women in the harem . He also can’t accept it .

In the evening, when Tian Qi came back, Ji Heng thought of his unspeakable pain and called Tian Qi into the bedroom for a kind exchange . Fortunately, at least without taking off his clothes, Tian Qi is still charming to him .

Tian Qi now can play with the Emperor’s little brother as a toy without any pressure . The Emperor likes it anyway . After playing for a while, she asked a question that had always existed in her heart, “Emperor, you, You… Will you strip my clothes? “It’s about her next decision .

This just touched Ji Heng’s mind . He kissed Tian Qi and replied, “I can’t do it now . Please wait for me . “

Not now, maybe later Tian Qi was very careful . “When can I do that? “

Ji Heng was very embarrassed and asked, “what do you want – you are dissatisfied? . “

Tian Qi’s face turned red . “I’m not “

Ji Heng didn’t want to get involved in this issue too much . He talked about Tian Qi’s marriage and then let her go back .

Lying in bed, Ji Heng is a little upset . Little pervert invited him so graciously that he couldn’t respond . It’s not a man

Tian Qi won’t be angry, will she? Ji Heng is a little worried .

Soon his worry became a reality because Tian Qi was gone .

The little pervert was on duty in the morning, went out of the palace in the afternoon, and then didn’t come back . This is something that never happened .

At first, Ji Heng thought that Tian Qi was playing with him, but he always thought that Tian Qi’s character could not do such a thing .

… she won’t run, will she?

Ji Heng thought of this, and his heart sank to the bottom .

* * *

Tian Qi had the best dream in her life .

She dreamed that she woke up from a bed made of gold, and when she saw the house full of gold and silver treasures . She got out of bed, walked around the room, touched the king’s Green Emerald Guanyin, and grabbed a ruby necklace . The touch was very real, and it didn’t seem like a dream .

Tian Qi finally stops on a red sandalwood shelf more than one person tall . This wooden shelf is like a big bookshelf, but it’s not a book, but a big gold treasure with layers of codes . Her eyes were shining and her mouth was overflowing . She carefully touched Jin Yuanbao one by one, then picked up another and bit it in her mouth . Considering that she is dreaming, she is not afraid of pain and uses a lot of strength .

“Ouch! “Tian Qi covered her cheeks with a cry of pain, and her tears almost fell .

This dream is too true!

She wiped Jin Yuanbao with her body, wiped off the backwater on it, and then put it back .

Her teeth are still hurting .

Tian Qi has a terrible guess: is she dreaming?

Look at all the glittering gold in front of her, and then touch her cheeks, it’s not like I’m dreaming

Tian Qi is suddenly excited . She’s in a room full of money! She never dreams so much money!

But whose money is it

She followed the wooden frame to play with the gold and treasure, feeling and recalling what happened before . Zheng Shaofeng and Tang Tianyuan’s local examiners are going to enter the examination room . She goes to see them off . After sending them off, she goes to Baohe shop and turns around . After coming out . After coming out, what happened?

She seems to have met a strange man .

After that, she can’t remember anything .

Why can’t she remember, Tian Qi can’t think about it, thinking that she was kidnapped by the immortal . Just thinking hard, someone knocked on the door outside . Without waiting for Tian Qi to agree, the man pushed the door and came in .

As soon as Tian Qi saw the visitor, she was even more confused . “ Ji Zheng?”

Ji Zheng came in with a food box . He put the box on a small round table carved of sapphire in the room and smiled at Tian Qi, “call me Ah Zheng . “

Tian Qi went over . “Ah Zheng, where is this? Why am I here? Why are you here? “

Ji Zheng opened the food box and brought out the food, a small pot of fruit wine and two wine glasses . “Eat first . ” . “He said and sat on the stool with Tian Qi in a daze .

Tian Qi has no appetite to eat . “Tell me first . “

Ji Zheng helped Tian Qi pour the wine, and then carried two chopsticks of vegetables in her bowl, and waited for Tian Qi to eat .

Tian Qi has no choice but to take a bite of the dish . “Can you say now? “

“I said I would help you to leave the palace . “Ji Zheng replied very directly .

Tian Qi didn’t expect him to make things mysterious . But the answer was that it was so simple . She was a little helpless . “How did I come?”? I can’t remember at all . “

“When it comes to this . I found a Jianghu artist who can make hypnosis, and I hooked you here . “Of course, to hide people’s eyes and ears, there are always twists and turns . It’s impossible to directly let Tian Qi walk into the palace .

