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Chapter 1147: 1147

Chapter 1147: Could Mo Feifei be Rong Mo? (17)

Could Mo Feifei be Rong Mo?

Shang Mo wasn’t sure about that . The incident that happened that night had him confused . Could it be that Rong Mo wasn’t human but a witch? A witch who was bisexual and could switch between Rong Mo and Mo Feifei?

Even if she was a witch, he had to investigate properly and get to the bottom of this as to whether Mo Feifei and Rong Mo were the same people .

At that moment, Shang Mo suddenly thought of his granny .

It was Granny who had brought Rong Mo to the Shang Family . Granny said that Rong Mo was her best friend’s grandchild, and so, she brought him back to help take care of him .

However, it was clear that Granny was lying .

It was all because Granny had Rong Mo’s identification and documents settled after he had come into the Shang Family .

Shang Mo was kept in the dark with regards to Rong Mo’s life before he came to the Shang Family . He didn’t even know which grandchild of Granny’s best friend Rong Mo belonged to . It was as if Rong Mo appeared from nowhere . He once thought that Rong Mo was his father’s illegitimate child thus put in great effort to check his background, but it was all in vain . Clearly, even Rong Mo’s name was fake .

Did Granny know about all this?

As for Rong Mo’s real identity, Granny should be aware of it, otherwise, she wouldn’t bring him back to the Shang Family .

After all, Granny was very sad to hear that Rong Mo left .

In the past, she used to think that her grandson could just find a random woman to marry as long as she gave birth to a child . However, once she finds out that Rong Mo is a woman, she would firmly believe that Rong Mo would be the best candidate to become her granddaughter-in-law .

Yet, who would have thought that Rong Mo would meet with an accident?

She refused to accept the truth and even fell ill due to her prolonged sadness .

She couldn’t believe that Rong Mo left just like that . She believed that on one fine day, Rong Mo would suddenly come back and appear smiling in front of her .

She was once hesitant on whether her grandson had feelings for Rong Mo, however, after the accident, she had her answer .

He didn’t just like her, he liked her very much . If not, Shang Mo wouldn’t have sent people to find Rong Mo in that big sea .

In just a short period of a month, he lost a lot of weight .

She even found out that Rong Mo’s true gender had kept her grandson in the dark and it made him regret that he was so hesitant about the latter’s sexuality . Because of this, he didn’t dare to confess his feelings to Rong Mo .

She was still thinking as to whether she should tell him the truth .

If she told her grandson Rong Mo’s real gender and Rong Mo never came back, this would be an even bigger blow to her grandson .

Hence, when her grandson had asked her about Rong Mo, she told him about how he had encountered him in the garden . The moment she saw her, she was then called Momo . It immediately made her think about her grandson who hadn’t been back for a long time, and because of that, she brought Rong Mo back home . After she brought him home, she realized that she liked this kid a lot and slowly treated him like her own .

As for Rong Mo’s gender, she didn’t mention it one bit .


Shang Mo thought that Mo in Momo wasn’t Rong Mo’s Mo but her surname, Mo from Mo Feifei .

So, was she Rong Mo?

That night, Shang Mo had a dream again . In his dream, he was hugging Rong Mo tightly and she was pressed against his entire chest . In his arms, Rong Mo was still a woman and she turned her head slightly before initiating a kiss . He kissed her back and both of them played with each other’s tongue and lips during the kiss . After that, he didn’t know how he went in but he knew that that moment felt very blissful . It felt so good that when he woke up and realized that it was just a dream, he wanted to remain in that dream forever and never wake up .

A repeated dream always felt unrealistic .

However, on that day, after he woke up from his drunken state, he felt that the dream was real .

Ever since Shang Mo woke up from his sleep with brows furrowed, he felt that his lips were very dry .

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