God Emperor - Chapter 1482

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Chapter 1482: 1482

Princess Luosha couldn’t probe who she was unless she successfully provoked Saint Lady .

 If ‘Nine Yao Divine Tear’ was indeed in her body, it was be a huge news .

 Saint Lady wasn’t triggered at all . She said, “Really? Seems like you haven’t figured out what’s going on here . Most of the saints here are from Kunlun’s Field, and one of them is a mind power saint king . I don’t think it’s a difficult job for us to kill you here . ”

 Princess Luosha said, “Do you want to try?”

 “Let’s . ”

 Saint Lady’s eyes glinted as she felt there was a veil around Princess Luosha, which made her mysterious and dangerous .

 She was a powerful and cunning girl with charming appearance . She must be approaching Zhang Ruochen for some reason, which might be uncovered if she fought her . Zhang Ruochen said, “The saints from Blade Hell Field and Purple Mansion Field will come after us again, and there’re many great beings of Luosha race hidden in the forest . I suggest you both stay calm . ”

 Princess Luosha said, “She was the one who provoked me first . When have I ever gone through this before?”

 Martial Saint Canglan was very upfront, and she couldn’t handle the unreasonable of Princess Luosha . She said, “Who was provoking whom?”

 Other heavenly maidens all looked hostile .

 The nine heavenly maidens seemed to be ready to merge with each other again to fight Princess Luosha .

 Zhang Ruochen felt a bit irritated . He looked to Chu Siyuan, but he found that old man looking down at the ground as if he didn’t care about the conflict going on .

 “Wait… Something’s happening down there…”

 Zhang Ruochen felt a strange ripple coming from underground .

 Chu Siyuan’s mind power was stronger than Zhang Ruochen, so he noticed the unusual ripples coming from underground . His eyes immediately gleamed .

 “Get the hell out . ”

 Great spirits came out of Chu Siyuan’s mouth, piercing through the mud and hitting the underground . Suddenly, the area around him turned white .


 The great spirits knocked Lord Lingquan and two first marquises out from the underground, and they showed up a thousand feet away from Zhang Ruochen .

 Lord Lingquan looked to Princess Luosha, and then, he looked to Zhang Ruochen ruthlessly .

 Saint Lady noticed that .

 Princess Luosha felt a headache as she wanted to kill Lord Lingquan . She’d told them not to follow her . Now that they’d done it, she was put in a very awkward situation .

 “Go . ”

 Lord Lingquan fled with the two first marquises .

 “Where’re you going?”

 Chu Siyuan used a bronze painting pen to draw a circle in the air to trap those three Luosha monks .

 Zhang Ruochen rushed out and utilized the complete power of Abyss Ancient Sword . Sword Qi gushed out, turning into a sword river, attacking the three Luosha monks .

 Meanwhile, Le, Han Qiu, Demonic Sound and Mad Man all ascended and rushed toward them from four different directions .

 Princess Luosha couldn’t do nothing under this situation . She then knocked a space crack and rushed toward them too .

 Saint Lady stood under a tree and stared at Princess Luosha .

 Princess Luosha felt pressured seeing Saint Lady stare at her . Is she suspecting my identity after Lord Lingquan showed up?

 Lord Lingquan took out a purple stone in the circle and threw it forward .


 The purple stone turned into a purple godly mountain and broke the boundary of Chu Siyuan, and then, they rushed out of the circle to dodge the attacks .

 At this moment, Zhang Ruochen was already right behind me .

 “Please go first, my lord . I’ll ward him off . ”

 Marquis Tiange drew his Lintian Spear while a saintly way rules gushed out, forming circles of ripples .


 Lintian Spear and Abyss Ancient Sword clashed with each other .

 Marquis Tiange felt that his spear got much heavier that he couldn’t even hold it anymore . As for his hands, they were numb and bleeding .

 “How is it possible? It’s only been ten days? How did he get so much stronger?”

 Marquis Tiange was still able to fight Zhang Ruochen for a while ten days ago, but now, he reckoned he might not even be able to exchange five moves with Zhang Ruochen .

 Zhang Ruochen’s cultivation got closer to being an absolute saint, so it was easy for him to fight a first marquis .

 He didn’t want to waste time talking to Marqus Tiange, instead, he dashed against him with his sword .


