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Chapter 119

 The Demon lord-sama held a pitch-black Japanese sword .

Cool! I want that katana!!

『What’s wrong, Seiji? It’s dangerous for you to look away . 』

That’s right,
I put【Slow】on the Goblin King and【Quick】on Aya, Demon lord-sama and me, and prepared the Mithril sword .

『What’s this? It’s similar to body reinforcement magic .
Were you the one who put it on, Seiji?』
『Ah, yes . The magic has similar effect to【Movement speed reinfocement】 . 』
『I see, humans’ magic is interesting . 』

While having such a talk―

The Goblin King swung down its enormous club .
I promptly took a distance .

The Demon lord-sama took on the club with the pitch-black Japanese sword .
At the same time, the ground shook .

The Demon-lord-sama was as fit as a fiddle .

『Hou, it has considerable offensive power,
No wonder even Bunmi was injured . 』

Huh? Something is strange .
When Bunmi-san blocked the King’s attack, the area under his feet became a crater .
But it didn’t happen in the case of the Demon lord-sama .

The Demon-lord took on the King’s attack 2 times, 3 times . Each time, a wave-like ripples spread through the ground .

That’s it! Diffusing the impact using Earth magic!

I immediately jump to test it out,
as I land, I tried to diffuse the impact with Earth magic .

Interesting! Although the ground’s surface is soft, it feels like concrete when I jump .


I tried to further increase the impact I absorb from the ground .
This time, I can jump similar to a trampoline!

『Oy, Seiji . What are you playing at?』
「Oh, I’m sorry .  Just, it seemed interesting . 』

I’ve been scolded by the Demon lord-sama . The Demon lord-sama began to fight the King and isn’t it somewhat difficult to make a move on?

Aya was troubled and didn’t know what to do .

「Nee, oniichan . Who’s that person?」
「That man is the Demon lord-sama . 」

「Ee, so that person is the Demon lord, huh .
What were you doing a little while ago, oniichan?
You made strange movements . 」

「Look at the Demon lord-sama’s feet carefully . 」
「Ah, he’s doing some kind of magic!」
「That’s right, I was imitating it . 」

「How do you do that?」
「Absorb the impact on the ground with magic . 」

「Absorb the impact?」
「You do it like this . 」

I showed it by running and jumping .

「I see, I’m going to try it as well . 」

As Aya said so, she began to run around the Goblin King quickly using the Earth magic’s impact .

『You guys have been annoying since a little while ago!
Be quiet . 』
『Sorry . 』

「Aya, it seems it annoys the Demon lord-sama . 」
「I didn’t know . 」

Aya, snuck around behind the King’s back and began to attack its foot .

The Goblin King seemed to be annoyed by Aya’s attack and occasionally tried to stomp its foot .

It’s dangerous .
It can’t be helped, I’m going to fight as well .

I kicked the ground with Earth magic, increasing my speed, and charged toward the Goblin King .
The single blow of the Mithril sword had been nearly warded off, dealing a 30 cm deep scratch .

The Goblin King grimaced from the pain and scowled at me .

That action caused it to take its eyes off of Demon lord-sama for an instant .

Demon lord-sama didn’t overlook the chance,

with a single blow of the Demon lord-sama’s Japanese sword,
30 cm below the knee of the Goblin King’s left leg had been completely severed .

As one would expect, the Goblin King could not remain standing,
and fell down on its knees……

In the next instant!


Demon lord-sama landed and sheathed the Japanese sword―

Behind him,
with a *goron*, the Goblin King’s head rolled over to the ground .

Fa!? When did Demon Lord-sama attack!?

The Goblin King, who had been decapitated,
keeled over just like that .
The impact resounded throughout the surroundings .

The Demon lord-sama held the freshly-severed head of the Goblin King,
raising it up high .

『Demon lord-sama defeated the Goblin King!!』

The demonkind soldiers cheered .

The surviving goblins, who saw the freshly-severed head of the Goblin King, escaped at full speed .