Demons Beside You - Chapter 380

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Chapter 380

Chapter 380: Pride Of Lions

Chen Zhao had a feeling .

Coming out of Laurent’s mouth, he was a lazy gangster and player .

“Howard, if you open the door, I promise I won’t hit you . ”

Howard looked awkwardly at Chen Zhao on the other side of the glass . “This is your family matter . You guys shouldn’t involve me . ”

Chen Zhao slammed a fist on the tempered glass . Duang—

Nothing happened to the glass, but Chen Zhao’s fist was in great pain . Tempered glass was as hard as iron and this one was more than ten centimeters thick . Even Chen Zhao’s inhuman power couldn’t damage it .

“Mr . Chen,” Sharman said . “These are wild lions . They haven’t gone through any taming, so you better agree to leave Fali . Otherwise, you’ll end up as their meal . ”

Chen Zhao looked at the three men outside . “When I come out, I’ll lock you all inside . ”


He used more force this time . The entire tempered glass vibrated . The three all retreated in shock .

Just then, the two doors opened .

“Sharman, why did you open the door?”

“I got scared . ” Sharman had accidentally pressed the remote when he’d gotten scared .

Seeing that the door was open, the lions came out immediately . The lions were already walking toward Chen Zhao .

“Open the door!” Laurent yelled . “Open the door!”

This was just a prank . He didn’t want Chen Zhao to really die in there . But now, the situation was completely unplanned .

“I can’t… There’s a heat sensor inside that automatically senses if the lions are there . If they are, the door can’t be opened . ”

Chen Zhao looked at the incoming lion pride and rubbed his forehead . It seemed that he could only face them .

“Kids, come here . ”

The male lion ran over to Chen Zhao with some wariness . The lion cubs were curious about Chen Zhao . They wanted to run over, but the lioness stopped them .

Chen Zhao waved . “Come here . ”

After eating the beast language stone, Chen Zhao had the ability to communicate with wild animals . This didn’t mean that he could speak in their language, but that he could understand what they were thinking . The beasts could also understand his words .

Of course, he couldn’t communicate with every beast . Some had low intelligence and only had their instincts and wildness .

Lions didn’t have low intelligence though . They were even smarter than bears and wouldn’t only think of eating . Cats all liked to play .

Of course, they all wished to kill more .


The male lion roared at Chen Zhao, but Chen Zhao could tell its emotions from the voice .

“Your mental state isn’t well?”


“Come here . I’ll take a look . ”

The male lion went over to Chen Zhao and lay down . Chen Zhao also sat on the ground and patted the lion’s fur .

This lion was actually a bit smaller than a brown bear . It wasn’t as scary as imagined . Of course, to regular people, the lion was still the killer of the plains .

The three outside the tempered glass gaped .

“Sharman…are you sure…that lion is wild? Untamed?”

“Of course… This pride was just brought over from Africa . They’re hard to tame, so we haven’t revealed them fully to the public . ”

“Then…why aren’t they attacking Chen?”

“How would I know?”

“Mr . Laurent, you forgot that Chen came tame beasts . ”

“Uh…Sharman, is that how you tame beasts?”

“No way . When a beast trainer starts, they have to tie up the beast and then whip it so it’s scared of the trainer . ”

“Then he…”

“I don’t know . I’ve never run into a situation like this before . ”

Sharman looked at Chen Zhao and the lions surrounding him . They didn’t seem to want to attack him at all .

Cats actually all loved to be petted . Chen Zhao was petting the lion’s fur, making it really relaxed .

As for the lion’s mental state, just think of its harem . It had to mate dozens of times per day . It was easy to imagine why it was in a bad state .

Chen Zhao fed it some medicine to recover its energy . As for more, Chen Zhao was powerless too .

The cubs went to Chen Zhao too . They kept jumping up, trying to attract his attention .

“Mr . Laurent, what do we do now?” A bit horrified, Howard watched Chen Zhao interact with the lions peacefully .

They were in a very awkward situation . If Chen Zhao died in the lion cage, they would definitely be responsible . But if he didn’t die, then they would be the ones dying .

When Chen Zhao wanted to take revenge, he never showed any mercy .

“Chen, I think we should have a nice chat,” Laurent called Chen Zhao through the floor-to-ceiling window .

Chen Zhao ignored Laurent . He continued talking to the pride of lions . To be honest, he wanted to take the male lion, but taking it alone wasn’t suitable . After all, it had its own family, but Chen Zhao couldn’t take them all .

Sharman called the zoo staff . When the staff saw someone with the pride, they were all terrified . They hurriedly changed the electric circuit and Chen Zhao finally came out .

However, Laurent and Howard had already escaped .

Anger simmered inside Chen Zhao . That old Sharman kept apologizing to him, but if apologies worked, then why did people need the police?

“Mr . Sharman, if you agree with my conditions, I won’t report you and your zoo . If you don’t, trust me . I can make the zoo go bankrupt . ”

“What conditions?”

“My condition is…” Chen Zhao whispered in Sharman’s ears .

“This…” Sharman looked at him with a troubled expression . “Mr . Chen, your request is a bit too much… I’m afraid I can’t agree . ”

“Then maybe you should get to know my lawyer . ”

“Mr . Chen, I was tricked by that old b*stard, Laurent . You should go find him . ”

“I’ll definitely go find him, but no one can escape . Mr . Sharman, have you thought it over? Oh, attempted murder has a sentence of three years, right?”

Sharman shuddered . “Okay, okay, I’ll agree . ”

“That’s good . This’ll be all for now . ”

“What else do you want?”

“I’ll tell you later . ”

Chen Zhao didn’t live here . He was going to leave Sacramento in a few days . He didn’t feel much animosity toward Sharman . After all, he just wanted the best for Fali .

But Chen Zhao would never forgive that old *sshole Laurent . That *sshole dared to do any kind of prank . If he hadn’t run so quickly, Chen Zhao really would’ve tossed him into the lion cage .