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Chapter 175

Chapter 175 - Hilda's handshake event

 Bunmi-san said something unexpected .


「Cassandra and I are getting married . 」




「Is it too surprising?」

「After all, doesn't Cassandra-san just came here the other day?」


「I've won her heart the very same day Cassandra had come to meet me . 」


 How fast, Bunmi-san is incredible .



「The wedding is next week . Seiji-dono and friends too, please, you have to come . 」

「Next week!? It's considerably fast, huh . 」

「When the marriage has been decided, it won't be blessed if one don't hold the wedding ceremony quickly . 」


 It's probably a custom of demonkind .

 However, I have a feeling that since it’s being rushed, the preparations won't be enough in various ways . Is it alright?



「By the way, Seiji-dono . I want you to come with me for a little while . 」

「I don't particularly mind . 」



 I've been taken in by Bunmi-san's cajolery and followed him nonchalantly when―



 we have been surrounded by approximately 300 demonkind soldiers .



「You are-!

 You're the human child who had given me the thing called candy!

 Is there anymore candy of that time?」


 It seems to be the people who had gotten candy from Hilda somehow or other .


 Hilda looked troubled .


「Hilda, here . 」



 I handed a bag of candy that I've prepared over to Hilda .

 Since the candy has always been consumed in large quantities, I've prepared a decent amount .


 Hilda began to distribute the candies to the demonkind soldiers cheerfully .


「Oh, this is it! Can I have this really?」


 Hilda nodded and gave him a big candy .


「Thank you, human child .

 Ah, that's right! I'll give this to you in exchange . 」


 The soldier handed Hilda a fruit as thanks for the candy .

 It was probably a fruit from the demonkind's country .


「I'll give this to you too . 」

「Then, I'll give this . 」


 The demonkind soldiers handed Hilda a lot of things one after another .

 Fruit, nuts, herbs, mushrooms, folkcraft .

 When Hilda got various things and she couldn't hold them in both of her hands anymore, she brought them to me .

 When I received the goods, she handed out candies again and then it would be repeated .


 It was totally like an idol's handshake event .



「Oniichan, this fruit is delicious~ . 」


 Aya has already eaten the gift to Hilda . . . . . .


「Seiji-sama, here . 」


 Elena is also holding something in her hand .

 Has Aya's gluttonous infected Elena as well?


 However, what Elena handed to me was some kind of grass .


「Elena, is something wrong with this grass?」

「It's, Isn't that the【purple nettle】?」




 I tried to use【Appraisal】to the grass .



│【Purple nettle】

│A medicinal herb with an effect of cleaning impurities .

│Can be used as a talisman against evil .

│Rarity: ★★★



「It's really the【purple nettle】 . 」


「What, does Seiji-dono in need of【purple nettle】?」


 Bunmi-san heard it .


「Yes, I want to use it for the ingredients of a potion . 」

「Do you still need more?」

「That's right, I need 100 more . 」


 If my prediction is correct, after making 100【curse dispelling potions】, my【potioncraft】should be able to level up to 5 .



「Hey, listen up everyone .

 It seems Seiji-dono is looking for【purple nettle】 .

 Is there any one of you who has?」


 When Bunmi-san asked the soldiers, 29 soldiers had【purple nettle】and gave them to me .

 I was able to obtain a total of 30【purple nettle】 .



「I'll look for shops and the like afterward . 」

「Uh, it may be slightly difficult . 」



「Because the human merchant had just bought it, I think that there's hardly any of it remained . 」


 That reminds me, Lyle Gewalt had said that it's one of the trade items .



「Is there a place where we can pick up【purple nettle】?」

「If you go to the『Mita forest』, I think you can find it on your own but monsters became more ferocious recently so you can't take it easily . 」


「Monsters that became more ferocious, forest dungeon, it has come!」


 Aya raised the tension .

 You need to calm down from time to time!


「Do you intend to go to the『Mita forest』?

 I think it will be alright if it's you guys but be careful, okay?」


「Well, I'll go once all the【purple nettle】I've got this time has been used up .

 Where is the『Mita forest』located?」

「You can reach that place by heading west for a short while from this town . 」



 We obtained【purple nettles】and new information . I shook hands with Bunmi-san, immediately after a while . . . . . .



 as I was trying to leave, I recalled something I've heard and forgot .


「May I ask you one last thing?」

「N?  What is it?」


 It doesn't mean that I have a bad habit worrying about minor details in particular .

 Yes, it's about Mai-san's ojii-san .



「It's probably 40~50 years ago, have you heard a rumor of someone who suddenly disappeared or otherwise returned?」


 Though I think it's the year that Mai-san's okaa-san was born, the information is too vague .


「What a strange question . . . . . .

 Umu, nothing particularly comes to mind . 」


 Bunmi-san asked the soldiers but wasn't able to find a clue at all .