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Chapter 149

「Are you alright!?」
「Thanks to you, I was saved . 」

「Anyway, we have to call an ambulance immediately!」

Policeman-san, who was supposed to apprehend the stalker, looked considerably at wit’s end when this happened suddenly .

When I check the situation of the surroundings,
Aya is upset about my hand injury but she doesn’t know what to do .

Ringo-san is sitting down on the ground, unable to stand up due to fear……
……I can’t tell how is the situation of the surroundings any more than this since it concerned her privacy .

The culprit……
is terribly bleeding but……
he doesn’t seem to be dead yet .

It can’t be helped, let’s stop the bleeding .

I suppressed the wound properly and prevented the blood from flowing out using water magic .


 After a while, the police reinforcements and ambulance arrived .

I managed to keep the culprit’s life for the time being,
and leave the rest to the emergency personnel .

I was transported to the hospital on an ambulance,
together with Aya and Ringo-san as well .

「A-, Are you alright, o-, oniichan?」
「It’s so painful but I will not die . 」

「I-, I’m sorry, it’s my fault . 」
「Ringo-san feels responsible that bad, huh .
An injury caused by protecting a cute girl
is a medal for a man, you know?」

By the way, Ringo-san is fine since she changed clothes properly . 1

「But, oniichan .  
Why did you help such a guy?」
「Aya, that’s a very dangerous way of thinking . 」

「But, he tried to kill oniichan, right?」
「Even so, I can’t let him die without helping him . 」

「Oniichan is too lenient!」

I, whilst repeatedly remonstrating Aya,
was jolted from the ambulance and taken to the hospital .


 After a while, we arrived at the hospital .

「W-, What on earth is this!?」

The doctor, who was going to treat me, was surprised .

「With this much injury, why is it only bleeding a little like this?」

As one would expect, because it was unpleasant to have my blood flows out rapidly,
I tried to suppress the bleeding a bit using magic……

Did I overdo it a little?

Afterwards, I was asked to take an x-ray .
I was told that the knife seemed to have pierced through a gap,
and didn’t affect the bone that much .

It’s good if it’s like this,
even if the wound heals a little earlier than usual, it seems to be alright .
It’s still painful and……
inconvenient in various ways having to use only one hand……

But, I was only going to be hospitalized for today .

「O-, Oniichan, are you going to be hospitalized?」
「The people from the police admitted me to the hospital for about today . 」

「Is it a fatal wound after all?」
「Do you know what a fatal wound is, Aya?」

「Uhh, what is it?」

「Err, how are you, oniisan, um……」
「You’re not hurt anywhere, right?」
「Yes, thank you . 」
「That’s good . 」

「Uhm, I have a favor to ask . 」
「N?  What is it?」

「Uhm, can you please stop calling me『Ringo-san』?」
「Ah, that’s right . Sorry, by an ossan like me,
it’s unpleasant to be called by your first name . 」

「T-, That’s not it! It’s not like that,
without attaching『san』, I hope that you can address me without honorific…… is it no good?」

For some reason, Aya is glaring at me .

I understand it perfectly,
you want to say『read the mood』, right?

I’m a DT but I can read a girl’s mind .

「I understand, Ringo……
I’m somewhat embarrassed .
Is this alright?

How’s that my imouto? I properly read the mood .

Why are you glaring at me since a little while ago?

Even if I was able to read a girl’s mind somehow or another, it looks like a DT was unable to read imouto’s mind……

「Oniichan . 」
「What is it? Aya-san?」

「Since I’m not particularly angry, stop talking in a strange way . 」

Hm? Not angry? I don’t understand what it means even more .

「So, is it fine for the person who will take care of you to stay in this room?」
「Uh, I really don’t know but,
do you intend to stay here?」

「Since I don’t need to be nursed, return home . 」
「Why! Do you hate me?」

「That’s not it, Elena is waiting at home .
What about Ringo?
Are you going to let her go home by herself?」
「I-, I’m fine . 」

「It’s no good! After such a thing happened,
it’s no good to be alone .
Besides, are you going to go back alone in that room?」
「I-, It’s…… it’s hateful/disgusting . 」

「Then, Ringo-chan should stay at our house for a while . 」
「Is it alright?」

「Great, it’s settled . 」
「Yes, use it as much as you want .
Elena will be happy as well . 」
「Un, thank you!」

Like this, Aya and Ringo went home .


By an exceptionally cute nurse,
with variety of this and that, from that sort of thing to this sort of thing2―

I was nursed .

Translator notes and reference:

1Uh, what?
2I’ve tried, here’s the raw: 色々、あれこれ、あんなことや、こんなことまで―