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Published at 16th of March 2016 01:57:02 PM

Chapter 12

「Now then, it’s about time we start looking for an inn again . 」

 The sun had already set outside .

「If you don’t mind, please stay here . I’m sorry we have nothing else to offer you…」
「Is that okay?」
「The children would be delighted . 」

「That said, where could we sleep?」
「If it’s okay, please use the bed I am using . 」
「No, no, we can’t do that . You’re ill so you have to sleep properly . 」

「Um, Seiji-sama . 」

「Can’t you take out my bed here?」
「Come to think of it, we did bring along Elena’s bed . 」

 Everyone had a 「?」 appear above their head . Getting Aria-san and the children to move to the side, the large bed from Elena’s room appeared in the centre of the room .

「Wooowww! Magic!」
「Amazing, what a big bed…」

 The children ran around in excitement with the appearance of the huge bed .

「With this size, can’t Aria-san, Elena and all the children sleep on it?」
「Well yes, however, what about you, Seiji-sama?」
「I’ll borrow Aria-san’s bed and use that instead . 」

 We ended up spending the night in the church, tucking the excited children into Elena’s bed .


 When I woke up the next morning, Aria-san had completely recovered .
 Because Aria-san had only just recovered, we told her not to get out of bed and decided to help with the chores instead .

 Miinya went out to buy more bread, Elena and the children did the cleaning and washing, and I was in charge of cooking breakfast, however I was in a bit of trouble with my remaining ingredients . There were cup noodles, instant noodles, canned food, and plastic-wrapped food, the kind of things that were for me alone .
 Without much choice, I used 【Lettuce】, 【Tomato】 and other vegetables to make some 【Salad】 . The salad dressing is my favourite 【Sesame Dressing】 .
 After that, I divided my only box of 【Cereal】 for the number of people we had . We would pour the 【Milk】 in when we eat .

 After Miinya came back with the bread she bought, Aria-san called everyone to eat breakfast .

 Aria-san and Elena seemed to like my salad, eating it with satisfaction .
 The children seemed to like the 【Cereal】, or rather, the【Milk】, eating it along with bread pieces that were dipped in milk .

 When we finished breakfast, I told everyone that it’s time for us to go home .

「Eeeh!? Onii-san is leaving?」
「Please stay!」
「You can live here with us too!」

 The children cried out unanimously .

「The next time I drop by, I’ll bring more delicious food . Until then, be a good child and help out Aria-san . 」
「Yeah… Okay… but, you have to come again! It’s a promise!」
「Sure, it’s a promise! Also, Aria-san . With this, please give the children something good to eat . 」

 I handed over a 100 Aurum gold coin to Aria-san .

「I really can’t accept this much money!」
「This money is for the children . You don’t want them to feel hungry again, do you?」
「I understand . Thank you very much . Everything you’ve done, I will never be able to forget your kindness . 」
「Well, it’s fine if you remember until the next time we come . 」

 We could have actually used 【Teleportation】 then and there, but I didn’t want to spoil the somber farewells so we walked out of the church while we waved our goodbye to Aria-san and the children .

「The children were cute weren’t they?」
「Yeah, the next time we come, we’ll have to bring a lot of delicious food . 」

 After awhile, we found a deserted back alley . Because it’s best that not many people witness 【Teleportation】 .

「Well then, let’s use 【Teleportation】 to go to my world . Hold on to me!」

 Elena embraced me .
 It’s enough to hold hands, but why the hugging!
 Well, I can’t say I’m not happy .


 I imagined the entryway of my home and invoked 【Teleportation】 .