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Chapter 15

Having survived the toilet crisis, we returned to the living room to continue enjoying some tea, however–


「W-what is that sound!?」

Surprised by the sound of the intercom, Elena clung to me .

「It’s okay, that was just the sound of the doorbell . I wonder who is it? I’ll be back in a minute . 」 「Y-yes . 」

When I opened the front door–

「I came . 」 「So it’s you, why did you come here?」 「How mean~! What’s with that!」

「I mean, if you’re coming you should have given me a call . 」 「I did!」 「I didn’t hear it . 」

「I called you yesterday, didn’t I? Your phone was off, where were you?」 「Yesterday?」

Oh right, I went to another world yesterday . There’s no way the signal would reach .

「My bad, my bad, it ran out of power . 」 「Then you didn’t read my message either? 」 「Message? Sorry, I didn’t checked my messages either . 」 「See, it’s not my fault . I wrote that I was coming today in the message . 」

『Umm, who is it that came?』

Having gotten tired of waiting, Elena came out from the living room door .

「W-W-W… Who is this girl!!?」 「Hold on, calm down . 」 「Th-th-there’s no way I would calm down!!」

『Seiji-sama?』 『Sorry, sorry, just give me a minute . 』

「What was that language just now!?」 「Eh? Language?」 「You were talking to her with some kind of foreign language!」

Crap, did I talk to Elena with the 【Delaidos Common Language】 subconsciously?

「Uhm, let me introduce you . This girl is the Princess of the Delaidos Kingdom, Princess Elena . 」 『And this noisy person here is Maruyama Aya, my little sister . 』

Aya is currently 18 years old, she passed the exams for a junior college and will soon be attending . The reason she came to my place is to commute from here to the junior college . I heard she would be coming soon, however I completely forgot about it .

「Aledos Kingdom? Princess? Nii-chan, is there something wrong with your head?」 「No, I’m telling you the truth . 」

『So you are Seiji-sama’s little sister . You have the same eyes and hair colour as Seiji-sama, you look just like him . 』

No no, Japanese mostly have the same colour .

「Nii-chan, the language this girl is speaking, which language is it?」 「It’s the 【Delaidos Common Language】 . 」 「I’ve never heard of it though . 」 「Well you see, that’s because it’s a language of another world’s country」

「……」 「What is it?」 「You’ve been talking nonsense like princess and another world since a while ago, you must be trying to hide something?」 「I’m not hiding anything . 」

「For example, you must have kidnapped this girl from somewhere!」 「Well, I guess you can call it kidnapping . 」 「!!?」

Aya took out her cellphone and started to make a call to someone .

「Who are you calling?」 「The police . 」 「Hold it right there~!!」 「If you don’t want me to call, then will you turn yourself in? Do you want me to accompany you to the police station?」 「Please hold on a moment, Aya-san . 」

『I do not know what you two are talking about, but you two seem close . 』

「A-anyway, this isn’t a good place to talk, why don’t you come inside?」 「Well, okay . 」

「Now, tell me the truth!」

Aya confronted me .

『Did I do something wrong?』

Elena sat down to my side in the middle of the interrogation .

「Look, Aya . 」 「What!」 「If I said I have the 【Teleportation】 ability, would you believe me?」 「Are you an idiot! You still want to joke around?」 『Since I’ll be persuading Aya after this, please wait a little bit Elena . 』 「O-okay . 」

I grabbed Aya’s hands .

「 W-what!」


Me and Aya had teleported to the living room of our home .

「Fwua!?」 「Do you know where this place is?」 「Our home……」 「Do you believe me now?」 「Y-yeah」

「Oh!? Seiji, Aya, when did you come home?」

Oh crap, Kaa-san found us!

「Jeez, tell me beforehand if you’re coming home since I need to prepare a meal . Wait a bit, I’ll go out to buy some things . 」

Kaa-san left the living room to prepare to go out shopping .

「We’ll take this chance to return . 」 「Eh, ah okay . 」 「【Teleportation】!」

「Seiji, Aya, is there something you want to eat? Huh? Seiji, Aya! T-they aren’t here…… of course they aren’t, Seiji and Aya should both be in Tokyo right now… am I tired?」

Me and Aya returned .

『We’re back . 』 『Welcome back . 』

「Simply put, I went to another world, learnt the 【Teleportation】 ability, and to rescue the princess from a bad guy, I kidnapped her . Got it?」 「R-right… . . g-got it . 」

『How is it? Were you able to convince her?』 『Yeah, I convinced her . 』

「Jeez, I understand it now so can you two stop your secret talk with a language I don’t know!」 「It’s not a secret talk . 」

Darn it, what a bother . This current interpretation, is there some way to solve it~


That’s it! I can use the【Magic Stone of Temporary Language Acquisition】 . I handed Elena the 【Magic Stone of Temporary Language Acquisition】that I had been carrying for awhile .

「Oh right, if I have this, I’ll be able to understand the language of Seiji-sama’s country . 」 「Ah, Japanese!」 「Aya-sama, it is a pleasure to meet you . As for me, my name is Elena Delaidos . Please treat me well . 」 「M-my name is Aya, nice to meet you too . 」

「Seiji-sama rescued me when I was imprisoned . 」 「R-right」 「It seems the misunderstanding is cleared up, that’s good . 」

「Umm, Elena-chan . 」 「Yes, what is it?」 「Just for a moment, can you come sit next to me?」 「Y-yes . 」

Elena slowly walked over next to Aya, and as Aya told her, she sat down next to her .

「You see I~」

Aya had some kind of scary expression .

「I’ve always wanted a little sister like you!」 「Kyaa! A-Aya-sama! What are you!」

Aya who was embrassing Elena, begun to caress her . Elena fell into a panic from being embraced suddenly .

Well, it’s good that these two are intimate, but I can’t help but wonder what is going to happen from now on……