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Dear Commander-in-Chief Dear Commander-in-Chief

Author: Cloud Lady

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Upon being reborn, she immediately offends a vicious two-faced bigwig.

He seizes her back home and insists on pampering her…

“Master Jue, a despicable man came to find Madam. He wants to reconcile with her.”

“Bury him alive.”

“Master Jue, Madam took first place in a major competition at the University of Medicine. A rotten woman got jealous and slapped Madam.”

“Slap that dirty woman’s face before sending her off to be tormented in a living hell.”

“Master Jue, Madam… Madam escaped!”

A certain man’s gaze sinks dangerously.

He has spoiled her to such an extent, yet she is still trying to run away?

Has it ever crossed her mind that it’s impossible for her to run away from him?