Demons Beside You - Chapter 379

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Chapter 379

Chapter 379: You Daughter Will Never Get Married

“Chen, don’t say that . ”

“Then why do you keep putting me in difficult positions?” Chen Zhao said, displeased .

Laurent turned his head away . Chen Zhao was not a father, so he could not understand how it felt to see his daughter being pursued by an unsatisfactory man .

“Anyway, do you accept it or not?”

Chen Zhao thought, F**k, I’ll do it for Fali!

“Just tell me what you want me to do . ”

“First, I want you to fight with a lion to prove that you’re brave enough . ”

“You mean a cougar?” Chen Zhao asked .

“Of course not . Even I can beat a cougar up . I mean an African lion,” Laurent said .

“Howard, stop the car . I’m leaving . ” Chen Zhao’s face darkened at once .

“If you reject this, it means you don’t have enough courage to protect Fali,” Laurent said with a serious tone .

“But you’re just trying to kill me . Only a madman will play this game with you,” Chen Zhao said, rolling his eyes . “Even if you want to torture me, can’t you find something more realistic?”

“Answer me, if one day Fali is surrounded by a group of lions, will you fight to protect her?”

“If it really happens, I will . ”

“That’s it . Prove to me now how much you love her . ”

“I still think that you’re mad,” Chen Zhao said .

“You just don’t love Fali enough . This being the case, you should break up with her . ”

“Don’t tell me you require a man to fight with a lion before he can become your son-in-law . ”

“It’s just for you . ”

“Why are you so unsatisfied with me?”

“Have you forgotten? The first time we met, you made me pee my pants . It’s the humiliation of my life . Do you think I should be happy with you?”

“You asked for it yourself . ”

“You even threw me in the sea . ”

“You asked for that one yourself too . ”

“Is it that difficult for me to win once?”

“You want to win, or you want me to let you win?”

“…” Laurent stared at Chen Zhao, gritting his teeth . “Anyway, I won’t bless you and Fali . ”

“Then let me tell Fali what you just said . I want her to know how childish her father is . ”

Indeed, Laurent was defeated and quickly said, “This is a conflict between men . Don’t get Fali involved . ”

“But you keep using Fali as an excuse to attack me . ”

“Alright, I’ll be direct . Either you let me win once, or you let me realize that I’ll never win . Otherwise, at any time and place, I’ll be finding trouble for you . ”

Chen Zhao turned his head and looked at Laurent . “So if I fight with a lion, you will never disturb me again, right?”

“Yes . ”

“Do you promise?”

“I promise . ”

Chen Zhao thought about it . He should be able to fight a lion .

He just had to carefully dodge its claws and teeth, since he was definitely stronger and faster than a lion .

“Alright, but it’s America . There are no African lions . ”

A delighted smile finally appeared on Laurent’s face . “I know the zoo director here . ”

Chen Zhao glanced at Laurent . Did he really have to devise such a plot?

Laurent had probably contacted the zoo long ago and was waiting for Chen Zhao to jump into the trap .

When they arrived at the zoo, the director came . It was an old black man who seemed to be in his sixties .

His hair was already gray, but he looked very energetic .

“Laurent, are you still alive?”

“Sharman, I won’t die before you do . ”

It seemed like Laurent and the zoo director were very close friends, or they would not have spoken in such a way .

Sharman looked at Chen Zhao and asked, “Is he the one?”

“Yes, it’s him . ”

Chen Zhao felt that Sharman was staring at him with a strange look .

Was it because he was about to fight a lion?”

“Young man, are you sure you’re taking the lion fight?”

“Can I quit now?”

“If you escape now, I’ll look down on you forever,” Laurent said .

Chen Zhao felt that Laurent’s trap would not be this simple .

“Alright, Sharman, bring us to the African paradise . ”

The zoo had great facilities and many tourists .

The group of people strolled here and there as if they were visitors .

On their way, Sharman introduced to them the various sections . Some were open to visitors, while others were restricted .

Some tame herbivores were even interacting with visitors under the guidance of zoo staff .

Soon, the group was brought into a seemingly high-tech building . The building was mostly white, surrounded by thick tempered glass walls . Zoo staff would occasionally be seen walking around .

Sharman looked at Chen Zhao, “Are you sure you’re ready?”

“Yes, I’m ready . ”

Sharman then looked at Laurent . “How about you?”

“Of course . I’m not the one going into the lion’s cage,” Laurent answered, unconcerned, as he glanced at Chen Zhao .

Sharman pressed a button on the remote control he was holding . The glass door opened, inside which there was another metal isolation door .

Beyond the metal door was an environment that simulated the African grassland . It was about a hundred square meters in size, with rocks, water, and grass .

A glass cover acted as the roof . It was three meters high and very transparent .

“You can enter now,” Sharman said .

Chen Zhao walked past the doors, which then closed .

Nevertheless, he could still see Laurent and the rest through the floor-to-ceiling glass walls .

Chen Zhao looked around and did not see any lion .

“Where’s the lion?” Chen Zhao asked Sharman, who was on the other side of the glass walls .

Just then, at the far end of the field, two metal isolation doors rose .

Chen Zhao saw more than twenty lions behind the two doors . One of them was an adult male, while the others were females and cubs .

Finally, Laurent smiled, as if his plan had worked .

“Open the doors . ” Chen Zhao knocked on the glass .

His plan was to fight with one lion, not an entire lion family!

“You can still admit defeat now,” Laurent said with an evil smile .

He had been waiting for this moment, the moment Chen Zhao admitted defeat .

“Laurent, don’t be so childish . Open the doors . ”

“No way, unless you admit defeat . ”

“If I die here, how will you answer to Fali?”

“If you admit defeat, you won’t die . ”

“Mr . Sharman, I believe you’re rational . You won’t do such a stupid thing, will you?” Realizing that Laurent just would not give up, Chen Zhao turned to Sharman, hoping that he was logical .

“I watched Fali grow up . I don’t want her to spend her life with a rogue . So you either break up with Fali now, or die inside . ”

“Shit, Laurent, how have you been describing me behind my back?!” Chen Zhao was furious .

Sharman thought that he was a rogue?