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Chapter 112

 Dozen of goblins were lured in by the reconnaissance unit―

Rachel-san created huge pit using Earth magic,
Cassandra-san blew off the enemies, who detoured around the pit, throwing them into it using wind gust,
and Misha-san drowned the fallen goblins .
Having said that though, the ones who were attacking were normal goblins, in spite of that, the offensive was excessive .

「Well, it feels good without worrying about the remaining magic power . 」

「Rachel~, the enemies are weak, they are unsatisfactory . ~
But even so, I can especially use magic freely . ~」
「That’s right, Misha .
Oy, people from reconnaissance unit! 
Lure in a bit more goblins this time . 」

The adventurers seeing Rachel and the others’ magic, seemed to hold them in reverence,
the people from reconnaissance unit obediently followed Rachel’s command .

When Rachel and the others finished restoring their magic power with candies,
the reconnaissance unit returned with about 100 goblins in tow .
This time, not only goblins, there were also about 3 hobgoblins mixed in as well .

「There are High Ranks!
Misha, Cassandra, go on the usual offensive!」

「Ye~s . 」「Understood . 」

Misha-san created a huge amount of water .
Cassandra-san hauled up the goblins with waterspout .
Finally, Rachel-san threw a huge amount of stone pellets at the hauled up goblins, making them writhe in pain .

The combination attack of the 3 finished off about 80% of the enemies but the 3 people had been exhausted of magic power .
Leaving the remaining goblins and the hobgoblins which they didn’t manage to beat to the other adventurers .

「Hilda, give me candy . 」
「Here as well, Hilda . ~」「Me too . 」

Hilda handed out candies to everybody energetically .

「Aren’t we going to help, oniichan?」
「We’ll also help but we must use only 1 attribute as to not attract attention . 」
「Eh, it’s troublesome . 」
「It can’t be helped . 」
「I got it already . ~」

Both Aya and I used【Ice magic】and slowly support the adventurers .

Each hobgoblin was separated individually and were surrounded by several people . Other magicians attacked them with magic and were able to defeat them somehow .

Some injured people also appeared but since there are also healers, they had been tasked to treat those people while licking candy .

The battle was over and there were several people who had been exhausted of magic power,
Hilda, with candies in hand, ran about the battlefield .

After a while, the reconnaissance unit returned .
This time, they brought along 200 goblins .

「I’m sorry! It’s a bit too much!!」

Rachel and the others made a continuous attack,
but since there were some enemies who managed to avoid their attack,
Aya and I also cast area attack ice magic, reducing their numbers .

With that, almost all normal goblins were annihilated―
and about 10 hobgoblins survived .

「I’m going to help as well . 」
「I’m going too, oniichan . 」

Me with magic rod and Aya with Japanese-made knife, charged towards the hobgoblins .

Aya weaved her way through the gaps between the adventurers and approached the rightmost hobgoblin, successively hitting its neck .

Opposite to Aya, I approached the leftmost hobgoblin with the magic rod in hand,
and sent it flying at a 45-degree angle to south-southwest .

The hobgoblin flew with good momentum and disappeared into the distance .

After the 200 enemies were annihilated, we decided to take a break for a moment .

During the break,
Hilda came over to me and handed me a candy .

「Thank you . 」

When I pat Hilda’s head for giving me a candy,
Hilda pleasantly smiled .

「Your mouth is extending, oniichan . 」
「It’s not extending!」

While having such silly talk―

On the map, I noticed a group approaching here .

「They’re coming!?」
「Who is coming, oniichan?」

「A part of the demon army is approaching here . 」
「N!? Isn’t it dangerous?」

The demon lord’s army is approaching here . 」
「What did you say!!?」

「The approaching demon army is about 3, 000 .
They are coming from south-southwest .
Since it will become a pincer attack if this continues,
I think we should retreat to the east . 」

「Alright, understood!
Listen to me everyone!
The Demon army is approaching here!
We’ll retreat to the east for a moment!!」

The adventurers started to move eastwards by Rachel’s command .

「Oniichan, the south-southwest direction……
wasn’t it the direction where oniichan sent the hobgoblin a little while ago?」
「Oh, that’s right . It’s a bait for the demon army . 」

「If there has been a flashy magical battle within the forest and a hobgoblin flying over from there, who would feel worried about it?」

「Then, are we going to let the goblins and demon army fight against each other while we watch as mere spectators?」
「No, we’re going to defeat the Goblin King with the demon army . 」