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Chapter 398: 398

Chapter 398 A Sincere Confession .

Yi Yunrui feels a little shocked . Well . Too many things happened recently . He forgets to be concerned about Dai Zhongheng’s wedding .

“Then, I may stay for some more days . ” Everything has been arranged . If they take actions too soon, they may alert that man .

For more than a decade, that man has been as alert as a rat .

Xia Ning hears that Yi Yunrui will stay for some more days . She feels very glad, “Then, Darling, what gifts do you think we should send them?”

“Our blessings will be enough for them . I don’t think that Baoer and Heng may be in lack of anything else . ”

Xia Ning nods . The days in love are the happiest ones . She believes that what Baoer hopes most to get is the blessing from others .

However, the problem is that after the wedding, Colonel Dai will need to go to the front line . Even his life may not be guaranteed…As a matter of fact, to be the wife of an army man is really a tough job .

Xia Ning glances at the brooch in her hand . An idea flashes across her mind!

If there are really some monitoring instruments founded in her office, didn’t she blame Jing Shu by mistake?

Anyway, Jing Shu is the person, for whom it is most convenient to set any instruments in Xia Ning’s office . Even if Jing Shu didn’t do that, what about the hair found in the car?

Yi Yunrui is aware of his wife’s confusion . He asks, “Sweetheart, what are you thinking about?”

“I…No . Nothing . I may go to have a bath . ”

She wants to ask about the hair very much . But she has no evidence by hand . With only a hair as evidence, no men will admit their “crime” .

Next morning, at half past seven, Xia Ning is woken up by her husband . When she rubs her sleepy eyes and goes out of her bedroom, there have been all kinds of pastries on the table .

The house is full of the flavor of porridge . Seemingly, it is the Chinese style breakfast for today .

“Go to brush your teeth and wash your face . The porridge will be done soon . It is your favorite porridge with beef . ” Yi Yunrui says in the kitchen .

Xia Ning’s eyes brighten . She takes a deep breath . That is right . This is the flavor of porridge with beef!

Xia Ning smells the super delicious flavor and is woken up completely at once . She runs to the toilet .

“Don’t walk so fast . Be careful with the slippery floor . I have just mopped it . ”

When Yi Yunrui turns off the fire and carries a pot of porridge to go out of the kitchen, his wife has been waiting at the table . She sits there, widening her eyes to look at him as if he is a big drum stick .

Yi Yunrui gently smiles . He puts down the porridge . He spoons a bowl of porridge for her, “Eat slowly . It is just off the fire . It is very hot . ”

Xia Ning looks at the porridge in front of her, which is with a lot of beef . She says, “Darling, you put a lot of beef in it . It is simply beef soup . ”

“You like beef . So, I put more in it . Anyway, we are going to have some herbal soup in the evening, or you will feel uncomfortably hot to eat beef in such weather .

“Hum!” No matter what kind of soup her husband makes, she likes to drink it very much .

Xia Ning eats three bowls of porridge and then she feels satisfied . She strokes her raised belly . She is very full .

She glances at Yi Yunrui who still shows eight abs on his belly no matter how much he has eaten . She feels envious of him very much .

Are there special methods which allow her to eat as much as she likes but won’t make her get fat?

“I put some delicious red apples in your bag . You may eat them after you go to work to help digest . ”

Xia Ning looks at her bag which is slightly swollen . They are her favorite fruit . They are delicious and nutritious .

“Thank you . ” Xia Ning feels moved . She hugs Yi Yunrui and forcefully kisses him on his face .

Not expecting that his wife will do this to him, Yi Yunrui feels surprised . But he returns to normal at once . He smiles to stroke her hair, “It is my pleasure . A husband should take care of his wife . If not you, whom should I take care of?”

Xia Ning wants to respond but Yi Yunrui puts his finger on her lips to stop her, “No arguments, no disagreements . It is past eight now . Come on . I will drive you to work . ”

Then, Yi Yunrui takes up a tissue to wipe Xia Ning’s lips . Xia Ning nods . She turns to take her handbag and goes out of the house with her husband .

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Yi Yunrui keeps holding Xia Ning’s hand, which attracts the envying attention of many people . Now, Xia Ning has got used to it . All the rest of her life, she will only allow Yi Yunrui to hold her hands .

They walk out of the military compound . Xia Ning lifts her eyes and sees Jing Shu far away . She is standing by the car talking with Zhang Hai .

Xia Ning feels shocked and she unconsciously tightens her hand which is held by Yi Yunrui .

“What’s wrong?” Yi Yunrui stops .

Xia Ning feels a little worried in distraction . She turns to look at her husband, trying to find something on his face .

Yi Yunrui must know Jing Shu . Or, why is there a hair of Jing Shu left in the car?

She looks at him for a little while, but finds nothing unusual on his face . Instead, he looks confused and worried about her .

“Sweetheart, what’s wrong with you? Don’t you feel well?” Yi Yunrui raises his hand to test her forehead .

