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Chapter 16

「Teach me magic!」

「That’s a bit sudden, Aya」 「Cause Niichan and Elena-chan can also use magic, right? I also want to use magic~」

「 Even if you say that, I was only able to suddenly use it after I touched the 【Mana Crystal Fragment】 item . 」

「Where do we find it then?」 「The King has some . 」 「Then we just have to ask the king to let me touch it . 」 「We can’t, since Elena fled from the King . 」 「I see~」

「Come to think of it, Elena, how did you learn magic?」 「I was bestowed the magic from the【Mana Crystal】 of the 【Temple】 . 」 「「【Mana Crystal】 of the 【Temple】?」」

Aya talked over my words .

「 Will I be able to get magic from the 【Mana Crystal】?」 「Yes, there are a number of【Temples】 built around the continent, each holds a【Mana Crystal】 . When you touch the 【Mana Crystal】, you will acquire magic skills . 」 「Then I want to go and touch a【Mana Crystal】 too . 」

「Is there a【Temple】 in the town we were in?」 「Yes, that town is called 【Delaidos Royal Capital】, the【Temple】 in 【Delaidos Imperial Capital】 is a 【Wind Temple】 where you can be bestowed 【Wind Magic】 . 」 「Hm? Do you mean that the power that each 【Temple】 bestows is already decided?」 「Yes, when I was 10 years old, I visited a number of 【Temples】 where I was bestowed with 【Water Magic】 and 【Recovery Magic】 . 」

「What about 【Wind Magic】? You didn’t go to the【Temple】 of the 【Delaidos Royal Capital】?」 「I did go to the 【Temple】 of the 【Delaidos Royal Capital】, however I was not able to be bestowed with 【Wind Magic】 . 」

「Do you mean that even if you touch a 【Mana Crystal】, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll be bestowed with its power?」 「Yes, I believe it’s because I’ve mostly stayed inside since I was child and wasn’t exposed to enough of the wind, therefore I wasn’t bestowed with 【Wind Magic】 . 」

「So how you live your childhood is what decides whether you are able to be bestowed or unable to be bestowed?」 「Yes, a 【Fisherman】 who soaks himself in water everyday will be able to acquire 【Water Magic】, a【Farmer】who nurtures the soil everyday will be able to acquire 【Earth Magic】, a 【Hunter】who scours himself in nature will be able to acquire【Wind Magic】 . 」

「Here! Here! I take a bath everyday!」 「So you take a bath everyday . In that case, I certainly believe you’ll be able to be bestowed with 【Water Magic】 . 」 「Yay!」

「What other kinds of 【Temples】 are there?」 「Well, there are 5 different types: 3 hold 【Elemental Magic】 which are Water, Wind and Earth, then we have those of【Recovery Magic】 and 【Body Strengthening】 . 」 「That’s it?」 「Yes . 」

「There’s no【Fire Magic】?」 「There is a 【Mana Crystal】 of【Fire Magic】, however there is no【Temple of Fire】 . 」 「I see, so all the locations with【Mana Crystals】 don’t necessarily have a 【Temple】 . 」

「What’s the difference between places with and without a 【Temple】?」 「【Fire Magic】 for example, has very few people who are bestowed with its power, therefore not a lot of people visit it . 」 「I see! There aren’t any people who get burnt everyday from their childhood . 」

「Then where are other【Mana Crystals】?」 「Well, I do not know all their locations, but there was a【Mana Crystal】of 【Light Magic】 near the 【Mana Crystal】of 【Fire Magic】 . There is also 【Mana Crystal】 for 【Lightning Magic】 in the 【Wind Temple】, 【Ice Magic】 in the 【Water Temple】 and 【Dark Magic】 in the 【Earth Temple】 . Those are all I am aware of . 」

「What about【Space-Time Magic】and【Information Magic】?」 「 I have heard of【Information Magic】, where was it… . . but I have never heard of【Space-Time Magic】 . I am sorry . 」

「Then first of all~ For I who takes a bath everyday, let’s go to the 【Water Temple】! Maybe I can also get【Ice Magic】 while we’re at it . I really like ice . 」

「Elena, is there a 【Water Temple】 near 【Delaidos Royal Capital】?」 「Umm, it takes approximately five days by carriage . 」 「We can’t go as I’ve only got 4 days left for my paid leave . 」 「Eeehh! Just one more day should be fine!」 「Don’t be unreasonable!」

「Rather, Aya, do you really intend on going to another world?」 「I mean, I can go with Nii-chan’s【Teleportation】, right?」 「Well that’s true, but」 「Then let’s go . 」

「Seiji-sama, I want to go to see the children from the church . 」 「See, Elena says she wants to go too . 」

「Hmm, well it’s fine I guess… Then first we’ll go see the 【Wind Temple】 of the 【Dolaidos Imperial Capital】 . It’s fine if we go to the church after, right?」 「Yes」 「Yay~!」

「Now then, we should take the opportunity and go now . 」 「It’s unfortunate, but we can’t go today . 」 「Why not~ stingy!」 「I can only move between worlds once a day . I returned from the other world just now so I can’t use it until tomorrow . 」 「So that’s why~ then we’ll depart tomorrow . 」

「Well then, do you want to go shopping at the supermarket today?」 「Why the supermarket?」 「 For the children in the church, I want to treat them to something delicious . 」 「That sounds great, I am sure the children will be delighted . 」 「Another world sounds like it will be fun, how nice~」

And thus, we went out to go shopping at the supermarket .