Fatal Shot - Chapter 316

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Chapter 316: 316

Chapter 316: Old John Returns

Dark Night Stars was the young master of the Lu Conglomerate, the heir to billions in assets, and Feng Luo’s “boss . ” Despite all that, he didn’t seem cocky to Feng Luo .

That might seem a bit odd, but it made sense if he thought about it .

For the various powers in the game, any world-class player was a potential marketing tool due to the superstar effect . Naturally, Dark Night Stars would lower his position to try to recruit Feng Luo, who had managed to rank first in the city building mission as a Sniper .

After all, most top Snipers had genuine skills and strength!

However, the most important factor in how Dark Night Stars treated Feng Luo was the attitude of the person who really controlled Lu Conglomerate . For Dark Night Stars to inherit his family’s billion-dollar assets, he needed to keep the favor of his father, who had retired and gone behind the scenes .

It was easy to imagine how the big boss felt towards Feng Luo . After all, Feng Luo had been hired as the assistant manager for a large-scale nightclub without needing to do anything .

Dark Night Stars understood this fact, and he pretty much considered Feng Luo an equal!

However, due to Feng Luo’s relationship with the big boss, it wouldn’t be good for him to reject Dark Night Stars in front of everyone, which was why he hesitated .

However, just as he took a breath to respond, a rumbling sound came from the ground not far from the group of people . Then, the ground trembled and cracked as a gigantic silver door appeared .

The mechanical door rotated and retreated as if it were the petals of a lotus, leaving behind a pitch-black entrance that led downward into a hole!

“The entrance to the ruin is open . Only 20 people are allowed to enter . Hurry up, don’t let them take advantage!”

“Brother Feng, come quick!” Mr . Meng shouted loudly while running towards the entrance with the golden broadsword on his shoulder .

He was only a client of the Nightless Club, and he was not connected to the Lu Conglomerate in any other way, so he did not really have to bother with saving Dark Night Stars’ face .

“With regards to the reward, let’s talk about it after we explore the ruins . Apart from that, say hello to the chairman for me!”

Feng Luo smiled at Dark Night Stars before turning around to chase after the people from the Nightless Club .

As dozens of people from both groups walked towards the entrance, a player wearing a September Guild badge on his chest stepped up beside Dark Night Stars and asked with a puzzled expression, “Young Master Lu, it looks like you really think highly of that Sniper?”

“Mister Feng saved my father’s life before . It is natural for the son to be polite to his father’s savior!” Dark Night Stars said as he looked at Feng Luo’s departing back . His eyes showed a slight sense of disappointment and irritation .

However, it was only a brief moment . His expression returned to normal shortly after .

“Ah, I see . You truly seem to value kinship, Master Lu… However, he’s a Sniper . He will be completely useless in exploring the underground ruin . On the contrary, he might be a liability . It’s a given that you guys from headquarters will be successful in the exploration this time around!” said the September Guild member with a laugh . He was a higher-up of September Guild, so he was not restrained when speaking to Dark Night Stars .

Of course, there was one thing he thought that he did not put into words . The September Guild had three players in the Lu Conglomerate party, so if the Lu Conglomerate team was successful, they would be successful as well!

“A useless Sniper?” Dark Night Stars’ expression remained calm; however, he was still clearly somewhat angry .

And after he heard the words of the player from September Guild, he retorted in irritation, “Would you call a Sniper who completely suppressed Manipulators, Machine Gunners, and other high crowd damage professions in a one-day city building mission, ultimately getting the first place in the points ranking, useless?”

He had sided with September Guild by giving them access to the ruins because he wanted to build a cooperative relationship with them . The Nightless Club, however, was still an asset of the Lu Conglomerate . As such, he was irritated by the fact that they were not only taken advantage of, but also laughed at .

The player from September Guild did not notice Dark Night Stars’ tone; instead, he frowned in surprise . “Oh? He’s that impressive?”

After that, he raised his head and asked Dark Night Stars, “What’s his ID?”