“I know you are kind, but why don’t you consult with me . What’s more, with hypnosis”, Tian Qi felt terrible when she thought that she was following a stranger willingly .

Ji Zheng raised his neck and drank a glass of wine . He looked at Tian Qi “I didn’t discuss it with you? I discussed it with you again and again, but you always put off . I really can’t help but make this decision . “

Tian Qi touches her nose modestly . “I don’t mean that “

“What do you mean? You don’t want to leave the palace, you don’t want the money? “Ji Zheng said, pointing to the things around them . ” can you see these things in your eyes? What else do you want in the palace? “

“No “Tian Qi always thought something was wrong, she was confused for a while .

Ji Zheng, biting his teeth as if he was determined, asked, “I ask you, do you know what the Emperor brother wants to do to you? “

“… ” That’s not a good question . She didn’t know what he wanted to do, but she knew what he had done .

“He wants to belittle you, disrespect you and play with you, do you understand? “Ji Zheng relieved and finally said it .

Of course, Tian Qi understood, but she couldn’t say that, so she had to pretend that she didn’t understand, “I didn’t “

Ji Zheng suddenly became a little fidgety, and his momentum changed from the usual blandness to aggressive, “what’s wrong? Do you dare to say that you have not been slighted or offended by him? “

“… “

He got closer and stared at Tian Qi’s eyes . “Or do you like to be despised and insulted by him? “

Tian Qi bowed her head and replied with a red face, “he is the Emperor . What does he want to do? What can I do?” . “

Ji Zheng sneers, “if he wants to fall, you also want to fall?”? “

“I didn’t . “Tian Qi didn’t want to deny it .

“Really, why don’t you want to leave the palace? “

Tian Qi sighed, and the question came back, “Wangye, I’ve explained it to you many times . I don’t want you to be involved, “

“You don’t want me to be involved,” Ji Zheng said . “But now you are in my wangfu, and you still don’t want me to be involved . “

Tian Qi then looked around . Apart from the gold and silver treasures, the house doesn’t have daily utensils, no windows on the wall, only a ventilation hole . She was puzzled . “Why do you have such a room in the wangfu? “

“This is my secret room for storing money . Don’t worry . It’s very safe here . Even Emperor brother dug three feet into the capital, he still couldn’t find you . “

“If the Emperor wanted to found me, he could always find some clues,” Tian Qi asked . “What if he finds me? Will, it does not affect you? “

Ji Zheng smiled and said, “I have a way to invite you here . Naturally, I have a way not to let him find you . Besides, I have found someone similar to you, wearing the same clothes as you, and going out of the city under the veil . If the Emperor pursues to the end, he can only find out that you are escaping from the palace . “

Tian Qi’s heart suddenly hangs .

Ji Zheng said again, “so I will temporarily wrong you to live here . I will take care of your food and clothing . After a while, when the limelight is over, and the Emperor brother forgets this matter, you can come out . Where do you want to go, I will accompany you . How about that? “

The strangeness in Tian Qi’s heart is gradually enlarged, just like a bubble, which swells to a certain extent, and then cracks into a pile of foam . At last, she understood what the strange feeling was . “Wangye, I have never understood why you must take such a big risk to help me escape from the palace? “

Ji Zheng sighed, “you don’t need to understand . You just need to remember that I’m for you . All over the world, I am the best for you . “

“Why are you so kind to me? “

Ji Zheng smiled bitterly and replied, “I don’t have a father . My mother is dead . My brother is the Emperor . I am alone in the palace . I lack a confidant . I introduce you as a confidant . I hope the two are not in the opposite direction . If you don’t understand, I can’t help it . If you think I’m not worthy to be your confidant, please let me know as soon as possible . I’m not bothered by you anymore . “

Tian Qi was moved . For the first time, she carefully looked at Ji Zheng . At this time, there are some lonely looks on his brow, like the pines and cypresses hit by the autumn wind and rain . Although they are scattered, they are stubborn . She can’t help but think of herself, who is also don’t have father and mother, indifferent, wandering alone in the world, like a wild goose lost in the flock, without a place to rest, without a heart to tell, and without knowing where she will go tomorrow .

Thinking about it, Tian Qi felt a bit in sympathy with each other and sighed in a trance .

Ji Zheng’s fingers tightly holding the glass suddenly relaxed, and his mouth slightly bent .