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Chapter 201

201 . Tied-up in a wedgie



 With the red dot as a landmark, I looked for the one who entered into the demon town .


 I finally found that person, it was a fellow who was deeply covered with a hood .



「Good evening .

 What are you doing in a place such as this?」


 When I suddenly called out, that person was startled .


 He tried to ignore me and was going to leave hastily .



「Don't ignore me, okay?」


 I quickly sneaked around and blocked his way .


 Still that person tries to change direction and run away many times .


 When I kept on blocking his way like basketball defense―



「Tehanisuwa, kesonu!」


 That person shouted something in an unknown language .



 A language I don't know of?

 I used【Language Acquisition】at once .



┌─<Language Acquisition>─

│【Devil language】acquisition

│ Please choose the acquisition level:

│・Level 1 (Consumption: 50 MP)

│  You can speak by babbling .

│・Level 2 (Consumption: 100 MP)

│  You can speak at an everyday conversational level .

│・Level 3 (Consumption: 200 MP)

│  You can speak fluently .

│  You can read simple characters .

│・Level 4 (Consumption: 500 MP)

│  You can speak fluently .

│  You can read and write characters used in everyday life .

│・Level 5 (Consumption: 1000 MP)

│  You can speak with the entirety of the language .

│  You can read and write all the characters .



 【Devil language】!

 In other words, this guy is a『devil-kin』, huh!!


 I immediately acquired level 5 devil language

 and tried talking .



『Are you a devil-kin?

 Why are you in the demon town?』



 A hornless but can understand our language!?』



『Lowly people such as hornless, don't speak our holy language!』


 Is the hornless he is referring to the humans?



 That person took out a knife from his breast pocket .


 Whilst holding a sword,

 I tried to also use【Appraisal】 .




 However, that guy moved quickly and dodged the【Appraisal】magic .

 Not only demonkind but devil-kin can also sense magic, huh!



 The guy flew into a rage and attacked with a knife .



 I've barely dodged the knife,

 that knife is obviously smeared with『poison』!

 Even a scratch can become a fatal injury .



 With me dodging his knife stroke, the guy was astonished―

 he seemed to have become considerably wary of me .



『You can't escape .

 Why don't you just give up?』


『I wonder about that . 』


 When that guy broke into a grin―

 he took out some kind of a『magic stone』from his breast pocket .



*Buzz buzz!!!*


 I immediately fired off an【electric shock】,

 preventing the magic stone to be used .



『Y-, You . . . . . . 』


 The guy received my electric shock directly,

 he immediately dropped down and lost consciousness .



 After confirming that he completely lost consciousness,

 I approached and removed his hood and―


 it was a young『woman』with two grown horns . . . . . .



 While admiring her face, I tried to use【appraisal】 .




│Name: Natasha

│Race: Devil-kin

│Occupation: Spy

│Level: 13

│HP: 534

│MP: 463

│Power: 28 Endurance: 23

│Ability: 74 Magic power: 46


│ Darkness 3, Magic power perception 3

│ Short blade techniques 4




 Spy, huh~ .

 So that's why she doesn't want the【appraisal】to be used on her .



 It can't be helped, in order to check whether or not she was concealing something dangerous,

 I checked her body .

 It's really because『it can't be helped』!!



 She had two magic stones .


 The first one, the【magic stone of return】 .

 She seemed to be going to escape with this a little while ago .


 The second one, the【Magic stone of night shade】 .

 There's such a thing, huh!

 She probably used this when she entered the town .



 I confiscated the two magic stones and the knife,

 and I tied up her hands and body with a rope .



 However, it seems to be hard to carry her while unconscious . . . . . .


『Hey, wake up!』


 I slapped her face and wake her up .


『Wa!? I-, I'm . . . . . . what . . . . . .

 Ku! Untie this rope! This hornless!!』


 She finally woke up, huh .


 However, she's running wild too much . . . . . .


『Shit! W-, Wedgie . . . . . . 』


 Ah, I didn't particularly『tie her up in a strange way』, okay?

 It's true, you know?



 I brought her to where Bunmi-san is .




「That person! Isn't she a devil-kin!!?

 What happened, Seiji-dono!?」


「To match up with the monsters' invasion,

 she had invaded from the other side of the town . 」


『G-, Go ahead and kill me right now . 』


 Since there's already that character, don't steal it away!



「Devil-kin language, huh .

 It's good if I understand what you are saying but……」


「I understand it . 」


 As one would expect of the interpreter!」


 I'm not an interpreter!



「Then, what was the fellow doing?」

「I'll ask her for a moment . 」


『What did you come here to do?』

『Humph, I'm not going to say!』


「It seems she's not willing to talk . 」

「Is that so, then, you want to be tortured, huh!」


「That's right! It can't be helped, huh . 」


 When I'm feeling cheerful―



 A reaction of multiple devil-kin showed up on the map .


「Unfortunately, it seems we don't have time for torturing .

 There's a reaction of multiple devil-kin in the direction where the great rats came . 」




 Bunmi-san hurriedly makes the soldiers prepare to intercept .


 The spy woman had been taken by another soldier . . . . . .


 I- . It's not that I wanted to torture her in particular!!