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Chapter 1327: 1327

Chapter 1327 Ancient Coffin

The thick fog dissipated, revealing a mountain-sized coffin .

Ling Han and the others weren’t surprised to see this . After all, the illusion had made it clear that Ding Zizhen had buried his daughter here . Moreover, their journey to this place was in order to revive Ding Ling .

If a dead person weren’t laid to rest in a coffin, where else would they be laid to rest?

However, this coffin was far too large . It was thousands of meters tall and at least 9000 meters long . If someone claimed that this was a mountain range, it would definitely be believable .

On the other side of the coffin, there stood four people, each separated a certain distance from each other . They all exuded tremendously powerful auras, making it seem as if they were the center of the universe .

They were none other than the four Eternal River Tier elites—the Wind Rider Divine King, Wide Travel Monk King, pale-faced scholar, and wolf-headed brute .

Sure enough, they had arrived here before them .

More importantly, they were also quite courageous . After all, not everyone would dare to enter the illusion so many times . What if they became stuck in the illusion and couldn’t wake up? When one’s divine sense left their body, their body would slowly shrivel and eventually die .

“Heh, now that we’ve arrived, it’s a free-for-all . ”

The prodigies all hopped off the Stone Emperor’s chariot .

“Little Han, when you have spare time, come visit the Universal Dao Galaxy,” the Stone Emperor said . “Oh, that’s right . In another 100 or so years, the Star Sand Martial Arts Academy in the Myriad Directions Galaxy is going to recruit new disciples . The prodigies from the hundreds of nearby galaxies will all gather to fight for the mere 100 spots . I hope to see you there . ”

The North Emperor also wore a faint smile as he looked at Ling Han . He was extremely confident in Ling Han’s abilities .

Although one of them was the son of a Saint and one of them was the disciple of a Saint, their hopes of becoming a Saint in the future were infinitesimally close to zero . Becoming an Eternal River Tier elite wouldn’t be difficult, but becoming a Saint would be close to impossible .

The higher a senior’s cultivation level, the harder it would be for them to raise a successor who was equally as powerful as them, to say nothing of raising a successor who was more powerful than them .

As for Ling Han, however, there was a large chance that he could become a Saint .

Thus, even with their lofty status, the Stone Emperor and the North Emperor were still extremely amiable toward Ling Han . They didn’t flaunt their cultivation as Heavenly Body Tier elites, nor did they use their status as successors to Saints to belittle Ling Han . They were making a conscious effort to treat Ling Han as somewhat of an equal .

“Star Sand Martial Arts Academy?” Ling Han asked with a blank expression .

“The Star Sand Martial Arts Academy was opened by the Star Sand Saint . The Star Sand Saint is a Great Saint, and in its 10 billion year history, the Star Sand Martial Arts Academy has raised a whopping eight Saints!” the North Emperor explained . “Among the heavenly numbers, nine is the extreme, the pinnacle . Thus, the Star Sand Saint has said that he’ll only accept one more disciple . This is because it will be impossible for him to raise a 10th Saint . ”

“So, every single prodigy is doing everything within their ability to enter the Star Sand Martial Arts Academy at this moment,” the Stone Emperor continued . “They want to become the ninth disciple of the Star Sand Saint so that they themself can become a Saint in the future!”

Yang Lin, the Cloud Maiden, and Yue Ying all heard this clearly . There was a look of eager anticipation on their faces .

Great Saint!

Although the Cloud Stone Saint and Plentiful Sea Saint were also Saints, they were only Small Saints . They could indeed look down upon the world, yet compared to Great Saints, the gulf between their abilities was like the distance between heaven and earth .

If it weren’t for their reputation and face, perhaps even the Cloud Stone Saint and Plentiful Sea Saint would be willing to become disciples of the Star Sand Saint . If they became his disciples, perhaps they would have the chance to become Medium Saints . Otherwise, they would remain at the level of Small Saint forever .

This was inevitable . After becoming Saints, there was already no more cultivation technique for them to practice . Their martial arts techniques would have also reached a pinnacle . Thus, they would have to resolve any problem that they came across by themselves—there was no one for them to consult . As a result, their lifespan of one billion years would eventually be meandered away .

If one could become the Star Sand Saint’s disciple, their status would truly soar into the skies .

