Demons Beside You - Chapter 381

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Chapter 381

Chapter 381: I’m Thinking About How To Kill You Legally

When Laurent and Howard returned home, Winnip, Fali and Faur were already there .

“Dad, why are you back so early? Where’s Chen? Did he not come back with you?”

“Err… He said that he wasn’t feeling well and left first . Is he not home yet?” Laurent’s look was drifting away .

Winnip glanced at Laurent . Having lived together for so many years, she knew from Laurent’s look that something was wrong .

“Laurent, what did you do again?”

“What? I don’t understand . I’m a bit tired . I’m going to rest in the bedroom . ”

Winnip looked at Laurent . After all, it was his birthday . She did not want to put Laurent in a difficult position before his daughters .

Soon, Chen Zhao came back carrying a cake .

“Chen, why are you only back now?”

“I went to buy Laurent a cake,” Chen Zhao said, smiling .

“Did Laurent make another trap for you today?”

“Why would he? We’re good buddies . ” It was as if Chen Zhao had already forgotten about what had happened .

Just then, Howard, Karim, and Kane walked down from upstairs .

Chen Zhao immediately shouted, “Hey, Howard, Karim, Kane, where are you going?”

“Laurent’s birthday party is starting soon . Where are you going now?” Winnip also asked .

Although the three of them were her bodyguards, they had been staying with Laurent most of the time .

Therefore, they had no reason to be absent for Laurent’s birthday party .

The three looked at each other and finally looked at Chen Zhao .

Kane and Karim had already heard from Howard about how Chen Zhao was closed in a lion’s cage .

Last time, Chen Zhao was closed in an ice storage room for eight hours, and then he forced them to swim in the sea for a few hours .

This time, Laurent’s plan was even worse . Importantly, the three of them had helped in the planning .

They were really worried that Chen Zhao would crucify them .

Nevertheless, Chen Zhao would not assault them in front of Winnip and the rest . They could go and hide outside for a few days .

“We have a buddy who’s severely ill . He’s in the hospital now and we need to go and visit him,” Karim said with a serious face .

They were all retired soldiers, even comrades, so the excuse was reasonable .

“Oh, must you go today?”

“His condition is critical, so we have to go now,” Karim nodded .

“Yes, we’re afraid that he won’t be able to wait for much longer,” Kane said .

“Alright . Quickly go then,” Winnip said .

The three tried to control their fear and boarded the car calmly .

Then, the car fled from the farm at full speed .

“Let me go out and make a call,” Chen Zhao said .

“Karim, your phone is ringing . Why ain’t you picking it up?”

“It’s from Chen . ” Karim’s expression was somewhat unnatural .

“We’ve already escaped anyway . Let’s go somewhere and hide for a few days . As long as we don’t return to Sacramento while he’s here, he can’t do anything to us . Pick up and listen to what he has to say . ”

Karim put Chen Zhao on speaker . “Hey, Chen, what is it?”

“Don’t you feel that your pants are slightly tight now?”

“What? Karim adjusted his sitting position in discomfort .

“Is your thing very hard now? Oh, it’s not just you . Kane and Howard as well . ”

The three looked at each other . They could not help but put their hands into their pants and make some adjustments .

“The condition will persist for an entire day . ”

“Ha… Chen, this isn’t a big problem, right? We’ll each find a woman later . ”

“One is probably not enough . You need to find a few more . After all, after 24 hours, you’ll never be interested in women anymore . ”

“Chen, stop scaring me . I don’t believe that such a thing will happen . ”

“Whatever . Goodbye . ” Chen Zhao hung up .

The three people in the car looked at each other in hesitation and doubt .

“Was he being serious?”

“I don’t know . It’s impossible, right?” Karim sounded uncertain . “But I need to find a woman right now . I feel like my thing is going to explode…”

The three reached the urban area and headed toward the red light district directly .

An hour later, the three drove out from the red light district .

“How was it? Was it fun?”

“I’m still hard . ”

“I didn’t come… I couldn’t . ”

“Me too . ”

“Me too . ”

“Is this really going to continue for a day?”

Suddenly, Kane pulled his thing out of his pants .

“What are you doing? We’re not interested in your d*ck . ”

“Mine has turned purple . ”

“I think mine has as well . ”

“Me too . ”

“If this really continues for a day, I feel that we will really become impotent…”

“Chen wasn’t joking?”

“Maybe he’s really not . ”

Their faces paled . They had already realized the severity of the problem .

Chen Zhao’s words might actually come true . The more they thought about it, the more scared they were .

“What now?”

“You want to go back? Chen will kill us . ”

“But if we don’t, we’ll be soft forever . ”

How? We’re doomed either way…

“Let’s go back . ”

Finally, Kane made up his mind .

“Are you not scared of Chen?”

“I am, but are we really going to avoid him for our entire life?”

“Sounds reasonable . Let’s just face him . ”

“Kane, Karim, Howard, why are you back? Didn’t you go and see your ill comrade?”

“Err… Actually…”

“He’s already dead, so we think that Mr . Laurent’s birthday party is more important now . ”


“Fine, as long as you’re happy . ”

“Where’s Chen?” Kane asked .

“Outside, I think,” Fali said .

The three found Chen Zhao near the creek by the farmland . At the moment, he was soaking his feet in the water, his pants rolled up from the cuffs .

“Hey, Chen, what are you doing here?”

“Daydreaming . ”

“Err… You must be thinking of something important . ” Kane was forcing a conversation .

Karim and Howard stood at the side awkwardly, not knowing what to say .

“I’m thinking about how to kill you legally . ”

“Ha… This joke isn’t funny…” Their smiles were worse than crying .

“Do I look like I’m joking?” Chen Zhao turned his head and looked at the three .

“Chen, we were not involved in this . It’s all Mr . Laurent! Actually we wanted to stop him, but he didn’t listen . ”