Demons Beside You - Chapter 382

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Chapter 382

Chapter 382: Golden Key

These three cronies were always present when causing trouble . But when they had to take responsibility, they would push all the blame onto Laurent .

Chen Zhao didn’t think that they were innocent . No one could escape from the blame . Anyway, Chen Zhao didn’t plan on letting any of them go .

“No one can escape . I’ll take care of all of you . ”

“Chen, just tell us what we have to do to be forgiven . ”

“I haven’t decided . I’ll tell you all later . ”

“Then…can you take care of our problem right now? We’ve been hard for more than two hours now . ”

Having a boner for two hours was definitely not a happy thing . They felt that they’d definitely be disabled if this persisted .

“Then how about you help me brainstorm how to punish you all? If I like your idea, then I’ll help you take care of that problem . ”

The three almost broke down . You want to punish us and ask us to help think of an idea . And the idea has to satisfy you?

Just kill us .

“How about…we help you prank Mr . Laurent?”

These three shameless b*stards could sell out their boss without hesitation to save themselves .

“Laurent won’t escape either . His fate has already been decided . You don’t need to worry . It’ll be better for you to think about how to pay for your sins . ”

The three shuddered . Seeing how stubborn Chen Zhao was, their heads hurt more .

Of course, their dicks hurt even more… It felt like it would explode soon .

“We’ll do whatever you want . ” Kane was about to cry .

“How far is it to town?” Chen Zhao asked .

“A few kilometers . ”

“I got it,” Karim said, a lightbulb going off . “You want us to run to town, right? Don’t worry . We can definitely do it . ”

“It’s not that easy . ”

“Run there and run back?”

Chen Zhao nodded . The three felt overjoyed . It was easier than they’d imagined . Running ten kilometers was indeed tiring, but it’ll be better than their situation now .

Plus, even though they’d left the army, they were still in shape .

“Take off your clothes and run . ”

“What?!” all three of them cried .

“You heard me . I want you to run ten kilometers nude . ”

“You’re humiliating us!”

“Yes, I’m humiliating you all . ”

“You think we’ll agree to such an insulting request?” Kane glared at Chen Zhao with clenched teeth .

“I was going to have you three men have a round with each other . Are you sure you won’t run?”

The three quickly took off their clothes . What a joke! They were all straight and having sex with their friends was disgusting .

Chen Zhao happily returned to the house . He didn’t know what Fali, Faur, and Winnip were talking about, but they seemed happy .

“Chen, where’s Kane and the others? They didn’t find you?”

“Oh, they might not be in a good mood . They went out for a run . ”

“Run?” Winnip was confused . “Are they in a bad mood because their friend died?”

“Is Laurent still in his room?” Chen Zhao asked .

“He might be too tired from earlier . He’s old, after all . ”

Just then, Winnip’s phone rang . Seeing the caller, her expression turned uncomfortable, but she still picked it up after a few rings . “Hi, it’s Winnip . ”

“Mrs . Winnip, please help us . If you take our products down, our farm really will go bankrupt . ”

“I’m sorry . I can’t tolerate it . Your products have severe product violations . I can’t allow your products to appear in my supermarket anymore . ”

“Mrs . Winnip, I promise our products won’t have the same problem anymore . I swear . ”

“No… There’s nothing for us to say . You can try another supermarket . ” Winnip’s attitude was firm . “If there’s nothing else, I’ll hang up . Goodbye . ”

When Winnip hung up, Fali saw her expression . “Mom, what’s wrong? Your business made you upset?”

“A rancher actually mixed meat of a cow that had died of sickness into the high-quality beef and was put on our shelves . My workers discovered it . ”

“There’s no point in wasting time talking to people like that,” Fali said . “Just put him on the blacklist . ”

“Whatever . Let’s stop talking about these unhappy matters . ” Winnip clapped . Putting away her upset feelings, she rose and walked to a shelf . She took out a detailed mahogany box . “You and Fali are moving to the new home, right?”

“Fali told you?” Chen Zhao was surprised .

“This is for you . ”

Chen Zhao accepted the box . Opening it, he saw that it was a dazzling golden key .

“This… Winnip, what is this?”

“It’s for you . I know that when you Chinese people move to a new home, family and friends would gift some symbolic things . I don’t know what to give, but this key has been passed down through many generations in my family . I’ll give it to you now . I hope you can treat Fali well . ”

“Mom, if you give Fali and Chen this key, then what about me?” Faur asked, jealous .

“I’ll give you my business when you marry your invisible boyfriend . How’s that?”

“I don’t want that,” Faur rejected quickly . “I like my current job . ”

Chen Zhao considered it . He didn’t refuse the gift . The key was expensive, but to Chen Zhao and Winnip, it wasn’t too bad . Plus, he really did like this .

“Oh, Chen,” Fali said . “Go get Dad’s gift . ”

“Oh, you two prepared a gift for Laurent?” Winnip really wanted to know what they’d prepared .

Chen Zhao went to the RV and took out a pot of strange red flowers .


Winnip and Faur were confused . Why was he giving flowers as a birthday gift? Were these flowers expensive? Did they have some special meaning?

“Mom . ” Fali whispered in Winnip’s ears .

Winnip’s eyes brightened . “Really?”

“Of course . I promise it’ll be helpful . ”

“Great . I love it . ”

Faur was still confused . “Fali, isn’t this a gift for Dad? Why is Mom so happy?”

“Not telling,” Fali said, grinning .

“Mom . ” Faur glanced at Winnip, but she also shook her head, not telling Faur . “You’re all isolating me . I’m upset,” Faur said in mock anger . Unfortunately, no one paid attention .

Faur grew more and more curious . What exactly were these flowers for?

Just then, Winnip’s phone rang again . Seeing the number, her brows furrowed again .

“What? Is it those guys again?”

“No, it’s the town’s police station . ”