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Chapter 120

 With the death of the Goblin King,

it marked the sudden end of the battle .

The troops who were going to fight the surrounding enemies,
prepared to withdraw excitedly .

Most of the soldiers worked diligently while exuding a subtle atmosphere .


 I came over to the Demon lord’s HQ .

Other than me, there are Lyle Gewalt, Rondo, Elena, Brandford and for some reason, Aya as well .

『So, Seiji . What is this group?』
『These people are the representatives of the humans . I’m told that they want to discuss peace with Demon lord-sama . 』

Then, I introduced each and everyone .

Why must I become the interpreter?
Well, it can’t be helped since I’m the only one who can interpret……

When I finished the brief introduction, Demon lord-sama asked a question .

『Where is the King of the humans?』
『The King didn’t come here .  He’s in the Royal Capital . 』
『Wa? The King didn’t appear to all these battles?』

It seems in the culture of the demonkind,
they recognized that『The King shall go into battle』 .

Afterwards, with my interpretation, the meeting safely advanced somehow or another .


It happened during the break .

The meeting dragged on and we took a break for moment .
The demonkind’s side prepared tea .
On either side of a big table, the demonkind’s side and the humans’ side were drinking a cup of tea harmoniously .

The tea tasted a bit unusual but there wasn’t a stupid guy who committed rudeness at all .


Without warning, Demon lord-sama suddenly became outraged .

『You bastard! What kind of magic did you cast on me!!?』

The Demon lord-sama suddenly yelled and approached Branford, grabbing him by the collar .
Branford was scared to death by Demon lord-sama, who suddenly flew into a rage .

(There might be some people who forgot but,
the man in question, Branford, is the fox-eyed aristocrat,
the guy who marched towards the Demon lord’s army without permission while we were fighting against the goblins . )

『What happened suddenly, Demon lord-sama!?』
『It’s neither ‘what happened’ nor such!
This fellow cast magic with evil intent towards me . 』

Somehow or another, Demon lord-sama seems to have the ability to sense magic cast on himself .

「Branford-san, what on earth did you cast towards Demon lord-sama?」
「E-, E-, Err…… it’s a-, appraisal magic . 」

Branford became incoherent, yelping and then freeze up .

That reminds me, this fellow cast【Appraisal】magic on me as well .
I was also glad that I didn’t carelessly use【Appraisal】on Demon lord-sama……

『It seems that this person used【Appraisal】magic on Demon lord-sama . 』
『Curse you! Using【Appraisal】towards me, huh!!』

He’s terribly angry .  What should I do?

Demon lord-sama threw away Branford from his collar-grip―

and pulled the Japanese sword out of its sheath .

『I deem this matter as a declaration of war against us!
Prepare yourselves!!』

N!? Declaration of war!?
This enraged Demon lord-sama is strange .

It’s unpleasant to be【Appraised】willfully but,
to get extremely furious to this extent?

Intimidated by Demon lord-sama, nobody from the humans’ side was able to move .
The other party was the one who severed the head of the Goblin King .
That person was furious and held a weapon before everyone’s eyes .
If one was to come across such situation, anyone will tremble in fear .

「S-, Seiji .  What did the Demon lord-sama say?」
He said that he deemed it as a declaration of war……」
「W-, What did you say!!?」

And then, everyone focused their gazes on Branford, who was thrown by the Demon lord-sama and inadvertently collapsed .

「I-, I……
as part of information gathering……
that kind of thing……」

With too much trouble, Branford’s face turned pale,
and collapsed just like that .


 The discussion was called off .

The humans’ aristocrats returned to their camp,
and held a meeting to cope with it .

「What are we going to do, Lyle Gewalt-dono?」
「I don’t know either .
As it is, we’re going to war……
with the Demon lord, who buried the Goblin King with just a single blow .
It’s impossible for us to win .
We should avoid the war at any cost… . . 」

Well said by the guy who was full of spirit to go to war against the demon lord’s army some time ago .

「I’ll negotiate with the Demon lord alone from now on .
Seiji will continue to become an interpreter . 」

Lyle Gewalt and I went to talk with the Demon lord .


 ※Seiji was interpreting in this scene .

「It’s our fault, I apologize for the matter a short while ago . 」
『I don’t need an apology . 』
「I ask for your forgiveness about it somehow or another . 」
『No more discussion!
To begin with, your not the Humans’ King, right?
If you have something to say, bring your King . 』

「The King would take half a month to get here since He’s in the Royal Capital .
Would you wait till then?」
『I’m not going to wait! You must bring your King by sunset today,
else, the Demon lord’s army will continue invade the humans’ town .
Prepare yourselves!』

Demon lord-sama was completely sulking .
Are you a child!?


 Lyle Gewalt and I talked about how to deal with it in the anteroom tent .

「What to do……」
「Hmm, I wonder . 」

「Y-, You! Can’t you think properly as well!?」
「Why do I have to think, it has nothing to do with me . 」
「The country is on a brink of destruction!」
「It’s not my country . 」
「……That’s, that’s right but……
Elena-sama, what about Elena-sama?
If the country were to perish, Elena-sama would be sad as well . 」

「If it’s about Elena alone, I’ll shelter her and live peacefully . 」

「What about Lela!?」
「Lela? As for your daughter, Lela……
the Demon lord-sama might rape her . 」

「A!?  S-, Say it again!!」

Lyle Gewalt grabbed me by my collar .

「That’s right! You were using magic that makes you suddenly disappear and reappear .
Is it possible to bring the King with it somehow or another?」
「It’s possible . 」

「It’s possible!? You can do it?
Then bring the King quickly . 」

「What about the reward?」
「Y-, You bastard…… you’re taking advantage of the hopeless situation .
How much do you want!?」

「100, 000 Aurum . 」
「100, 000 Aurum!?」

「If you can’t pay, Lela is also fine instead . 」
「What did you say!!?」

「What would you do? Are you going to pay 100, 000 Aurum?」
「I-, I understand……」

「Alright, the negotiation is established .  Well then, shall I bring the King?」

I went to where the King is using【Teleportation】 .


「Yo! King . 」
「You are, Seiji! Why are you here!?」

「I’m here for a number of reasons because of the demonkind . 」
「What did you say!?」

「Well then, guiding 1 great King to Demon lord-sama’s place . ~」