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Chapter 173

Chapter 173 - Lela's holy water

 On Saturday, we have come to Nippo town .

 It's to report to Misha-san that we are now taking care of Hilda .


「Take this, Hilda . 」


 Misha-san put on a bright red ribbon around the center of Hilda's chest area .


「You've become cute with this .

 Seduce Seiji with this cuteness,

 and then, receive lots of love . 」



 They're talking about something strange but . . . . . .


「Because I'll work hard in order to be loved by Rondo-sama as well, it's a competition who gets to win which heart first . 」



 Misha-san, don't inspire Hilda with a strange thing!



 Rachel-san's knife .

 Cassandra-san's cat-ear hood .

 Misha-san's ribbon .


 With this, she had now a set of the former magician unit's equipment .


 Hilda wears a serious face and renews her determination .


 Do your best, Hilda .

 Your adventure has only just begun .




 After leaving Misha-san's place, we had come to Lela's place after buying medicinal herbs on the way .


「I couldn't wait any longer, Seiji . Let's go to the tower of sunrise at once!」


 Lela wanted to go to the dungeon that much, huh .

 However, I still have something to do .


「Sorry but I have a different business today . 」

「What is it? Say anything if it's within my power . 」


 Lela is somehow overflowing with motivation!



「Actually, I need holy water . 」

「H-, Holy water!?」


 After hearing the word holy water, Lela has been acting suspiciously for some reason .

 Is it also a trauma for holy water?

 Let's ask about the situation for now .



「I want to make【Cure dispelling potions】but the ingredients can't be easily found, I'm in trouble . 」

「Eh!? Oh, it's that『holy water』, huh . 」[1]


「That?? What did you mistake it for, Lela?」

「No! Nothing, uh . . . . . . 」


 Lela hangs her head low as her face turned deep red .

 What a strange fellow .




 I arranged the set of tools for crafting potion in front of Lela .


「Everything is transparent and seems to be very amazing tools .

 Are we going to make . . . holy water with this?」


「Before making holy water, it's necessary for you to acquire the skill of【potioncraft】 .

 I think that it won't be a disadvantage for Lela to acquire it .

 How about it? Will you do it?」


「Yes, I also want to use such amazing looking tools . 」



 First, it's【Strength recovery potion】 .

 Lela has been instructed with great attention to detail .


「Potion crafting is also quite fun, huh!」


 Lela stares at the potion she has made for the first time lovingly .

 Why are you so happy?



 I tried to use【appraisal】on Lela and since she has been able to acquire【potioncraft】,

 she is making【illness mitigation potion】this time .


 The【Blade of purple grass】and【Blade of ice grass】which are the ingredients of【Illness mitigation potion】are the things the inventory fertilized long ago .


 Again, after making【Illness mitigation potions】for only three times, Lela's【potioncraft】went up to level 2 .

 Next is【Burn healing potion】 .


 When she was able to accomplish it about 10 times using【herb】and【blade of ice grass】, Lela's【potioncraft】went up to level 3 .



「【Potioncraft】is interesting!

 Besides, it was so easy!」


 I think it's probably because the tools are good .



 It's now the long-awaited【Holy water】's turn .


 The【Holy water】is made by loading【Light magic】into【magic water】 .

 And,【Magic water】is made by loading【recovery magic】into【distilled water】 .

 While【Distilled water】is made by casting【purification】of【water magic】on normal【water】 .


 In other words . . . . . .

 as long as you have Water, Recover, and Light magics, you can make plenty of【holy water】from normal【water】 .



 The workflow is, I've made【distilled water】from【water】,

 Elena has made【magic water】from the【distilled water】,

 and Lela makes【Holy water】from the【magic water】 .


 Hilda served us a good tea .


 Aya is . . . . . .


 eating the cake I've bought with great relish whilst drinking the tea which Hilda brewed .

 What are you doing!?



 While Lela was recovering her MP, everyone decided to take a cake break .

 When I wasn't paying attention, everything had been eaten by Aya .


「What's this!? It's sweet, soft, and fluffy . . . . . .

 it melts inside the mouth!!」


 Lela is also a girl, huh~ .

 Her pupils have become heart marks whilst eating cake .



「Look, Lela .

 You have a cream stuck on your cheek!」


 I wiped the cream stuck on Lela's cheek and ate it since it was such a waste . . . . . .


「T- . . . . . . Thank you . . . . . . 」


 She suddenly looked down as her face turned crimson .

 Were you embarrassed by having a cream stuck on your cheek?



 After the cake break, we resumed the holy water making,

 At the time the 30th holy water had been finished, Lela's【potioncraft】went up to level 4 .


 It will be enough if there's this much .



「Thank you, Lela . You saved us . 」

「N-, No, this much, is an easy task .

 If you need . . . my holy water, just tell me anytime . 」

「Thank you . 」



「What will you do now? Are you going to the tower of sunrise?」

「No, I'm going to look for the【purple nettle】, the other ingredients of【Curse dispelling potion】 .

 Do you have any idea, Lela?」


「I don't know such a thing but . . . . . .

 Otou-san may know something . 」

「Lyle Gewalt, huh . I'll try to meet him . 」


「Are you going now?」

「Yes, that's the plan . 」


「Can't you take me as well?」


「Good . But, is it alright? What about the matter of this town?」

「It's fine for just today . 」


 The parent and child spent their time in different towns since the war and had not met for a while .

 We'll be making a round trip but whatever .