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Chapter 1326: 1326

1326 Final Will, Everything to Save My Daughter

‘Is this Ding Zizhen’s undying resentment?’

Beyond a Saint, one would sever their mundane carnal feelings and enter the world of celestials . Was the resentment of Ding Zizhen finally reappearing after billions of years?

“Saints aren’t the most powerful!” Apart from Ling Han, everyone else was shaking in shock . This revelation had destroyed their long-held beliefs . They were unable to accept this .

Saints were the most powerful beings in this universe . Those who could defeat Saints… had to be Saints themself!

‘Is this fake? Has Ding Zizhen fabricated this himself?’

Even the Stone Emperor and North Emperor couldn’t answer this with certainty . After all, once they accepted this to be true, their entire concept of cultivation would have to be restructured .

Only Ling Han believed this with absolute certainty . This was because he already knew that there existed a Celestial Realm that was transcendent above the Immortal Realm . It belonged to the Immortal Realm, yet it was above the Immortal Realm .

‘Hang on… If the Immortal Realm contains a Celestial Realm, then does the Netherworld contain a Demonic Realm or something?

‘No, no, that can’t be . If one wants to enter the Celestial Realm, they need to fuse the Regulations of the two realms together . In other words, they need to be both a Saint and a Demon Master at the same time . Since that’s the case, the realm that one enters should be the Celestial Realm, regardless of whether one is from the Immortal Realm or the Netherworld . ’

That was right . Regardless of whether one was an Immortal Realm elite or a Netherworld elite, they would all end up in the Celestial Realm if they managed to fuse the Regulations of the two realms .

‘Celestial Qi contains both the Regulations of the Immortal Realm and the Regulations of the Netherworld…’ A thought flashed through Ling Han’s mind, and it was as if he had discovered some important notion . However, he was unable to put his finger on its meaning no matter what . This made him feel extremely frustrated .

“What happened afterward?”

The prodigies all wanted to know what happened next . Thus, they advanced in the chariot, speeding toward the next illusion .

Sure enough, after advancing for a while, they were dragged into the illusion again .

Ding Zizhen returned, only to discover that his wife and daughter had both been killed . He was naturally wild with rage, and a rain of blood started to pour from the sky . The entire galaxy became dim and lifeless, and even the sun was extinguished by the rain of blood . The entire galaxy had become a field of death!

‘Is this the power possessed by those above the Genesis Tier?’

He hadn’t targeted anyone specifically, yet his anguished weeping had caused an entire galaxy to transform into a mass grave .

Ding Zizhen returned to his “hometown” and charged into his fiancee’s clan, personally killing her before retrieving a treasure from her clan . He brought this treasure to his wife and daughter’s grave .

However, he was also hunted by the two clans . In order to repair their relationship with the other clan, the Ding Clan even dispatched Ding Yaolong to participate in the hunt . After a ferocious and bloody battle, Ding Zizhen was severely wounded, suffering several unhealable dao wounds .

Although he managed to flee, his life was already coming to an end .

He buried himself with his dead wife, where he would rest with her forever . Meanwhile, he used the precious treasure that he had retrieved from his fiancee’s clan on his daughter . After heaven knew how many years, this treasure would reform his daughter’s deceased spirit, allowing her to achieve reincarnation and thus rebirth .


Everyone exhaled loudly . They had witnessed the final battle between Ding Yaolong and Ding Zizhen in the illusion, and it had been far too terrifying . A slight shock wave from their battle had been capable of obliterating numerous large planets and annihilating countless beings .

“Even Saints don’t possess such power!” the North Emperor said with certainty . “Although my master is only a Small Saint, I know that even Saint Kings will struggle to obliterate a planet . If they want to obliterate a planet, they’ll have to unleash one of their more powerful attacks . ”

“However, those two managed to obliterate incredibly distant planets with just a slight shock wave from their battle . Saint Kings definitely can’t achieve this,” the Stone Emperor said .

Everyone nodded slowly . At this moment, they finally accepted that there was indeed another major tier above the Genesis Tier . This tier was the Severing Mundane Tier .

However, from Ding Zizhen’s memory, there was no shortage of Severing Mundane Tier elites in his “hometown . ” Just the Ding Clan alone had 10 or so Severing Mundane Tier elites . Meanwhile, his fiancee’s clan also had a similar number of Severing Mundane Tier elites .

This was petrifying!

