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Chapter 155

Chapter 155 - Cat-ear hood

 Inside the room―

 were Lyle Gewalt and

 Azide-san .



「You are-!」「You are-!」


「What are you doing in a place like this?」「Why are you in a place such as this?」


 The two people's words were heard from the left and right simultaneously .



「Azide-dono, do you know Seiji?」

「Indeed, Lyle Gewalt-sama . 」


 Were these two acquainted with each other?



 Cassandra-san, without reading the mood,

 took a step forward and began to explain .


「Boss, it seems Seiji can prepare the【magic stone of temporary language acquisition】 . 」


 When I look towards Lyle Gewalt to see what kind of reaction he will make……

 the answer came from the one beside him .


「Is that so!? That saved us the trouble . 」



「N!? When you said boss,

 It's not Lyle Gewalt but Azide-san?」



「Actually, I was chosen as the leader of the special trade envoy this time, Seiji . 」


 Wasn't Azide-san a traveling merchant?」



 Lyle Gewalt was the one who explained this time .


「What are you talking about? Azide-dono is the guild leader of the royal capital's merchant guild . You didn't know?」

「Ee! Guild leader!?」


 Come to think of it, it wasn't the guild leader who showed up when I sold the salt in the royal capital's merchant guild but the vice leader .

 Azide-san was the boss of that person, huh .



「Then, why are you here, Lyle Gewalt?」


 Cassandra-san and Azide-san were surprised

 at me calling Lyle Gewalt without honorifics .


「I, as substitute for Azos who had been executed,

 worked as the acting feudal lord of this town . 」

「Azos had already been executed, huh . 」


 Well, forming a liaison with the orcs, furthermore, imprisoning small children and hurting them to make them follow, it serves him right .



「Putting that aside, is it true that you can prepare the【magic stone of temporary language acquisition】, Seiji-san?」


「Yes, I can prepare them .

 How many do you need?」


「First, let me appraise them . 」

「I understand . Well then, let me make one as a test . 」

「M-, Make!?」



 I set up the【magic stone of temporary language acquisition】and【magic stone of nullpo】

 to the【magic stone replication tool】that I got from Kiseri-san before and poured magic power into it .

 The【Magic stone of temporary language acquisition】was made and given to Azide-san .


「I thought Seiji-san was a merchant but you can even make magic stones, huh .

 Well then, allow me to use【Appraisal】 . 」


 Azide-san began to chant an incantation .


「○△◇× . . . . . . 【Appraisal】!」


 Azide-san can use【Appraisal】magic, huh .

 As expected of a merchant guild's guild leader .


「I-, Impossible,【magic stone of temporary language acquisition +2】!!?

 Such a thing, impossible!

 Who are you, Seiji-san?」

「I'm no one . 」



「That person is the『Hero』 . 」






 Oy idiot!

 I've been exposed by Lyle Gewalt .



 Not only Azide-san and Cassandra-san are surprised,

 but also Hilda .



「What do you mean by Seiji is the『Hero』, Lyly Gewalt-sama!?」

「That person is the hero whom His Highness summoned from the other world . 」


「Oi! Don't expose it without permission!」



「I see, the food called『Curry』that you treated me before was an another world cuisine . 」

「Seiji, you, was a hero!?」

「S-, Seiji-sama, a hero!?」


 Azide-san is convinced,

 while Cassandra-san and Hilda keep on being surprised .



「Ah, that's enough!

 I was just brought here without my consent!

 Don't call me hero!」



 After that, it was an uproar for a while .




 I somehow managed to calm the place down―


「Let's get back to the matter of the【magic stone of temporary language acquisition】, what will you do?」


「Ah, that's right . I forgot .

 If its quality is『+2』, I think 3 is enough . 」

「Understood . 」


 I made a total of 3【magic stone of temporary language acquisition +2】and gave them to Azide-san .



「Thank you .

 The trade will go smoothly with this .

 Then, the price . . . . . .

 how about 100, 000 Aurum apiece,

 a total of 300, 000 Aurum?」

「That much? You need not to be immoderate . 」


「Iyaa, you can't haggle about the price, Hero . 」

「I said stop calling me hero .

 But, isn't an expenditure of 300, 000 Aurum huge for a trade that just started?」


「No, the【magic stone of temporary language acquisition +2】is absolutely necessary since it has changed the success rate of the trade in a big way . 」



「Well then, please keep the 300, 000 Aurum for me, Azide-san . 」


「What do you mean by that?」

「Please make a profit off the 300, 000 Aurum on the trade and let it grow . I will give half of the profit to Azide-san afterwards . 」


「That's an interesting deal .

 But, what would you do if it suffered a loss?」

「At that time, please shoulder half of the loss . 」

「I understand! I'll be sure to make a profit!」


 Azide-san and I shook each other's hand firmly .




 We finished our negotiation with Azide-san and returned to Cassandra-san's room .


「It was unbelievable that Seiji was a hero . 」

「I told you, that's not it . 」


「Let's leave it at that . 」

「Thank you very much . 」



「Ah, that's right . I'll give this to you . 」


 Cassandra-san gave me . . . . . .

 a red colored, cat-ear hood .


「This is?」

「I bought it but I can't use it anymore since it's small on me now . 」


「Thank you very much . 」


 I put the cat-ear hood on Hilda .

 Hilda had her eyes wide open .


「Why are you putting it on Hilda?」

「Is it no good?」

「No, it's fine . 」


 Well, Hilda will at least look good with this at this place .


「C'mon, Hilda . Thank Cassandra-san . 」

「T-, Thank you very much . 」


 Hilda dressed in cat-ear hood

 was cute and bowed to Cassandra-san .


 Cassandra-san, who showed a gentle smile for a moment,

 suddenly turned around for some reason .



「Since it's done, go now quickly . 」


 We've been driven away by Cassandra-san who was still facing the back .