“Well . ” Xia Ning points forwards with her hand, “That’s my intern, Jing Shu . ”

“Oh . ” Yi Yunrui responds naturally, “Since she is here, I can give her a ride to the company with you . ”

Xia Ning holds Yi Yunrui’s hand, “Darling, don’t you want to ask why?”

“Why what?”

“Why Jing Shu is here . ”

“That’s silly . She may have her reasons . You can talk about that when you are in the car . ”

“Wait . ” Xia Ning draws Yi Yunrui, “What if I don’t allow her to get in the car?”

Yi Yunrui feels confused . He doesn’t understand what his wife means . He says, “If you don’t allow it . Then, she is not getting in the car . Is there anything inconvenient?”

Xia Ning purses her lips, “I fired her yesterday evening . ”

Hearing this, Yi Yunrui understands . At the time, Jing Shu sees Xia Ning from there . She runs to her in a hurry .

Yi Yunrui puts on a mild smile . He slightly leans forwards to protect his wife behind, “Girl, what do you come to my wife for?”

No one can ignore that Yi Yunrui is protecting Xia Ning . Jing Shu stops . She turns to Xia Ning, “Sister Xia, I am not here to ask you to withdraw your decision you made yesterday evening . I just want to know what on earth I did is wrong . I am stupid . Would you please tell me clearly?”

Jing Shu sounds very sincere . Xia Ning feels a little sad . She slightly frowns . She feels as if she has done something wrong .

“Jing Shu, you didn’t do anything wrong . It is just like what I said last evening . You are not suitable to stay by me . That is the reason . ”

Jing Shu looks at Xia Ning quietly . She tightly purses her lips . She clenches her hands and opens them again, “Sister Xia, thank you for your help in the last month . Thank you for giving me the chance, too . I know what scruples you have . Anyway, Sister Xia, please give me a few minutes . I will leave after I finish my words . ”

Zhang Hai is aware that something happens . He comes hurriedly . He asks Yi Yunrui, “Commander, what happens here?”

“Nothing . ” Yi Yunrui has not responded when Xia Ning says, “OK . Jing Shu, I am listening . ”

Xia Ning feels very surprised to hear about Su Xueli from Jing Shu . But she remembers that Jing Shu has been in World Era Weekly for a month . She has surely heard quite a lot about Su Xueli . It is not surprising that she knows about Su Xueli .

“Sister Xia, first of all, I want to say that I love the news industry . I want to work in World Era Weekly very much . I know I am not the only person having this thought . I believe that you have heard this from many people . Secondly, Sister Xia, I like your ways of dealing with people and work . I am a newly graduate from college . My family has been poor ever since I was a kid . I worked very hard to pass the entrance test of a famous college abroad . I have met a lot of dark sides of the world . I know that people can be unpredictable . Sister Xia, you are very kind, really . I feel lucky to work in your department and learn from you . After graduation, I paid attention to many press companies . But I want most to work with you . I say all these words here . You may assume that I am fawning on you . However, I really mean it sincerely . ”

“Thirdly, Sister Xia, I hope you know that I am different from Su Xueli . Su Xueli was malicious . I am not . Please don’t misunderstand . I am saying this in front of the army men of our country . I dare to say openly that if I had any bad intentions, I would never be able to marry a good man all my life . ”

Hearing this, Zhang Hai who stands right behind Jing Shu finds his left eye jumps suddenly .

“Fourthly, I cannot work under you now . I may go to work for another company in a few days . However, once you want me back, I will quit my job at once . I am a stubborn girl . I will keep every promise I have ever made . Now, Sister Xia, you may be confused about why I am so concerned about you . Because…” Jing Shu hesitates here . She clenches her hands again . She gives a sigh, “I may not mention it now . When we meet again in the future, when I am qualified enough to talk face to face with you, I will tell you that . ”

Then, Jing Shu takes a step backwards and bows sincerely to Xia Ning, “Sister Xia, I was blessed to meet you . I may not be able to completely repay your kindness all my life . If I have the chance, I will come to you again and try my best to reduce your burdens and prevent you from being hurt by anyone! That’s all I want to say!”

Jing Shu bows sincerely again . She raises her hand to wipe her face to prevent being seen that she is tearing . Then, she turns around and runs away at once .

Hearing this, Xia Ning feels shocked blankly!

What did she ever do to make Jing Shu so grateful to her?

Based on Jing’s behaviors, it looks as if she really has done a lot for Jing Shu .

Has she?

Xia Ning tries hard to recall in her brain . She thinks for quite a while . She is pretty sure that she didn’t have any contact with Jing Shu before . They didn’t have any connection . How could she do anything kind to Jing Shu?

But Jing Shu gave a really sincere and emotional speech just now .

Xia Ning feels confused .

“The girl… really works with her life . ” Zhang Hai can’t help sighing .

Xia Ning feels confused, “Why do you say so? Well . Zhang Hai, do you know Jing Shu?” She saw them having a conversation just now .

“She . ” Zhang Hai turns to Yi Yunrui, “Commander, can I mention that event?”

Hearing the sudden question, Yi Yunrui rolls his eyes at Zhang Hai, “It is late now . Drive Mrs . Yi to the media building first . We may talk about other things later . ”

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