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Chapter 159

Chapter 159 - Tower of sunrise's first floor boss battle

 A large amount of great rats appeared to protect the stairs .


「Leave them to me!」


 Aya plunges in without thinking .

 Not to be outdone by Aya, Lela also followed .

 Elena steps forward just a little and starts preparing magic .


 Hilda and I fell behind a little and watched how things unfold .





 Aya's knife slashed the great rats one after another,

 Elena's ice magic froze them one by one,

 while the enemies, whom Aya failed to defeat, was blocked by Lela and prevented them from going towards Elena .


 Elena doesn't seem to be able to use too much flashy magic since we're inside the dungeon .


 Well, even so, we can surely win by a large margin overall .



 The battle continued for a while,

 though there were some who managed to escape,

 most of the enemies had been disposed of .





 A black, big great rat raised a queer cry from the depths and appeared .


 It's probably the great rat's『boss』!


 It was accompanied by two dark brown great rats on its side .

 The two's body was huge, they seemed to be『Mid-bosses』 .


 Aya charged at the『Boss』,

 conversely, the two『Mid-bosses』attacked Lela and Elena .





 Lela, whilst parrying one of the monsters with her shield, called out anxiously .

 With one swing of Elena's magic rod, the『mid-boss』that attacked Elena had been blown away, crashing into the wall and could no longer move .


 Elena, in rapid succession, threw a slightly bigger Ice magic toward the『mid-boss』, whom Lela restrained with her shield, freezing it in ice .


 Lela, who probably wanted to protect Elena but was helped in reverse, had a complicated expression .



 When the『mid-bosses』were defeated,

 Aya was still fighting against the『boss』 .


 Aya's attacks doesn't quite hit it .


「Shit! Where did it go?」


 Aya, a girl should not say『shit』 .


 The『boss』's movements were also fast but

 its black color had become a camouflage and occasionally disappeared from sight .



 Though I plan to not intervene as much as possible but there's no helping it .


「Lela! Use【Light magic】!」

「Y-, Yes!」


 When Lela shone a light with magic,

 the inside of the gloomy dungeon was brightly illuminated .


 Lela's magic had also become stronger than before .


 The『boss』, who had become completely exposed being illuminated by Lela's Light magic, was daunted .





 Aya quickly struck at the daunted『boss』, with a knife thrust,

 the『boss』disappointingly collapsed and could no longer move .



「Yay! Thanks, Lela!」

「O-, Oh . 」



 The relationship between Aya and Lela had become awkward for a long time since the fighting competition but

 it seems they were opening up a bit by fighting together .


 When the battle was over,

 Hilda rushed up to the fallen enemies,

 the common great rats had their【tails】cut off,

 while the『mid-bosses』and『boss』were handled well and had their【magic stones】taken out .


 Hilda, who couldn't participate in the fight,

 seemed to be full of vigor in dismantling .



 When Hilda finished the dismantling quickly, she brought it to me .


 The【Tail of great rat】seemed to be a subjugation proof .

 And the magic stones that were taken out of the mid-bosses and the boss

 were【Earth reinforcement magic stones】and【Darkness reinforcement magic stone +1】 .


 What a pity! Both magic stones can be easily made .




 We climbed the stairs and reached the second floor .


 When we go up to the second floor, the smell of mold has suddenly disappeared

 and the air is somewhat chilly .



 When we arrived at the second floor,

 『fox』-like monsters were there!


 The foxes preyed on the great rats which had escaped to the stairs a little while ago .


 When the foxes noticed us, they fled with great rats held in their mouths .


 Apparently, the enemies on the second floor were the『fox』-like monsters .