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Chapter 105

Goblin Prince!

Isn’t it strange, appearing when the other goblins were completely wiped out?

Its size and muscles were bigger than the Prince yesterday but it seemed to be dumber instead .

*Thud thud* The Goblin Prince approached slowly, causing earth tremors . It felt like a detached house approaching .

The soldiers and adventurers lost their confidence . They got a cold feet, backing away little by little .

Lela turned around and looked behind . Raising her rapier, she shouted!

「Everyone, retreat!」

The adventurers and soldiers, who were waiting, began to retreat without looking back . Well, it can’t be helped . They did their best up to this point, we’re going to take care of the rest……

However, Lela, who ordered the retreat, stayed in place despite her legs trembling . Contrary to expectations, she was too frightened to run away .

Lela turned towards the Prince . She readied her shield and rapier once again .

Although her legs were trembling, she did well . Elena and I held our weapons and joined Lela .

I put【Slow】on the Prince and【Quick】on the 3 of us . The Prince swung down its ax towards Lela .

I set up a【Barrier】when the ax was about to hit Lela’s shield, suppressing its power . From Lela’s whole body, *creak creak* unpleasant sounds can be heard . Lela grimaced in pain . Elena quickly recovered Lela’s wounds and strength using【Recovery magic】 .

Some of the soldiers heard the sound of collision of the Prince’s ax and Lela’s shied, they looked back to see what happened . Then, the soldiers seeing the others stopped, one after another stood in place .

No matter how many times the ax lunged forwards, Lela blocked it with the shield . And, Elena healed the damage quickly .

During that interval, I snuck around behind the Prince and hacked its back . The Prince’s body obstructed the view of my position from soldiers and adventurers .

Due to the Prince being attacked in the back, its attacks became weak . Lela was able to gradually receive its attacks even without【Barrier】 .

The Prince, who was attacked from the back, got furious and finally became enraged . It turned around and attacked with all its might . However, I wasn’t there anymore . It’s movements were too slow .

Due to the Prince turning around, its back was exposed to Lela and became defenseless . Making the opportunity count, Lela attacked continuously, piercing the Prince’s back many times .

The Prince couldn’t withstand Lela’s accumulated attacks and collapsed .

The Prince fell, like a collapsing building, it produced a tremendous sound .


Cheers broke out from behind and I looked behind to see what it was . The soldiers, who stood still in a remote position approximately 50 steps away, cheered towards Lela . The adventurers looked this way at a further distance approximately 100 steps away .

Lela gasped for breath . And, pleasantly smiled towards me . I still faced towards the Prince, holding my weapon . Lela glanced towards the Prince as well .


The fallen Prince stood up and raised a battle cry . It madly glared towards Lela with anger in its eyes . Lela undauntedly glared back at the Prince .


When the Prince raised a battle cry once again, it poured power into the axe it held and the axe began to emit a strange light . Does it plan to use some technique!?

The【Vigilance】magic informed me of『Danger』 . This is bad .

I dashed towards the Prince, so that it would chase after me instead of Lela .

However, as if the Prince was carefully aiming at Lela, it approached her and swung down its ax which shone in strange light .

I threw【Lightning fist】at once, trying to stop the Prince’s attack . Based on the ax’s inertia, as it is, it will hit Lela . I set up a【Barrier】but even so, it was also penetrated―

It slammed into the mithril shield Lela poised and an earth-shattering sonic boom resounded throughout the area . Lela fell on her knees but she completely blocked the Prince’s ax with nothing but her shield . If you look closely, Lela’s shield was also wrapped in some kind of light . I wonder if she used some kind of shield technique .

Still, Lela’s body received an impact, blood flowed from all over . It was clear that her strength greatly diminished . Elena restored Lela’s strength immediately .

The Prince finally recovered itself from【Lightning fist】’s numbness and tried to pursue . Whether it reached its strength limit, it couldn’t move its foot forwards . The Prince also fell on its knees .

Then, Lela, who had her strength recovered by Elena, stood up straight . Towards the Prince who could only scowl without being able to stand up, Lela poised her rapier and poured power into it .

Lela’s rapier was wrapped in faint light . In the next instant!

Lela’s rapier pierced deeply through the Prince’s forehead .

The Prince slowly fell down on its back, completely dead .


The soldiers, who were watching around from the distance, raised a loud shout . They swarmed towards Lela’s position .

Lela, towards the gathered soldiers,


shouted . And, she lost consciousness and fell forward .

I immediately caught her, preventing her from falling onto the ground . Repeated damage and recovery many times, she was probably quite exhausted mentally . She overdid herself a little too much……

When I held Lela in princess carry, the soldiers briefly opened up a path . In the meantime, I walked towards the town while holding Lela .

When we entered the town, the townspeople lined up on both sides and gave a grateful applause toward the soldiers, adventurers and the unconscious Lela .

Afterwards, Lela has been remembered as a hero who defended the Ikebu town from the attack of the Goblin Prince’s army and survived with only 150 people . It was handed down from generation to generation .