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Chapter 3057: 3057

Chapter 3057 Killing recovery 3

Under the shroud of light, the two small sized dolls suddenly enlarged, and in a blink of an eye, they had turned into two giants with eight feet in height! They radiate light similar to spiritual power, but there was no slight brilliance in their eyes . Their whole bodies were full of dead air, just like a dead body crawling from a corpse!

Giant Spirit Puppet!

This was Su Ruiying’s unique ability . Although Su Ruiying’s own strength was not at the top and even weaker than Long Yao, she had the power to control the souls . This power used the dolls as the medium to bring the souls into the dolls . The most powerful force before the body was inspired, and its fighting power even exceeded the peak period of those souls alive!

The puppets would not feel hurt or fear anything . They would only attack their targets according to the instructions of Su Ruiying, which was a true war weapon! In addition to the two giant puppets, Su Ruiying took out four puppets from the mahogany box . Those puppets also grew rapidly under the catalysis of her power, but their final change in size was only half the height of a person . .

The four puppets stood around Su Ruiying, protecting her with guarding postures .

When Chi Yan saw the puppet summoned by Su Ruiying, a smile flashed through his eyes .

As the only female among the Knights of Destruction , Su Ruiying was not solely dependent on her ability to control the soul . Her strength comes from the dolls she made . As long as Su Ruiying had enough spiritual power, she could even manipulate an army of puppet dolls!

Chi Yan turned to Jun Wu Yao and said, “Ye Jue, you are now a Mud Bodhisattva crossing the river itself . You can’t protect yourself, and you still worry for Yan Hai? Don’t forget, you are still suffering from the life and death worm’s control!”

At the moment, Chi Yan had suppressed his inner shock . He looked at Jun Wu Yao proudly, and there was no fear in his eyes .

If the person standing in front of him was the previous Ye Jue who sat at the peak, even Chi Yan had support from Su Ruiying, they were still not Jun Wu Yao’s opponents .

However, most of Jun Wu Yao’s strength had been suppressed by life and death worm, which cannot be used normally, and he was all alone . Chi Yan naturally had nothing to fear!

“However, I still want to thank you . If it’s not you who showed up, I’m afraid I will waste a lot of efforts to search for you in the future . Since you have sent yourself here, don’t blame us . ” His spiritual power expanded in an instant, a dazzling light floated in his hands, and a huge Spirit Ring appeared in Chi Yan’s hands .

The strength of that Spirit Ring was twice as large as the Spirit Ring of any single Spirit Ring among the Upper Realm!

The two giant puppets of Chi Yan and Su Ruiying form a triangle, trapping Jun Wu Yao in it .

Of course …

There was not a sliver of fluctuation in Jun Wu Yao’s face, and those murderous eyes swept coldly over Chi Yan . He was like a king walking down the temple, looking down on all human beings .

“Hmph? Just with the lot of you?” Those arrogant words came out of Jun Wu Yao’s mouth .

At this moment, he seemed to have returned to the past again . The one standing on the top of the Upper Realm, the only one that could rival His Lord, anyone in his eyes was as small as an ant .

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