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Chapter 117

 We defeated the Prince?

When we went back to the central plains―

The demon-human joint troop was battling the Goblin Generals .
Most of the common goblins and hobgoblins were defeated but there were still about 18 Generals left .

「Aya, let’s engage the General from behind . 」

Is this fellow not an imouto but actually an otouto?
I, with my otouto… I mean, imouto, struck the General from behind .

Aya seemed to like the ‘previous attack’ and made a series of【Critical strike】with great momentum on the Generals’ rear . 1 The pitiful Generals kept on screaming .

Me? I only did normal attacks to the generals’ back with Mithril sword .

The Generals, who were attacked by Aya and me, were successively defeated .
When the last general had been defeated, as expected, Aya’s knife was terrible and has a lot of filth .

「Seiji! You’re alive!」

Rachel-san . who found me, rushed over to my embrace .
Misha-san, Cassandra-san and Hilda also rushed over, giving me a grand welcome .

「I distributed everything . 」

Hilda held out to me the emptied bag of candy .
Although you could throw it away, did you keep it carefully?

「Thank you . 」

I received the bag of candy,
and patted Hilda’s head .

Hilda pleasantly smiled and went to help other places once again .
Is this how one enjoys working? It’s at least what a person needs .

「Seiji-sama, are you hurt?」

Elena rushed over as well .

「Oh, I’m fine .
Ah, that’s right . I’m returning this, thank you very much . 」

I returned the magic rod that I borrowed to Elena .

「Did it help?」
「Oh, several goblins flew thanks to it . 」

While having such talk―

The Goblin Prince’s response, who had been left behind without being killed,
suddenly disappeared .

And then, at the place where the Goblin Prince had been,
there’s a response from the Goblin King…… .

Did the King killed the Prince?

The King is quickly approaching here .
With a little less than 3, 000 followers around it as well .

「Rachel-san, the goblin king is still coming towards here .  Get ready . 」
「The Goblin King?  W-, What should we do?」
「I’m going to inform the demonkind,
Rachel-san, please report it to Rondo . 」
「I-, I understand . 」

Rachel-san ran to report it to Rondo,
while I sought for the demonkind’s leader .

『Ah, Seiji . You’re safe?』
『I’m fine, I’m looking for you . 』
『What is it?』
『The Goblin King is approaching .
Get ready . 』

「What!? Goblin King!?」
『Yes, there’s also about 3, 000 goblins in tow . 』

『I see . Since I’m going to report it to Demon lord-sama, please come together with me as well . 』
「N!? Demon lord-sama!? Me too!?』
『Yes, come quickly . 』

Led by the demonkind’s leader, I ran toward the Demon Army’s HQ .

『Seiji, are you really a human?』

While running, the leader talked to me .

『I’m considered as one who runs pretty fast amongst the demonkind .
Nevertheless, you, a human, can follow me . 』
『Well, I’m also considered as one who runs pretty fast amongst the humans . 』
「I-, I see……」

After running for awhile, leader-san and I arrived at the demon army’s HQ .

There was a place enclosed by cloth at the center of the demon army’s HQ .
When we entered, a proud-looking demonkind with a remarkably huge physique sat there .

『Oy, Bunmi . Is that a human?』

The leader’s name seemed to be『Bunmi』 .

『Demon lord-sama2, this is a human who can understand our language . 』

Is this person the Demon lord!?
It seems to be quite strong .
Even its horn, which shines with black luster, is bigger than the other demon kind……

『Hou, so you can understand our language, huh .
Oy, human . Tell me your name . 』

Great, it’s oppressive .
Well, this much is natural since it’s the Demon lord .

『Demon lord-sama, my name is Seiji . 』
『Hou, so you’re called Seiji, huh .
You can really understand our language .
So, Bunmi .
Why did you bring this human?』

『Yes, Demon lord-sama .  According to him, the Goblin King is coming . 』
「What!? Goblin King!?」
Is that true!?』

I was at a little loss but .
Because I can’t be careless too much as well,
with【Tracking】magic, I projected the image of the Goblin King on the spot .

When the Goblin King’s video was suddenly projected, it caused a commotion with the surrounding demonkind .

『This is!? A Human’s magic!』
『Yes, it’s a magic that can check the condition and keep track of the Goblin King .  Do you now believe with this?』

The Demon lord thought a bit―

『I understand, I’m going to the fronline as well . 』
『The Demon lord-sama will personally go to the frontline?』

『Bunmi, can you defeat the Goblin King?』
「T-, That’s……」
『Then, I’ve no choice but to go . 』
『I understand, I’ll go with you as well . 』
『Alright, all of you .  The whole army will depart to the frontline!』

Like the Demon lord, the people are overflowing with fighting spirit .