Ling Han nodded slowly, and said, “I understand . I’ll definitely go to the Star Sand Martial Arts Academy within 100 years . ”

“Then we’ll meet again at that time,” the Stone Emperor said with a loud laugh . “However, as for this opportunity before us, I won’t give it up to you guys!” He rode his chariot toward the top of the ancient coffin . His Saint-level chariot obviously possessed the ability to fly .

This chariot was the root of his confidence . In fact, he wouldn’t be afraid even if the four Eternal River Tier elites targeted him .


The chariot flew to top the coffin, and then disappeared .

Ling Han and the others spread apart, starting to explore the secret of this coffin from different angles .

Ding Zizhen’s deceased daughter definitely lay in this coffin . However, if they wanted to revive her, they obviously had to get her out of this coffin . Thus, the first problem was how they would open this coffin . Or, it could also be how they would get inside it .

The Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden naturally stayed beside Ling Han . They circled the coffin, only to find that it was engraved with a dense layer of symbols . These symbols looked a little like formation patterns, yet they also looked a bit like the divine patterns formed by martial intent .

After circling around the coffin, they didn’t find any way to open it or any point of entry .

‘Could it be on the top?’

Ling Han decided to climb to the top of the coffin . In this strange place, he didn’t have the ability to reach a height of 3000 meters with a single jump and thus reach the top of the coffin . However, as long as he had some footholds on the coffin, scaling to the top would be a simple task .

Yet, when he jumped up and prepared to place a foot on the coffin, he felt an intense chill grip at his heart . It was as if he would be damned to eternal doom if he dared to place his foot on the coffin!

He forcefully retracted his foot .


He fell to the ground with a loud thump, blasting a crater into the earth .

“What’s wrong?” the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden asked in confusion .

Before Ling Han could even answer, a wretched wail suddenly traveled over from the distance . Like Ling Han, someone else had also thought about scaling up the side of the coffin . However, they were shattered into pieces of mangled flesh once they placed their hand onto the coffin . Blood sprayed through the air, forming crimson mist .


Although that person wasn’t a supreme elite, they were still a Sun Moon Tier cultivator . Yet, they had died after just slight contact with the coffin?

This coffin was extremely dangerous!

At the same time, a deafening boom also traveled over from the sky . Everyone looked up, only to see a chariot descending from the sky . This was none other than the Stone Emperor . At this moment, however, the purple-gold bull was actually missing a horn, and the chariot was also missing a plate on one side .

Ling Han’s expression involuntarily changed . That was Saintly Material, yet it had actually been damaged! The might of this ancient coffin was clear for all to see .

Ding Zizhen was a Celestial!

Since this was the case, it became less astonishing that the coffin had managed to damage the Saintly Material .

“Sh*t, my father is definitely going to beat me to death now!” the Stone Emperor wailed in grief . This chariot obviously didn’t belong to him, but rather was something he had secretly brought along in order to show off .

In his mind, he was merely going to a galaxy where the overall cultivation level was still lagging behind . Thus, it would obviously be impossible for his chariot to become damaged . After all, there was no Saint in this galaxy . However, as his luck would have it, this galaxy indeed didn’t have a Saint… yet it had a f*cking Celestial! This was an even more freakish being!

Now, his chariot had become irreparably damaged . As a result, its power and might would definitely be affected . When he returned, he would definitely receive a brutal scolding from his father .

Meanwhile, there was a lingering fear in Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden’s mind . If Ling Han hadn’t retracted his foot in time just then…

He would definitely be a cloud of blood in the air at this moment!

After all, even Saintly Material had been damaged by this coffin!

Ling Han frowned, and said to the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden, “Fly me up . ”

The Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden nodded before unfurling her wings . She then grabbed Ling Han and soared into the air .

After arriving above the ancient coffin, the two of them examined it carefully . However, this ancient coffin looked like a solid body, and they couldn’t find the gap between the coffin and lid at all . Even if they could find this gap, who would dare to reach over and raise the lid?

Strange… There was no way to enter or open this coffin, so how could they help Ding Zizhen revive his daughter?

Ling Han had initially thought that he would be able to see the entrance to the coffin from above . However, his sensitive divine sense told him with absolute certainty that there was definitely no entrance to this coffin .

Otherwise, the Stone Emperor wouldn’t have tried to force his way in, either, resulting in the damage to his Saint-level chariot .

What… could he do?

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