To their knowledge, each galaxy only had a maximum of one Saint . However, in Ding Zizhen’s memory, just one clan alone could house 10 or so elites that were above the level of Genesis TIer Saints!

What… kind of place was that?

‘It’s the Celestial Realm!’ Ling Han answered in his mind .

Ding Zizhen had come from the Celestial Realm, and that explained why there were so many elites in the Ding Clan . Moreover, taking into account the pyramid structure of elites, Severing Mundane Tier elites definitely weren’t the most powerful beings in the Celestial Realm . Otherwise, there was no way a single clan could have 10 such elites . That would simply be heaven-defying .

“Since you people have come, it means that my daughter’s spirit is almost about to reform,” a voice suddenly said . This voice was uncannily familiar .

It was Ding Zizhen!

In the illusion, this was the identity that they had assumed . Thus, they were naturally extremely familiar with this voice .

“Help me complete the final step, and aid my daughter in her rebirth! As a token of gratitude, the person who helps me can learn the celestial technique… the Tide of the Ages!” Ding Zizhen said .

This wasn’t a voice, but rather a thought that traveled directly into their minds . This was the dying will of Ding Zizhen, a will that had been left heaven knew how many billions of years ago . If his daughter wasn’t saved, this will wouldn’t disappear!

The prodigies were all extremely excited at this moment .

Celestial technique, Tide of the Ages… Wasn’t this the secret technique that Ding Yaolong had once used? This was the secret technique of the Ding Clan, and it could accelerate the flow of time by tens of thousands of times . It could age an attack, and it also age a being . This secret technique could be regarded as one of the most powerful defensive techniques . At the same time, it could also be regarded as one of the most powerful offensive techniques .

During his youth, Ding Yaolong had used this secret technique to defeat an opponent who was two entire minor levels above him . At that time, he hadn’t even reached the pinnacle level yet . However, he was still able to surpass eight stars . That was simply incredible!

Theoretically speaking, one’s power could only surpass more than six stars after they reached the pinnacle level . Once they advanced to the next major tier, their power would fall back to six stars .

However, this was a secret technique, not pure power . Thus, the two didn’t clash .

‘I have to obtain this!’

At this moment, they all eyed each other cautiously, hostility brewing in the air .

Who didn’t want to obtain this secret technique?

“Why don’t we find the resting place of Senior Ding’s daughter first,” Ling Han suggested .

Since Ding Zizhen was willing to offer such an astounding secret technique, reviving his daughter definitely wouldn’t be easy . Thus, now was far too early to have an internal conflict .

The people here were all king tiers—apart from Zhou Quan and the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden . Thus, their self-control was naturally outstanding as well . They nodded in agreement and forcefully suppressed their greedy urges .

There was no hurry .

The chariot continued forward, yet they didn’t enter the illusion again . They had already experienced everything that Ding Zizhen had wanted them to experience .

Moreover, they had also learned some other things .

For example, why did the Mountain River Forest and Sun Moon Valley open 33,333 years and 44,444 years apart? This was because Ding Zizhen had been engaged with his wife for over 30,000 years before finally marrying her . Then, after another 44,000 or so years, his wife gave birth to their daughter .

This was also a relic of his undying will .

As for why there was Celestial Qi, that was because Ding Zizhen had come from the Celestial Realm . In fact, he was… a Celestial .

He had guarded this place for billions of years, for no other reason but to revive his daughter .

However, were the evil beasts in this place also related to Ding Zizhen?

They probably were .

This was the Two Realm Battlefield, where blood, deceased souls, and corpses would mingle . Add to that Ding Zizhen’s Severing Mundane Tier will, and it wasn’t strange that this place had given birth to Eternal River Tier evil beasts .

At the very least, the golden sand had probably been formed from Ding Zizhen’s corpse . It was imbued with his celestial martial intent, so it was only natural that even a Saint had been stunned upon seeing it .

However, since they could experience the illusions, the four Eternal River Tier elites that had arrived before them had most likely experienced the same illusions as well .


There was a bright gleam in their eyes as they urged the Stone Emperor to make the chariot go faster .


The chariot sped forward . This chariot was almost invincible below the level of Saints, and its advance was simply unstoppable . After around a day, the thick fog around them vanished, revealing a mountain before them . This mountain was a neat rectangular prism, and it was as if it had been forcefully carved out by someone .

“That’s not a mountain… It’s a coffin!”

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