Elixir Supplier - Chapter 865

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Chapter 865: 865

Chapter 865: Two Drugs Prepared in One Night

“Yes, yes . They are friends,” Jia Zizai said .

The goshawk circled a few times in the sky and flew into the distance .

On Dongshan Mountain, Zhong Liuchuan and Jia Zizai practiced while Hu Mei walked around . She stopped at the border between Dongshan and Nanshan Hill and did not move on . She just stood there and looked around .

The trees on Nanshan Hill were lush . Even though it was already late autumn, there were no yellow leaves . It seemed to be out of step with the autumn surroundings .

It gradually darkened .

“Shall we stop here today?”

“OK . ”

The two men ended their practice . Jia Zizai and Hu Mei went down the mountain first . Zhong Liuchuan stayed on top of Dongshan Mountain for a while before leaving .

“Have you ever been to Nanshan?” Hu Mei asked .

“I have never been there,” Jia Zizai said .

“Have you noticed that the feeling above Dongshan is completely different from that under the mountain?” Hu Mei asked . She felt that she was breathing more smoothly when she was on the mountain and generally more comfortable . She had never experienced such a feeling before .

“I have felt it . ”

“Why is that?”

“The airflow in the mountains is smoother . The more trees there are, the more natural the air will be . ”

“No, those are secondary factors . ”

“Why do you say that?” Jia Zizai asked .

“I don’t know . Did your brother ever say something to you about that?”

“He didn’t say anything to me, so I didn’t ask him . ”

“It might be because of the special formation, I guess . ” Hu Mei smiled and asked, “Have you ever noticed that the situation on Nanshan is different from the areas around it?”

“The trees on that mountain are extraordinarily lush . Even in autumn they are still lush and have falling leaves It is amazing!” Jia Zizai had already discovered the situation .

“I think that is what Mr . Wang made efforts to achieve . Nanshan should feel like spring all year round . ”

“Do you want to go and see?”

“No . Even your brother does not want to go up or exercises restraint in the thought of going up . ”

“I feel that it is a forbidden area . No one can go up without the permission of Mr . Wang . ”

“Let’s go home . What would you like to eat tonight?”

“I have some new thoughts from reading the Taoist scriptures, so I prefer to eat something light,” Jia Zizai said . He was telling the truth . He carefully read the Taoist scriptures for two days and gained some enlightenment . He also felt calmer .

“OK . ” Hu Mei smiled and went to prepare dinner .

The night quickly fell . Darkness shrouded the earth .

On Nanshan Hill, there were a few lights .

In the cottage, the firewood was burning, making a crackling noise . Wang Yao sat quietly beside it, adding some firewood from time to time .

He had gone up the mountain earlier to collect herbs for preparing medicine .

The herbs were added into the soup one after one . The soup gradually began to boil . The aroma of the medicine permeated the cabin and floated out . Outside the cottage, the dog smelled the aroma . He raised his head and looked toward the cottage before lying back down to sleep .

It looks like it should be almost there .

Wang Yao looked at the changing color and smell of the soup . Over time, the potency of the herbs was incorporated into the soup .


This herb reconciled Yin and Yang and fused the efficacy of the herbs . Therefore, it was necessary .

Well, alright .

The medicine was ready . After it naturally cooled down to a certain temperature, he poured it into a bottle .

After that medicine was ready, Wang Yao began preparing another medicine, which was to prevent miscarriages . The medicine was based on the one he had prepared for Feng Jiahe in Jing . The only change was to purple dragon tooth . Thus, the medicine had a special effect that other medicines did not have . It helped with recuperation .

The preparation of the two medicines didn’t end until late at night . After putting everything in order, he turned off the lights and went to sleep .

Early the next day, he got up and practiced a round of boxing on top of Nanshan Hill . Afterward, he went to Dongshan Mountain, where Zhong Liuchuan and Jia Zizai practiced early in the mornings lately . When they were practicing, he sometimes stayed and provided them some guidance . Zhong Liuchuan had gradually become better . It was mainly because his state of mind had progressed extremely fast, which was consistent with the spiritual state of the practice . Jia Zizai was a little worse . Fortunately, in the past two days, something seed to have clicked for him . He had become calmer . The next step was to practice more .

