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Chapter 192

192 . Slippery . . . . . .



 Afterwards, since the previous Demon Lord-sama and Masamune-san had rampage from excessive drinking, the wedding venue had become a mess .


 The previous Demon Lord-sama in particular .

 He said that Aya's black eyes and black hair resembled that little human girl in the olden days and chased her around . He had received a lot of counterattacks .



 We who had left the wedding venue in a partially-destroyed state decided to stay at the Demon Lord's castle .


 All four of the former magician unit including Hilda have stayed in the same room, they seem to be having various talk until late at night .

 Is the bridal night alright, Cassandra-san?




 The next morning .

 After sending Rondo, Rachel-san and Misha-san to their respective towns―



 We decided to go to the『Mita forest』 .



 The forest has been located a short walk away from the town .


 At the entrance of the forest―

 a signboard stood with『It's dangerous to enter! Monsters have become ferocious』written in Demonkind language .



 Well, I'll enter anyway .



 And before that―


「Hilda, I'll give you something good . 」

「What is it?」


「Ta-dah, the【magic stone of oil】!」


「This magic stone is somewhat slippery . 」


「Oniichan, you shouldn't give something strange to Hilda-chan!」

「The【magic stone of oil】is not something strange . 」


「Is it an all-you-can-eat tempura?」

「It's probably not an edible oil, I think . 」


「Whaat, so it's not an all-you-can-eat karaage . 」


 Aya let the magic stone go . . . . . .



 when she did something like that, it slid in Hilda's hand and almost dropped the magic stone .


「It's hard to hold as it is, huh . . . . . .

 Wait a moment . 」


 I took out several 1A copper coins, shaped them with【metal control】 and made a rod .

 Then, I mounted the【magic stone of oil】on tip of the rod .


「Your hands will not become slippery with this . 」

「Thank you very much . 」


 Hilda and my hands that had become slippery have been washed with【Water magic】and hand soap .



「Alright, then, try to use ignition . 」

「Y-, yes . 」


 With a tense look on her face, Hilda used【Ignition】magic toward the magic stone on the tip of the rod .




 The magic stone on the tip of the rod burst into flames like a torch .


「I-, It has been lit . 」


「Alright, next, try to pour magic power to the rod's magic stone . 」



 When Hilda poured in magic power, the fire had become big and violent .


「I-, It's very . . . . . . big!」


「T-, That's right . . . . . .

 Well then, try to make it move by your will . 」

「Y-, Yes!」


 Hilda began to make the flared up flame wriggled like a snake .


「I-, It's amazing!」


 Somehow, she's changing the shape of the flame like playing a clay .

 Although there's a legend『when you play with fire, you'll wet your bed』, is it alright?



「Try to attack an enemy with it, Hilda .

 Can you do it?」

「B-, But, it will be dangerous if it spread out elsewhere . 」


「Since Elena is a【Water magic】user, Elena can put it out during the what-if . 」

「Leave it to me, Hilda!」

「Yes! Elena-oneechan!」


「Well, I can also with【Wind magic】 . . . . . . 」


「Aya,【Wind magic】will make the fire spread even more . 」


「 . . . . . . so!?

 Hilda-chan will set it to fire,

 I'll spread it out,

 and Elena-chan will put it out!

 It's perfect with this . 」

「It's not perfect!」



 I ignored Aya's remark and decided to enter the forest .


 Along the way, Aya and Hilda had been making various trial and error with the combination magic of wind and fire―

 the momentum's aftermath caused the fire to spread throughout various places―

 Elena had been going around excitedly to put out the fire .


 I'm going to pat Elena's head later .



「Oh, there's an enemy . 」

「Since Hilda and I will prepare the combination magic, you lure it in, Onii-chan . 」


 I wonder if it will be alright~ .


「Understood, I'm going to lure it in . 」


 When I veer off to the side road alone and went to the dot where the enemy reaction was―



 it was a wild boar monster .


 The wild boar monster brandishes its huge tusks and attacks .

 I pretend to escape and go to where everyone is .



「I've lured it in . 」

「Ah, wait a little more . 」


 So it can't be helped, I'll hold it back .




 I lightly struck the wild boar with the back of the sword of trial .


 The wild boar has fainted with one strike of the sword's back .

 It's quite weak .


「Preparation OK, dodge onii-chan . 」


 When I quickly get away from the enemy―


 a fire tornado struck the wild boar!


 The fire tornado blazed fiercely whilst burning the trees in the vicinity .



 The wild boar has been charred black . . . . . .

 Elena is busy putting out the forest fire .


「Isn't it an overkill?」


「 . . . . . . Tehe?」


 Don't imitate Aya, Hilda .

 Idiocy is contagious .


 Since Elena is a good girl, I'm going to pat her head .



 Afterwards, though it was slightly overkill, we subjugated monsters smoothly .


 The defeated monsters are rats, wild boar, wolf, bear, tiger, and the like .

 Since all of them seem to be monsters, it's not animal abuse, right?



 Hilda had become level 12 and her【Fire magic】level 3 .


 Even without Aya's help, her【Fire magic】had become able to do powerful attacks,

 and acquired magics as follows:



   Launch a fireball to attack .



   Conjure a wall of fire to daunt the enemy .


 ・Pillar of fire

   Raise a vigorous fire from underfoot the enemy to attack .



   Conjure a bird-shaped fireball .

   It can chase the enemy to some extent .



「Hilda also seems to have become a lot like a magician . 」


 When Aya, Elena, and I joined forces to pat Hilda's head―

 Hilda has been seemingly embarrassed .



「Alright! Let's go deeper inside . 」




 When we advanced for a while toward the depths of the forest―

 we arrived at a glade .


 A grassland where trees don't grow, it has stretched out up to the level of a baseball ground .

 Then, there's a fountain in the center where pure water repeatedly gushes out and continues to flow to a small stream from there .




「The water is pure!」


「I've seen this grass somewhere . 」


 N?  Come to think of it, by somewhere . . . . . .

 I tried to use【Appraisal】and―

 the grass which sprouted all over the area were all【Purple nettle】 .


「These, these are all【Purple nettle】!」