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Chapter 161

Chapter 161 - Tower of sunrise's second floor boss battle

 When we entered the room,

 the body of the gigantic white fox, who was in the middle of the room, started to be wrapped in a faint bluish light .



「It's going to use something!」


 When we took a fighting stance―


 the white fox let out an『Ice breath』 .



 Such an enemy already comes out even though it's still the second floor, huh .



 It was a little surprising but the『Ice breath』's range was short and didn't reach us .


「Cold! Please take out something for us to wear, oniichan . 」

「Let's put that off for later! This guy seems to be strong . 」


「Got it . ~」



 Whilst the ice particles caused by the breath lightly flew about,

 Aya charged .



「What is it, Aya?」


「I fell over . 」

「What a clumsy girl!」


「That's not it, the floor is frozen!」



 When the ice particles caused by the breath cleared up,

 the room's floor had been frozen in a crescent shape .


 So that breath wasn't an attack, its aim was this .

 Freezing the floor, is it a stay away tactics?



「I'll attack it using magic!」


 Elena attacked it with Ice magic .

 The white fox seemed to be thinking of swallowing the Ice magic that was flying toward it with its mouth―


 It swallowed the Ice into its mouth and spitted it back toward Elena!




「Elena-sama, it's dangerous!」


 Lela promptly protected Elena and blocked the Ice with her shield but

 Lela's shield had been frozen .



 Well, it's fine since I'm ready to set up a barrier to protect Elena if Lela isn't there but . . . . . .


「As expected, you need help, Aya .

 If you keep on being careless, someone will hurt . 」

「U-, Un . 」



 I formed a gun with my right hand and pointed it toward the white fox .





 With a light sound, the【Electric shock】hit the white fox directly on its forehead .



 Afterwards, the white fox's body went stiff for an instant and fell down just like that . It was no longer moving .





 Lela was surprised at the instant occurrence and raised a flat voice .



「What did you do just now, Seiji!?」

「It's Lightning magic . 」



 Come to think of it, though I had shown her【Incandescent light bulb】magic, I didn't mention anything about it being Lightning magic .



「Other than that, Aya .

 You have fallen over loudly but are you alright?」

「It hurts a little . . . . . . 」


「I'll cast recovery magic . 」


 Elena quickly approached Aya

 and began to stroke her arse .


「What are you doing, Elena-chan!?」

「Please hold still, I'm healing you . 」



 When Elena was stroking Aya's arse,

 Aya began to fidget .


「S-, Something feels strange . . . . . . 」



 Umu, I'd also like to have an injured arse .



「Lela, though you blocked the ice, were you alright?」

「No the shield has been frozen . . . . . . 」


「I'll thaw it out!」


 This time, Hilda rushed up to Lela

 and began to thaw Lela's frozen shield out with【Fire magic】 .



 When I look towards Aya and Elena, Aya, who has her ass being stroked, is panting for some reason . What are you doing?


 When Hilda finished thawing Lela's frozen shield out,

 she went to dismantle the white fox next .

 She's really a hard worker .



 Although Elena has finished treating Aya,

 Aya still has a strange expression .


「Aya, are you okay?」

「I-, I'm fine . . . . . . something, feels, strange . . . . . .

 that's all . 」


 What strange feeling!?



「Other than such a thing, let's have a reflection meeting . 」

「Eeh . 」


「First of all, Aya!」



「It's not ack .

 Aya, act more carefully .

 It's fine since the enemy is still weak,

 but sooner or later, someone will get hurt!」

「U-, Un . 」



「Then, Elena . 」

「Y-, yes . 」


「Elena, Ice magic is useless if not used properly, use other magic as well . 」

「Y-, yes . . . . . . 」



「Next, Lela . 」



「Lela, it was a good move . 」

「I-, Is that right!?」


「However, you might better think of a method to defend against magic in the future . 」

「That's right, exactly!」


 She seems to be somewhat proud .



「Finally, Hilda . 」

「M-, Me?」


「Since Hilda can use Fire magic with much effort,

 you should think about some method to attack with Fire magic .

 In the battle a little while ago, if Hilda could attack with Fire magic, we probably could've won more easily . 」

「B-, But . . . . . .

 Fire magic isn't suitable for attack . . . . . . 」


 Well, in fact, I don't understand it well . ~

 Although Fire magic is often good for attacking in games,

 why is the magic of this world doesn't have a fire attack?



「Hilda .

 Do you mind if I use【Appraisal】on you?」

「N!? Of course, I don't mind . 」


 I, although it was too late, tried to use【Appraisal】on Hilda .



│Name: Hilda

│Occupation: Slave※

│Condition: Cursed (slave)

│Level: 3

│HP: 86

│MP: 106

│Power: 8 Endurance: 6

│Ability: 9   Magic power: 9


│ Fire 2 Short blade techniques 1

│ Dismantling 2



 It may be because I've become used to seeing our status, it seems too weak .



 Next, I also tried to check up on【Fire magic】 .


┌─<Fire magic>──

│【Ignition】(Rarity: ★)

│ ・Ignite flammables .

│【Heating】(Rarity: ★)

│ ・Raise the temperature of something nearby .

│【Fire control】(Rarity: ★★)

│ ・Enable to control flame .



 Only this much, huh . . . . . .


 Water and Ice magic has Water and Ice generation but

 there's no Fire generation in case of Fire .



 I have to come up with something for this .