Demons Beside You - Chapter 384

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Chapter 384: 384

Chapter 384: Laurent’s Nightmare Birthday

“Laurent, you really love Chen’s cooking, right?” Winnip teased, seeing how he was into the food . “How about we have him stay in Sacramento? This way, you can eat his food every day . ”

“It’s so-so,” Laurent criticized while eating . “It’s not that good . ”

“You usually eat half that much . Just admit it . ”

Laurent realized that he indeed ate more than usual . No . More accurately, he ate much more than usual .

Plus, he was already full, but he could keep eating . He had a great appetite .

“Laurent, eat more . ” Chen Zhao smiled at him .

Laurent had eaten happily at first . He shoved anything into his mouth, thinking that Chen Zhao wouldn’t do anything to him today . It was his birthday . Chen Zhao had to at least respect that . But as he ate and ate, he couldn’t stop anymore .

“Laurent, don’t eat so much,” Winnip said . “If you like it, he can cook more tomorrow . You’ve eaten enough . ”

By the time he’d eaten his fourth serving, he couldn’t handle it anymore .

“Laurent, stop eating . ”

Laurent was still shoveling food in . Fali also noticed that Laurent had eaten too much today .

“Chen, do something . Dad can’t eat so much . ”

“Oh, okay . ” Chen Zhao helped Laurent to the side and helped him purge . He also whispered in Laurent’s ears, “You’ll have a very unforgettable birthday . You’ll keep eating, keep eating . ”

Right then, Laurent finally realized that this was all Chen Zhao’s doing . “You *sshole!”

“Be quiet . You don’t want everyone to know how you locked me in the lion cage, right?”


Next, Laurent started devouring food crazily again . He wiped at his tears while eating .

“Chen, is Dad sick?” Fali asked, worried .

“Having a good appetite means he’s in good health . There’s no problem . If you don’t believe me, ask Faur . ”

Indeed, being able to eat meant that the body was normal . But the way Laurent was eating would cause problems . Faur thought for a long while without understanding what was happening .

“Kane, Karim, bring Laurent to the room . ”

“No, I still want to eat . I still want to eat…”

Right now, Laurent was like a starving beast . He pushed the two aside . That terrifying appetite made it so that he couldn’t stop at all .

The people couldn’t stop him and he ate until midnight . Chen Zhao helped him purge six times .

When the clock struck 12, Laurent finally lay onto the ground, exhausted . It was unclear whether his expression was one of hatred or satisfaction .


“I’ll take Laurent to his room . ” Chen Zhao helped Laurent up .

Laurent’s expression was furious . “Don’t think you can defeat me like this . ”

“You want to try this feeling again?” Chen Zhao asked, smiling sinisterly .

“Whatever . We’ll have a truce tonight . ” Laurent was truly scared .

Chen Zhao didn’t plan on continuing to torture Laurent . He’d already been messed with enough . If it continued, Laurent might really get health issues .

Chen Zhao didn’t want to kill Laurent yet .

“I hope you have a great night . ”

“B*stard, you haven’t given me a present yet . ”

“I already did . Winnip took it . Go ask her for it . ”

“Why did you give my gift to Winnip?”

“You can ask her for it when you return to the room . Oh, other than tonight, you’ll really love this gift . ”

That night, everyone in the house could hear noises coming from Laurent like someone butchering a pig .

The next day, Winnip prepared breakfast in the kitchen . She looked very spirited . On the other hand, Laurent came downstairs while learning against the wall .

“Dad, Mom, you two were too loud yesterday,” Faur complained .

Chen Zhao and Fali lowered their heads, but their shoulders shook .

Laurent was pissed . He didn’t want to mention last night . It was like both he and Winnip had taken some drug . Neither could stop .

He didn’t even need to think to know that it was Chen Zhao’s doing .

His birthday ended so tragically .

Chen Zhao, Fali and Faur would stay for a few more days, but Winnip had to start working today .

When she reached the company, she was stopped by someone .

“Mrs . Winnip, give me three minutes . Only three minutes, please . ”

“Kane, I don’t want to see him . ” Winnip strode into the company while Kane had already stopped the man .

“Stupid b*tch! You want me to go bankrupt, I’ll pull you down too . ”

Suddenly, the man whipped out a gun and pointed at Winnip . In shock, Kane hurriedly pushed the man’s arm up . Karim and Howard blocked Winnip too .

Bang .

The first shot hit the ceiling . Since he didn’t hit Winnip, he suddenly aimed at Kane’s head .


Kane lost consciousness and fell to the ground .

“Kane!” Karim tackled the man and stole the gun . He shot three times, each one fatal . Finally he tossed down the gun .

Howard ran up to hug Kane . Kane’s forehead had been shot through, but this was a small caliber pistol, so it wasn’t that strong . At least, Kane didn’t die on the spot .

Winnip was stunned by this sudden change in events . She stood there, staring at Kane, not knowing what to do .

“Call the ambulance!” Karim yelled . “Ambulance!”

Winnip finally reacted, dialing for the ambulance .


Laurent was playing with the two baby bears . Chen Zhao and Fali were cuddling and watching TV, ignoring the third wheel that was Laurent .

“Dad, Fali, something happened to Mom . ” Faur rushed into the house .

“What? What happened?” Laurent was shocked .

“A shooting . ”

Chen Zhao and Fali jumped up too . “Is she okay now?”

“She’s okay . She’s just scared . But something happened to Kane . He got shot in the head to protect Mom . ”

“Then…then… Then Kane…” Laurent was good friends with the three bodyguards . They often stayed by his side so they were unusually close . He also knew a lot about the three guards . In reality, he was the one who’d introduced to Winnip to be her bodyguards .

“The situation is bad,” Faur said, expression grave . “He’s in the emergency room . ”

The three were like brothers to Fali and Faur . Kane, Karim and Howard had been by Winnip’s side since they were young . Back then, they would help Fali and Faur take care of annoying guys too .

“To the hospital,” Chen Zhao said .