 After three moves, Zhang Ruochen broke all the defense skills of Lord Tiange . He then stabbed his forehead, killing him .

 At the other side, Marquis Baiyun mobilized his secret technique, burnt his blood to fight against Le and Han Qiu, trying to cover Lord Lingquan .

 Princess Luosha saw that all of them were great beings, and there were a mind power saint king and Nine Heavenly Maiden to backup, so she killed Marquis Baiyun herself .

 Lord Lingquan seized this chance to run away .

 Saint Lady walked toward Princess Luosha and said, “Why didn’t you go chase Lord Lingquan but fighting a first marquis?”

 “What do you mean?”

 Princess Luosha shot Saint Lady a glance .

 Saint Lady said, “I’m just curious . It’ll only take some time for Le, Han Qiu and Zhang Ruochen to kill Marquis Baiyun . If you can go chase Lord Lingquan, you can at least stall him for a while even if you can’t kill him . When they finish off Marquis Baiyun, they’ll meet with you and get Lord Lingquan . ”

 Princess Luosha sneered, “Are you suspecting me? If you guys merged with each other, Lord Lingquan wouldn’t have gone away, but you didn’t do anything . I think you were the ones who let Lord Lingquan get away . ”

 Saint Lady said, “Because we need time to merge together, and also, I think you’re a greater threat than Lord Lingquan . ”

 Princess Luosha walked close to Saint Lady and almost pressed her breasts against Saint Lady’s body . He said, “What do you mean? Make yourself clear . ”

 Saint Lady was shorter than Princess Luosha, but she wasn’t weak at all . She said, “You approached Zhang Ruochen for something else . ”

 “That’s right! I have some other purpose . Zhang Ruochen took off my clothes once, so he’s the person of my destiny . Are you uncomfortable that I’m flirty with her? Why are you targeting me? You can take initiatives just like me, you know?”

 Princess Luosha could tell that Saint Lady was attracted to Zhang Ruochen, so she said it on purpose to provoke her .

 Saint Lady was a monk from Way of Confucius, so she couldn’t be as reckless as Princess Luosha .

 She felt nervous and a faster heartbeat . She pursed her lips and said, “You’re a concubine of a demonic emperor . How can you behave like that?”

 Princess Luosha said, “So what? Let me tell you, I’ve linked my mind power with Zhang Ruochen’s . We’re much more connected than you thought . ”

 Saint Lady’s heart beat faster, and she couldn’t help looking to Zhang Ruochen, but Zhang Ruochen didn’t react .

 Did they really…

 Martial Saint Canglan glared at Zhang Ruochen and said, “Don’t you think it’s gross?”

 Princess Luosha walked to Zhang Ruochen and grabbed his arms and said, “We share a close bond . How would I hurt him? And even if I wanted to, I’d have done it a long time ago . A girl like you will never understand . ”

 Even Chu Siyuan could tell that Saint Lady was a bit out of character today as she was targeting Princess Luosha the whole time . It probably had something to do with emotions .

 “What a brat . ”

 Chu Siyuan cursed and tried to stop Saint Lady from arguing, “Girl Nalan, stop it . The Zhang Ruochen today isn’t the Zhang Ruochen you knew before . I won’t be surprised about anything he did . ”

 Saint Lady also realized that she wasn’t behaving well today, so she stopped talking .

 Chu Siyuan said, “Zhang Ruochen, Nine Heavenly Maiden and I helped you break out of the encirclement of Blade Hell Field and Purple Mansion Field . I’ve paid you back the favor . Let’s talk about real stuff now . ”

 Zhang Ruochen didn’t react at all no matter what Chu Siyuan and Martial Saint Canglan said about him . He asked, “What real stuff?”

 Chu Siyuan said, “You have Merits Records Wall, don’t you?”

 “So what?” Zhang Ruochen said .

 Chu Siyuan said, “You’ve seen the number of saints from Blade Hell Field and Purple Mansion Field that gathered in Wujin Saint Mountain . The merits battle is going to end soon, and there’ll only be more saints coming here . You won’t be able to hide or keep the Merits Records Wall . How about teaming up with Kunlun’s Field?”

 “Why would I team up with Kunlun’s Field . Isn’t it better for me to cooperate with Great Devil Ten Square Field?”

 Zhang Ruochen then looked to Princess Luosha standing beside her, staring at that seductive face .

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