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Chapter 128

 When I woke up the next day, it was already afternoon .

「You woke up so late, Oniichan .
Do you want to eat some bread? I’ll toast some . ~」

Aya is going to cook!?

「N?  Is something wrong with my forehead, oniichan?」
「No, I thought you might have a fever or something . 」

「I’m going to toast some bread and not burn a single one!
Since I’m already 18 years old too I can at least toast some bread!」

「T-, That’s right .  Sorry . 」
「It’s fine if you understand . 」

I entrusted the toasted bread to Aya and went to the restroom to wash my face……
When I happened to pass by the kitchen, I saw several pieces of charred bread in the trash……

The fellow who wastes food deserves death!


 Together with Elena and Aya, I’m eating slightly burnt toast―

「Do you have anything to do today, oniichan?」
「Yeah . ~ I need to make preparations for tomorrow’s cosplay convention . 」

「That’s right, it’s tomorrow! I forgot . 」
「What are you going to prepare, Seiji-sama?」

「I need to make slight modifications on the requested hair ornaments and batons .
How are the clothes turning out?」
「Wait, I’m going to ask Yurie-senpai . 」

When Aya tried to check up on Yurie-san on the phone―
She said that she’ll bring them here today and we’ll be having a costume fitting session,
since the costumes were already finished .

「Well then, are we going to modify the hair ornaments and batons?」

I throw a burnt toast into my mouth and chugged a cup of instant coffee .
From the inventory, the Wind, Water, Earth and Fire hair ornaments and rods were taken out .

Although there were also +1 of Water and Wind, we decided to use the common ones since it would be wasteful .

「How are you going to modify these, oniichan?」
「Well, you’ll see . 」

I picked up the Water rod,
whilst looking at the image of『Magical girl・C』on the laptop,
I modified its shape using【Metal control】 .

「Oh, wow! Its shape changes!」
「You’re amazing, Seiji-sama! Is it Earth magic?」
「Yes, it’s【Metal control】magic .
Then, like this?」

「Can you adjust it a little more this way, oniichan?」
「I understand . 」

I modified the hair ornament and rod with Aya and Elena’s guidance .

「How’s that! It’ll be perfect with this!」
「Yes!  It’s good . 」
「Amazing, Seiji-sama! It looks just like C’s hair ornaments and baton!」

The hair ornaments and batons of Wind, Water, Earth and Fire had become pieces of fine craftsmanship .

When I became interested and tried to appraise the hair ornaments and batons, suddenly―

【Hair ornaments of C +3】【Baton of C +3】
【Hair ornaments of Ran +3】【Baton of Ran +3】
【Hair ornaments of Apure +3】【Baton of Apure +3】
【Hair ornaments of Sigil +3】【Baton of Sigil +3】


How did this happen!?

「What happened, Seiji-sama?」
「Somehow, when I appraised them,
they became +3 and their names were changed . 」
「What’s that!?」

It seems they have become stronger than before, oh well .


 After a while, Yurie-san and Mai-san came .

「Hello . 」「Pardon the intrusion . 」

As I was preparing snacks–cookies and tea,
Yurie-san took out the costumes she made and showed it to Aya and Elena .

「It’s amazing! It’s like the real thing!」
「Hey, it’s really perfect . 」1

「Although Yurie-sempai is usually hentai-ish, she’s good with these things!」
「You didn’t need to say hentai!」

Yurie-san was treated like a hentai by her kouhai .
What the heck are you usually doing?

「I’d like to try it on immediately!」
「Me too, I’d like to try it on . 」

「Therefore, oniichan! Please go over there . 」
「Please go over there because we’re going to change clothes . 」

I, whilst being kicked by Aya, have been confined to my own room .
From the living room, *Kya Kya* *Giggles*, boisterous voices could be heard .


I, in order to distract myself from the loneliness, decided to check my own status .

│Name: Maruyama Seiji

│Level: 45
│HP: 4, 657
│MP: 8,710

│Power: 311 Endurance: 321
│Ability: 571 Magic power: 871

│ Information 5, Space-time 5
│ Wind 5, Water 4, Earth 4
│ Lightning 6, Ice 4, Darkness 3
│ Body reinforcement 4

│ Body techniques 3, Staff techniques 4
│ Sword techniques 5, Sword Arts 5
│ Short blade techniques 4

│ Potioncraft 4

My level rose to 45!
Well, it rose up to this point because I fought a lot of enemies .

The quality of my MP had become amazing .
With this amount, there would be 8 tracking beacon usable .
Well, the war was over so there wouldn’t be anything I could make use of the 8 anymore .

Although I confirmed that I acquired level 4【Earth magic】【Metal Control】, I haven’t seen the others yet .

I acquired Level 5【Wind magic】【Summon Wind Spirit】,
Level 4【Body reinforcement magic】【Power reinforcement】and【Magic power recovery rate reinforcement】, respectively .

【Summon Wind Spirit】would be the wind version of【Summon Lightning spirit】 .
I’ll summon you next time when I have time .

Since【Power reinforcement】strengthens the『Power』stat, it’s easy to understand .

However,【Magic power recovery rate reinforcement】is like a magic that recovers MP using MP……
Isn’t this a contradiction?

When I look at it in detail, it seems to be a magic which returns two-fold of the MP poured into this magic in 10 minutes .

In other words, if I poured in 6, 000 MP, it seemed to return gradually by 20 per second, 1, 200 per minute and a total of 12, 000 in 10 minutes .

It seemed to be usable as such since it doubles the MP in 10 minutes .

When I’m thinking such a thing―

「Oniichan, you may come here already . ~」

I heard Aya calling me .

When I went to the living room cheerfully―

There stood the four main member of the『Magical girl・C』 .

「How is it? Is it great?」
「Yeah, it’s great .  I thought it was the real deal . 」

Aya, had a triumphant look,
Elena was a little embarrassed,
Mai-san was confirming the condition of the body when moving whilst wearing the costume,
Yurie-san was panting whilst looking at the 3 people with excited eyes .

What kind of group is this!?

「Ah, that’s right, I have prepared the accessories .
I’ll bring them now . 」

I brought the hair ornaments and baton that I prepared .

「C-, Cool! It’s like the real thing!!」

Yurie-san seemed to be considerably pleased .

「Somehow, I felt strange power from this……」

Does Mai-san feel some kind of power?
Who on earth could this person be?

The 4 people, who equipped the hair ornaments and batons, were just perfect .

Yurie-san made Elena do this and that pose, whilst taking a picture .
Aya and Mai-san were on a rampage, trying to recreate the battle scenes from the anime .

Please don’t destroy the room……

I also tried wearing my costume,
other than Elena, no one showed too much interest .
That’s alright, as long as it’s Elena .

Finally, the four took a group photo and the fitting session had ended .

With so much trouble,
we convinced Mai-san and Yurie-san to stay overnight .
It had been decided that everyone would be coming together to the cosplay convention tomorrow .