Demons Beside You - Chapter 383

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Chapter 383

Chapter 383: Please Come And Bring These Three Perverts Back

“Hi, I’m Winnip . ”

“Winnip, Ayod here . ”

“Ayod, what is it?” Winnip sounded like she was chatting with a friend .

“I just received a complaint that a few people had been running naked near the town . I sent a few police out and caught the three perverts . ”

“How is that relevant to me?”

“The three perverts are Kane, Karim, and Howard . ”

Spit .

Red wine spouted out from Winnip’s mouth . “What?!”

“Kane, Karim and Howard had been running on the streets naked . ”

Winnip was so angry that she almost smiled . “You are serious?”

“Yes, do you need to talk to them?”

“Give the phone to the three assholes . ”

“Hi, boss . ” Winnip heard Karim’s dispirited voice . “Could you please come here and bail us out?”

“You three bastards, do you want to be fired by me?!” Winnip roared .

“Mom, what’s wrong?” Fali and Faur had no idea why Winnip was so furious .

“Winnip, they lost a bet to me,” Chen Zhao explained .

“So they went running naked?”

Chen Zhao shrugged . “Yes . ”

Winnip did not know whether to cry or laugh . “Go to the police station now and bring them back . ”

Chen Zhao drove Winnip’s car to the police station in town .

At the moment, the three bodyguards each only had a pair of shorts and a blanket on them . They were sitting on the chairs in the station, their heads lowered .

“Excuse me, you are?” a stout police asked .

“I’m here to bail them out,” Chen Zhao said .

“Did Ms . Winnip send you here?”

“Yes . ”

“Alright, it’s a thousand dollars . Please sign here . ”

After signing, Chen Zhao brought the three out of the station .

“Okay, we’re good again,” Chen Zhao said with a smile .

He had reconciled with Kane, Karim and Howard, but definitely not Laurent .

Chen Zhao was not going to let Laurent off that easily .

Chen Zhao would let him have an unforgettable birthday .

When the three returned home, Winnip’s face was still rather chilly . She pointed at all of them, including Chen Zhao, and scolded them in anger .

“How old are you already? Don’t you feel embarrassed to play such a childish game?”

The four thought, Why don’t you scold your husband? He’s the most childish one…

Of course, Winnip was not really planning to fire the three of them .

After all, they were very professional and, more importantly, trustworthy .

In the end, Winnip used the party as a reason to end the scolding .

The four conscientiously went to the kitchen to help Winnip .

“Chen, did you go to the supermarket when you went to town to bring them back?” Winnip saw Chen Zhao carry an entire cow thigh into the kitchen .

It weighed at least 50 kilograms .

“Yup . ”

“Do we need so much food though? We won’t be able to finish them . ”

“Winnip, you’ve forgotten about Princess and the rest . I eat a lot too . ”

“How much is a lot?”

“I eat about 10 kilograms of meat every meal,” Chen Zhao said . “If Princess really wants, she can eat 50 kilograms of food every meal . Black-Ma, White-Ma, Walter and Obitos each can eat almost as much as I do . ”

The eyes of Karim, Kane and Howard almost dropped out . So much?

It was no wonder that Chen Zhao was so strong . The three of them combined could not finish that much food .

“You sure Princess won’t eat all your money away?”

“It’s alright . ” In fact, Chen Zhao had some financial pressure . After all, he had to spend about ten thousand on food every month . “Kane, Karim, there’s another cow thigh outside . Bring it in . Howard, go to the backyard and prepare a barbecue stand . ”

Very soon, both the interior and the exterior of the house were filled with the aroma of meat . Unable to tolerate any longer, Princess approached the barbecuing Howard, wanting to have a piece of meat first .

Howard did not dare to reject Princess’s request, so he could only cut off a piece .

In the end, all the pets ran to him .

Usually, when Chen Zhao was in Los Angeles, he would not eat that much food in a single meal . It was weird to eat ten kilograms of food all at once, after all .

On the other hand, he would keep eating . As long as he was free, he would eat snacks or something to fill his stomach .

Hence, there was always a large amount of food stored in his RV .

Fali and Faur also entered the kitchen, helping to prepare the food needed for Laurent’s birthday party later .

In the evening, Laurent finally came down from upstairs .

He had mustered his courage and believed that Chen Zhao would not assault him before everyone else .

In fact, it was the case . When Chen Zhao saw him, his face was filled with a bright smile .

It was as if Chen Zhao was only looking at a good friend and had no other intentions .

Nevertheless, Laurent knew that Chen Zhao would place him on the barbecue stand if he had the chance to .

After three or four hours of busy preparation, everything was finally ready .

Fali and Faur even prepared a crown for Laurent . “Dad, happy birthday!”

Chen Zhao took out the big cake that he had bought on his way back . “Laurent, cut the cake . ”

Laurent stared at the cake, trembling .

Did Chen Zhao put any drugs in the cake?

Karim, Kane and Howard thought so as well . Laurent cut the cake and gave Chen Zhao a piece at once .

“Chen, come, this piece is for you . ”

When Fali saw Laurent give the first piece of cake to Chen Zhao, she was delighted .

She was convinced that her father and Chen Zhao were really close .

“Thank you . ” Chen Zhao took the cake and started eating .

When Laurent saw this, he heaved a sigh of relief .

It seemed like the cake was fine . He gave a piece to everyone and took the last one .

As much as he hated Chen Zhao, the cake was delicious .

“Laurent, try this . Chen made them . ” Winnip took out a large plate of dumplings .

“These are dumplings, right? I’ve tried them before, but I don’t like them . ” Laurent was worried that Chen Zhao had poisoned the dumplings .

“Alright, we’ll eat them then . ”

The group took a few dumplings each and there were not many left .

Watching everyone else eating in relish, Laurent could not hold it anymore . “Chen must have put in a lot of effort to make them . I’ll have some too . Give me more . ”

As Laurent ate the dumplings, he kept guessing in his mind .

The dumplings are fine . What exactly is wrong?

Laurent glanced at Chen Zhao with the corners of his eyes and saw a sneer on Chen Zhao’s face .

There’s definitely a problem! What is it?…

Laurent absolutely could not tell what had gone wrong .