At about 8 a . m . , Wang Yao went down the mountain and returned home . After eating breakfast, he went to the clinic .

He called Liu Zhengfeng and asked him to come get the medicine . Less than an hour later, Liu Zhengfeng arrived from Lianshan County .

“Mr . Wang . ”

“Here is the medicine . It is to be taken in the same way as the last one . Take her for a follow-up visit 10 days after taking it . ”

“OK, thank you!” Liu Zhengfeng happily took the medicine and paid the fee .

Next, Wang Yao asked Wang Zecheng to bring his father over . The old man looked even worse . His eyes were dull .

“Uncle, didn’t you sleep well last night?”

“Well, I have had a lot of dreams!” The old man did not know why he was dreaming so much . Sometimes he herded sheep on the mountain . As a result, the sheep ran away, so he chased them through the mountains . It suddenly snowed, and the crops froze to death . He was anxious but could not do anything to rescue them . He had another dream in which he fell into water and couldn’t swim to shore . He was upset but couldn’t say anything when he wanted to shout . None of the dreams he had were pleasant .

“Come on, drink this bowl of medicine . ” Wang Yao handed the old man the medicine soup, which was made with several kinds of spiritual grasses to treat his malignant tumor .

“Ah . ” The old man drank the warm potion with a sip .

After about 30 minutes, Wang Yao felt the old man’s pulse .

“How are you feeling?”

“Well, I just feel that my stomach is warm . These two places are especially hot . ” He pointed to his abdomen .

“OK, please lie down and unbutton your clothes . ”

Wang Yao let him lie down and unfasten his clothes before treating him with acupuncture . The way he inserted the needles was a bit unique . Sometimes it was fast, and sometimes it was slow . It was never done all at once . He inserted the needles into a few acupuncture points before moving on to different ones . He was using newly acquired knowledge and skills, so it took about an hour .

The old man had different feelings in his body . Some parts were warm while others were hot . Some parts were still painful .

“Uncle, how are you feeling?”

“Ah, that’s fine . ” The old man thought for a while .

“You need to tell me the truth so that I can make sure the treatment is working . ” Wang Yao laughed . He knew the old man likely had different feelings in different positions .

The old man carefully told Wang Yao how he was feeling .

“OK . Now I know . You can get up and get dressed . ”

After another 30 minutes, Wang Yao felt the old man’s pulse again .

“That is all for today . Come back tomorrow morning . ”

“OK, thank you,” Wang Zecheng said . “What about the fee?”

“Take Uncle home first . ”

“OK, I’ll come back later,” Wang Zecheng said .

He helped the old man out of the clinic .

“Dad, how are you feeling?”

“Well, I feel weird . It’s not comfortable, but it is generally alright . I feel a little upset, but I do feel stronger than when I got up this morning . ”

“That’s good . ”

“There is no need to take me back since it is so close to home,” Wang Yilong said . “I can go back on my own . Go back and settle the consultation fee . He has been helpful to us . We can’t owe him . ”

“I’ll take you home first . I’ll go through the checkout there . It’s near home anyway . ” After Wang Zecheng took his father home, he returned to the clinic .

“How much does this medicine cost?” Wang Zecheng asked .

“Same as last time,” Wang Yao said .

The medicine had six kinds of spirit grass . Although the quantities of each type were different, some more and some less, they were precious . It was worth much more than thousands of dollars . He could not afford one type used in it .

“Ah, OK . ” Wang Zecheng was secretly relieved . He was worried that the medicine cost had increased to what he couldn’t afford .

“Go back and observe any change in his disease . Come see me if you have any questions . ”

“Thank you . I will . ”

“OK, you can go back . ”

Wang Zecheng left the clinic and returned home . He went directly to his father’s room . The old man was drinking water .

“Did you pay for the medicine?”

“Yes . ”

“How much was it?”

“$500 . ” Wang Zecheng lied .

“Ah, that’s OK . ”

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