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Chapter 183

183 . Tower of sunrise's underground's fourth floor's boss battle 2



 The safe zone rock had been destroyed .


 I-, It's fine, I still have my hands .



 First, I need to deal with its【Stone floor fling attack】 .

 I'll try to counter-attack with a long-ranged attack whilst dodging it .



 The first try,【Electric shock】 .


 After hitting the enemy, there was a sensation of electricity flowing into the ground from the body of the Golem but the Golem's HP almost hadn't decreased .



 And then, I dodged the【right straight】and slashed at it as a counter .


「Ah, I've forgot to imbue magic power into the weapon!

 It's because I was panicking . . . . . . 」



 The second try,【Water magic】 .


 I don't know why but the water vapor in the air can't be easily gathered .

 Because it takes too much time to attack, it's rejected .

 I've also rejected the【Ice magic】for the same reason .



 When the【right straight】came again, I slashed at it with the sword of trial imbued with magic power .




 Oh, a slash with a pleasant feeling .

 It seems to have given around 3 times damage than normal .



 The third try,【Wind blade】 .


 The attack hit but it was only able to give about half of the normal attack's damage .

 I need to consider the other ones, huh .



 The Golem entered the stance of【omnidirectional stone pellets】 .

 I gave up on attacking this time and focused on defense .


 I've placed both of my hands on the floor and tried to transform it with【Soil control】, the strategy is to create a wall .


 However, the floor . . . . . .

 didn't budge .





 The floor here is probably under the control of the Golem .

 After all, that fellow's【Earth magic】's level is higher than mine .



「This is bad!」


 I desperately looked for a safe zone .



 And then, it mercilessly shot the【omnidirectional stone pellets】 . . . . . . .




「It was dangerous . . . . . . 」


 I was able to escape into the safe zone in the nick of time .


 Where is it located?


 It was a place which had been in my view all this time . I wonder why I didn't notice?

 It's just that I panicked .



 It's behind the central『pillar』 .

 If it's this『pillar』, it will surely not be destroyed .


 It will not be destroyed, right?



 I was relieved to find a proper safe zone, I took out sweets from the inventory and restored my MP .



「Alright, let's counterattack!」



 I dodged the【right straight】and slashed at it as a counter .

 I moved toward its back with【Teleportation】when it used the【Stone floor fling attack】and slashed at its back when it had finished throwing .

 Once it entered the preparation of【omnidirectional stone pellets】, I slashed at its defenseless spot .


 At the end of it all, I slashed at it with the sword of trial imbued with all my magic power .


 And then, once the【omnidirectional stone pellets】starts, I will take a short break behind the central pillar .



「It's no good when I was panicking at first but it's quite an easy victory .

 I won't be afraid of anything anymore!」



 However, it was then when the Golem's HP had been shaved off by 1/4 .



 The Golem began to stomp its foot on the ground causing a frightful tremor .


 And then, the Golem attacked as its whole body became bright red .


 Its speed becomes faster!

 Its【right straight】becomes【one-two punch】!

 However, I've dodged it somehow and made a counter .




 Huh? Is the Golem's body somewhat a little soft?

 Does its speed rose while its defense dropped when it entered rage mode?



 The【Stone floor fling attack】has thrown a total of two rocks with its right and left hand having one each .

 However, there has been no problem since I've only moved behind it with【Teleportation】 .



 Since it entered the preparation of【omnidirectional stone pellets】, I kept on slashing at it .

 *Slash slash* slashing at it felt good .


 Then, the Golem began to shook in the middle of its preparation of the【omnidirectional stone pellets】 .



 Is a different attack going to come again!?



 When I took some distance and observed it . . . . . .

 the golem's body began to collapse with *crumble crumble* .


 What on earth has happened!?



『Level went up to 49 .

 【Earth magic】is now level 5 . 』





 Ah,so I've defeated it!!



「Yay!! I've defeated it!!

 But why did my【Earth magic】level up??」



 To my soliloquy, someone answered .


『I'll explain that . 』


「W-, Who is it!!?」



 Then, a small girl of around 30 cm appeared from the Golem's wreckage .


「Spirit . . . . . . huh?」

「Oh, that's right . I'm the『Earth spirit』 . 」


 That fellow is a ponytail girl that seemed to be doing a road construction .

 Or rather, this fellow is an orekko[1], huh .



「But I haven't used the summoning magic!?」

「This is a special case . 」


 When the『Earth spirit』said so, it kissed me on my forehead .



『【Earth magic】is now level 6 . 』



「With this, the contract has been established . 」


「What's going on!!?」


「Because I helped out the Golem from earlier .

 In other words, it has been deemed as having the ability to win in the fight of spirit contract . 」

「I see . . . . . . 」



「Well then, please take care of me from now on, 'kay!」


 When the『Earth spirit』said so, it entered my body .



「Are you serious!?」




 I've freaked out by the sudden appearance of the『Earth spirit』but―

 my whole body has been covered with wounds from the battle a little while ago .


 I'll quickly go back after checking the Golem's loot .



 When I removed the rock which formed the Golem, there was a magic stone .



│【Magic stone of earth】

│It makes the surrounding land fertile

│and accelerates the growth of the plants .

│The effect is enhanced when loaded with magic power

│Rarity: ★★★★★



 Maximum rarity!?

 Isn't this amazing!!?



 When I stared at the magic stone―


*Rattle rattle!*


 I've heard a sound of something from behind .

 There's still something?



 Looking back, a stone door appears in the central pillar and opens with *creak creak* .


 When I approach and peek inside―


 the inside of the pillar has become hallow and there's a spiral staircase towards the top .


「Good . I can go to the top with this . 」


 When I looked around, the【Spatial Combat Protective Barrier】had also been released .

 Fatigue came on suddenly from feeling relieved of finding the stairs, I used【teleportation】where Elena and the others are waiting and returned to the inn .