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Chapter 172

Chapter 172 - Mai-san's secret

「Welcome back, oniichan . . . . . .

 Tsu! What happened to Mai-san!?」

「Please heal her, Elena . 」

「Y-, Yes!」



 With Elena's recovery magic, the swelling of Mai-san's limbs were healed in a moment .


「This is amazing . What kind of occurrence is this?」

「Well, Elena is good at『good luck charm』 . 」


「『Good luck charm』, huh .

 Well, I decided not to ask about it since I lost . 」

「Mai-san lost!?

 Niichan!  What does it mean?」


「Uh . . . . . .

 That reminds me, what happened to Hilda?」

「Don't try to change the subject!

 Hilda-chan had already went to bed since she was sleepy!」


「Aya-kun, it's not it .

 I challenged oniisan to a fight forcibly,

 and I self-destruct on my own . 」

「Why did you want to fight oniichan?」

「Well, I noticed that oniisan was strong for some time .

 But I didn't think that he's strong to this extent . 」


 Mai-san looks happy for some reason while saying such a thing .


「Uh-oh, I promised that I'll listen to anything you say if I lose, didn't I?

 Please say anything . 」



「I wasn't the one who proposed it!」


「Yes, it's my distinction .

 I attacked an opponent who wasn't retaliating . I'll lose my honor if it wouldn't be allowed . 」

「Un, I understand . But you must not give a naughty order!」

「I won't!」


「M-, My body grows slowly .

 Don't you think it's not interesting?」


 Why does Mai-san's cheeks redden?

 I'm not like that!!


「Well, don't hesitate and say anything, oniisan .

 I-, I'm prepared . . . . . . 」

「I understand already, please hold still then .

 Because I'll just take a peek・・・・」



「P-, Peek!?」

「Uhh, don't misunderstand, okay?

 I'll only use【Appraisal】 . 」



「Oh, how should I say it, it's something like『divination』 .

 I'll just have a look at what kind of person Mai-san is . 」

「I-, I see .  Alright, do it . 」


 Mai-san laid down and sprawled on the carpet like 'a carp laid on a chopping board'[1] .

 You don't have to go that far . . . . . .


「Then, here it goes . 」

「O-, Ou . 」



「*blood rising!* T-, There's something peeping through me!

 T-, This is embarrassing . . . . . . 」


 She realized it!?




 I've seen something unexpected .

 What should I do?




│Name: Kawai Mai

│Race: Quarter demonkind

│Occupation: Karate practitioner

│Level: 11

│HP: 2, 800

│MP: 1, 550

│Power: 245 Endurance: 240

│Ability: 183 Magic power: 155


│ Fire 3, Body reinforcement 3

│ Magic power perception 3

│ Body techniques 5, Staff techniques 5

│ Sword art 3, Short blades techniques 4




 The first that should be noted is, she has acquired magic .

 【Fie magic】and【Body reinforcement】are already expected but【Magic power perception】!


 There also seems to be various weapon skills that can be used .



 And, the most problematic―


 is the『Race: Quarter demonkind』!!!


 Does it mean that 1/4 of demonkind's blood is flowing through her?



「Mai-san, may I ask a question?」

「What is it?」


「Is there anything unusual with Mai-san's ojii-san or obaa-san?」

「N?  Ojii-san or Obaa-san?

 That reminds me, I've heard that my maternal ojii-san was a person who look like an oni . 」


 He was a demonkind?

 But how did a demonkind get into Japan?


「Have you met your ojii-san?」

「I haven't met him .

 Is my strange power, by any chance, ojii-san's?」

「Probably . 」


「I see, okaa-san and I is probably like this because of ojiii-san . 」

「What kind of person is your okaa-san, Mai-san?」


「She grows slow like me, we are often mistaken as sisters when we are together . 」


 Mother and daughter are mistaken as sisters . . . . . .

 I've often heard such story but,

 in the case of Mai-san, the circumstances are totally different .


 What kind of person would an okaa-san be for her to be mistaken as Mai-san's sister?

 I'd like to meet her by all means .


 And, an otousan who married such an okaa-san, isn't it out?



「By the way, that ojii-san-like oni, how is he now?」

「I don't know .

 Only obaa-san have met ojii-san,

 and it seems obaa-san had only been together with that person for one night .

 And she conceived okaa-san by then .

 She remained unmarried and brought up okaa-san . 」


 It's somehow an amazing story .


 Only one night, nobody had seen him after that . . . . . .

 Did he come from the other world to Japan and immediately returned to his original world?

 If it's the case, is he a demonkind of Elena's world?


 There may be some information if I go to the demonkind's town .

 I'll try to investigate it since I have nothing to lose .



 Mai-san stayed at our house that day .

[1] A carp laid on a chopping board means (1) a critical situation you cannot avoid, and (2) a person who is self-poised at such a critical moment . This metaphor comes from the legend that carp is still and composed unlike other fish, like eel when laid on a chopping board .