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Chapter 125

 The distance between the Demon lord and I rapidly shrunk and our katanas clashed .

In that moment!
【Vigilance】magic informed me of『Danger』 .

I was going to take the Demon lord’s katana head-on but hurriedly canceled it and switched into a parry .

I managed to parry the Demon lord’s powerful katana, changing its trajectory and barely dodging it .

But, the replica sword which was struck by the Demon lord’s katana,
had slightly chipped .

If I took it just like that, it would surely be broken .
The gap between our weapons is enormous……

Afterwards, I continued to avoid the Demon lord’s attack one way or another .

But, for some reason, I can’t move my body well .
With two superimposed spell–【Magic power reinforcement・Quick】and【Magic power reinforcement・Movement speed reinforcement】–raising my speed too high .

Thereby, with only moving normally, various problems have occurred .

First, the ground .
Whenever I step a foot forward, the ground under my foot will be hollowed out and disappeared if I didn’t hardened my foothold with【Earth magic】 .
It was as though running on『mud』 .

Then, the air .
When I tried to move at high speed, the air coiled about my body . It was as though struggling in a starch syrup .

Lastly, my body .
The bones, tendons and muscles couldn’t withstand the movement and were screaming .

Can’t I do something about it with magic?

I hardened the ground using Earth magic .
I manipulated the earth by feeling similar to that of running with spiked shoes on the tartan track’s hard rubber for athletics .

I let the air flow smoothly according to my body’s movement with【Wind magic】 .
I manipulated the wind by lowering the prior atmospheric pressure to assist my body’s movements using the air’s suction force instead of overwhelming my body with wind .

I strengthened my body using【Body reinforcement magic】 .
I strengthened the bones and tendons with【Endurance reinforcement】to withstand the movements,
and continued to steadily heal the piled up fatigue on the muscles using【Strength recovery rate reinforcement】 .

By being conscious of each properly, I was able to gradually improve my movements .

『【Earth magic】is now Level 4 .
【Wind magic】is now Level 5 .
【Body reinforcement magic】is now Level 4 . 』

Some of my magic leveled up in one go .

As expected, I level up quickly when fighting against powerful enemies .

「What is it!? Your movements suddenly improved!?」

Demon lord was also surprised that my movements are improving .

「But, it cannot fill in the gap between our weapons’ ability . 」

It’s exactly as the Demon lord says .
Because of the gap between our weapons, I can’t take his katana with my katana and can only avoid it .
Can’t I do something about this with magic as well……?

While fighting, I used【Appraisal】on myself to look for a breakthrough solution .

When I saw it suddenly,【Earth magic】had become level 4 and a new magic called【Metal control】was now available .

Can’t the impact during the moment when I receive the Demon lord’s katana be absorbed using【Metal control】the same way as when I kick the ground?
But, the Replica sword will break if it fails .

Well, I will manage somehow .

The moment I received the Demon lord’s katana with the replica sword!
Like a shock-absorbing mat which an egg would not break even if it was dropped from a high place―
I received the Demon lord’s sword with the Replica sword using【Metal control】 .

My Replica sword and the Demon lord’s sword―
clashed with a『guniyu』 .

The Demon lord was surprised at the unpleasant feeling and jumped back .

「W-, What did you do!? What was that strange feeling?」
「C’mon, what do you think?」

When I smiled broadly,
the Demon lord had a look of extreme hatred .

After that, our swords clashed for a while,
and *gunyu gunyu* sounds resounded .

What on earth is this? orz

Proper sword? I reached the point of being able to receive it and thanks to that, I could finally fight equally .

『【Sword Art】is now Level 5 . 』

I did it, Sword Art leveled up!!

Rather than a fight it had become a matter of skill .

I took a distance for a moment,
and after the【Replica sword】was put back into the inventory,
the【Mithril sword】was taken out .

「Why did you change your weapon!?」
「Iyaa, I was already proficient enough with the katana . 」
「You’ve been playing until now!!?」


My Mithril sword and the Demon lord’s katana clashed and a high-pitched metallic clank rang out .

「The sound of battle must sound like that . 」
「I agree on that as well . 」

After that, a good metallic clank reverberated with *clank clank* for a while .

『【Sword techniques】is now Level 5 . 』

I did it!
Skill up is a success once again!

As expected, skills can’t advance beyond this, huh .

「Now then, play time is over . 」
「Don’t fool around!」

Like that, I’ve begun to overwhelm the Demon lord with Level 5【Sword techniques】 .

「What kind of bastard are you!?
Why did you become suddenly strong midway!」
「What? In spite of being the Demon lord, you’re giving up now?」

「That’s right you bastard, it seems I underestimated you . 」
「It’s extremely quick . 」

「I will take out my trump card as well . 」

If it’s the trump card!
Dangerous, I must put on a『surprised appearance』……

「W-, Whatt?」

「It’s no wonder that you’re surprised .
Now that you’ve seen this, die!」

The next moment, at the same time as I withdrew by taking a step backward, in the place where I’ve been―

【Lighting】struck .


I wonder if you looked surprised as well?

「H-, How are you able to dodge it!!?」

The Demon lord was more surprised!

I was able to dodge it―
because of the【Vigilance】magic, notifying of the『Danger』 .

I knew that the Demon lord can use【Lightning magic】in advance and I can also understand the timing using【Vigilance】magic .
Afterwards, I only dodged it .
Information was the most important above all .

But, it was surprising that the Demon lord can use【Lightning magic】as well .

「What a lucky bastard . 」

The Demon lord cast lightning strike towards me 3 times but―
I dodged all of it .

「H-, How!!?
How!? How are you able to dodge my lightning!!!!?」

The Demon lord’s MP seemed to hit rock bottom with the overuse of【Lightning magic】and fell on his knees .

Well then, I need to deal the finishing blow soon, huh .