“He’s called Feng Zhi Luoye!” answered Dark Night Stars .

Feng Zhi Luoye! As the player from September Guild heard the name, his face paled .

“I’m sorry, Young Master Lu . My communicator is ringing . Please excuse me for a moment!” As he finished speaking, he turned around quickly and walked to the side .

“What? Old John is back? And he’s drunk?”

Just as the player from September Guild walked away using the communicator as an excuse, Feng Luo’s communicator rang for real . It surprised him when he saw who was on the other end .

“Yes boss, Master John was asleep outside the entrance, drunk . We found him and brought him inside the building,” said NPC salesperson Jing Xiang through the communicator screen display .

“Alright, that’s good . Let him sleep . Have all the important items in the shop been transported to the spacecraft?”

“Yes . It’s been done according to your request . The goods are being transported to an insured warehouse in Storm City . It’ll probably arrive by tonight!”

“Alright . Then you guys wait in the shop for a while . Once the war begins, take care of yourselves!” said Feng Luo to the two NPCs .

Although Feng Luo’s current accounts made the Feng Zhi Dan Heng Ammunition Store not so important, it was still an asset in the game that Feng Luo had poured a lot of his effort and time into . Moreover, his relationship and approval status with the two NPCs had reached a high level by this point!

Not to mention Old John, who had gone missing for a while and had finally come back . It was highly likely that Old John was a Master Gun Mechanic!

Feng Luo disconnected the communicator .

By then, the people from Lu Conglomerate and September Guild had already made it into the ruins .

However, just as Mu Zi had told them, after entering the ruins, there were two paths . So, even if the other group entered first, they had nothing to worry about! After all, there was no way both sides would start fighting against each other at the entrance .

At that exact moment, over 150 kilometers away from the ruins, inside the main building of Roaring Dragon Mercenary Group’s headquarters .

Roaring Dragon Light Wind stood on the highest floor of the building in the luxurious transparent office that originally belonged to the guild leader .

Although multiple NPCs had been evacuated, the number of adventurers had only been increasing exponentially, with the total number of people inside Silvermoon City still exceeding a million .

With his hands behind his back, Light Wind watched the war storyline unfold and asked, “Is everything ready?”

“Yes, it’s ready!”

“Where is Roaring Dragon Invincible? Has he been delayed?”

“Yes, Chairman He has already invited him to take part in the dinner banquet . He will only receive the game message at nine in the evening . By then, we will already be successful!” answered a Heavy Armored Warrior standing politely behind him .

“This is an opportunity . An opportunity for Roaring Dragon Mercenary Group to rise up! As long as we can complete this task, we’ll be the first guild to join the rebel army camp . We will also obtain a large number of resources, missions, and NPC support!”

Roaring Dragon Light Wind sounded calm, though if one listened closely, one could detect slight variations in his voice that showed excitement .

“The people we found can be trusted?” he asked .

“Yes, they’re all our own . Absolutely no issue! Moreover, after everyone learned that they would receive one Beginner level pet chip for free as well as the mission that awards an Intermediate level pet chip, no one objected anymore!” said the Heavy Armored Warrior .

“Good, go out and prepare!”

“Yes!” The Heavy Armored Warrior nodded and left .

“Roaring Dragon Invincible, by the time the operation ends tonight, you’ll be completely kicked out of the Roaring Dragon Mercenary Group!”

“No, it shouldn’t be the Roaring Dragon Mercenary Group . ”

“Instead, it’s now the Roaring Dragon Guild, Roaring Dragon Group!”

Standing in front of the glass window, Light Wind’s eyes shone with ambition .

When the Heavy Armored Warrior left, Light Wind fell silent to think . After a while, he took a micro communicator out of his backpack and turned it on .

After a few seconds, a virtual figure sitting on a silver chair appeared in the room . He wore a black coat and a pair of shades that sat atop his cold face .

“Mr . Wesker, we’re ready,” said Roaring Dragon Light Wind respectfully .